#Halloween special: a dark story full of magic and bloody eros! #mustread Bloody Passion gay shapeshift - #LallaGatta

"However you lived your past, today you are the key to changing your future."
Erotic Romance with an Edge
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Bloody Passion: The Official Page

Bloody Passion

Bloody Passion

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
GENRE: Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Ménage à Trois, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical, Horror, Shape Shifting, Holiday
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books - ©2009

ISBN# 9781554874170


PAGES# 158

WORDS# 39.500

HEAT: 5 flames

RELEASE: 10/31/2009

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The Druid, the hunter, his apprentice: sex, power and transformation...what else?

"Tall, short, thin, fat, blond or dark-haired, it made no difference to me since all I really wondered about was their sex."


There’s a hidden treasure inside everyone. Some show it, but only a few can afford it. Sometimes, you only need to know how to manage other’s treasures, even if self-destructive. But in the end, it’s like seeing yourself in a mirror. So how to explain the violence?

"Silly me, I’d forgotten tonight was All Hallows Eve, the night devoted to ghosts, spirits, elves, gnomes and whatever evil creatures had the yearning to have some fun at the human’s expenses."

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"If you are looking for a dark fantasy book with a large dose of suspense and erotic play, then Bloody Passion is certainly the book for you. I look forward to reading more from Laura Tolomei." DDR rated it  4 ½ Divas

"Bloody Passion by Laura Tolomei was a dark story full of magic and bloody dreams that can take you to the edge of sanity. I loved it! Laura keeps you at the edge of your seat trying to stay one step ahead of the characters in her book." BBB rated it 4.5 Tombstones

"There are a lot of emotions, sex (m/m – m/m/m – m/m/m/f), quests, and sensuality in Bloody Passion for me to go into detail, so I will just say; I honestly loved this story, far more than I thought I would. Laura Tolomei has created a diamond in the ruff, well worth experiencing for yourself. The only thing is we will have to wait for a sequel. (pout). Thank you, Laura, for the intense pleasure and sweltering heat you have given me by reading your book. I look forward to any of your stories in the future." Amy Ramsey's Reviews


I  had no experience naturally, except the imaginary one, grown out of years of wondering how it would feel to have a warm mouth on my shaft. I recalled the exact sensations I would have loved to experience so my mouth began moving as as if it had a mind of its own, following the pattern of my dreams. In growing excitement, I held, touched, breathed, tasted, lapped, licked and sucked the vibrant piece of meat, which to my immense price turned to stone. I felt it twitch with pleasure, its thick head hitting my cheek, then bumping on the roof of my mouth as it pushed to get past all obstacles. I tried swallowing it, but getting it too close to my throat, I pulled away. Drawing the tip of the erection back inside, I also slid my hand in the same movement that brought me so much pleasure I'd often lose my mind over it. Insatiably, my tongue ran back to his hairy balls, sucking and licking them avidly as my hand kept the rhythm going. Raising my head, my lips returned upward, my mouth having to enlarge over the bulging head. It was too big to hold it all, but he didn't seem to mind as he pushed his hips to get a closer look. I sucked harder, my tongue curling around it, partly to avoid a strangling effect, mostly to feel its firm rub, filling my senses with his taste and smell. In rapture, I would have played for hours with his savory equipment, trying to fulfill its every desire, had he not wanted more.

"Care to fill something else?" the man suggested huskily, pulling back a little.

I had seen too many scenes in the forest not to understand how the game evolved between two men, even if, "I've never tried it, sir," I confessed. "But I'd like to," I added truthfully, my asshole already throbbing in anticipation.

"Really?" His eyes blazed with excitement. Dropping down to his knees, he turned me around and I lay on my elbows as I'd seen many others do. "Don't worry," he assured. "It's real easy and great fun, too," he continued, freeing my ass from the shielding clothes. "The trick," he continued, "is to keep it very wet."

A cold sensation chilled my enflamed butt hole as his tongue rimmed its edges. In rapture, I surrendered to his teasing for he didn't push inside or force his way through, simply skimmed around for the longest time, unleashing a raging fire I'd never felt before. My reaction was to throw back the ass at him while my only craving was to feel something, anything, inside to quench its burning desire. I swung in a steady rhythm, begging for his fingers, in lack of something bigger, until he satisfied my request and dipped one inside. Pleasure hit me unexpectedly as my flesh wrapped tightly around it.

"Glad you like it," was his comment while slipping one more finger inside, then a third. I welcomed all greedily, sucking them deep much like my mouth had tried swallowing his big cock, but the game was fast moving to another level. "Now you'll get something bigger and much better," the Roman announced, taking his hand away. "Trust me." He nudged the hard head at the end of my cleft and gave a firm shove.

This time it hurt. With a yelp, I jumped away, but as if expecting my reaction, he had already pulled out. "Relax," he told me gently, rubbing the sore opening. "If you tense like this, it'll only get worse."

"But it hurts," I complained loudly.

"Only the first time," he assured. "The next time I come in, it won't. I promise."

As a matter of fact, the pain had lessened already, maybe because he still
teased the tight entrance with wet fingers so I let him convince me and settled back in my position. To test me, his finger centered the middle of my buttocks again and true to his word, it didn't seem so bad. Feeling the difference, he quickly replaced it with the hard thickness, pushing it to gain the entry, having no trouble this time to obtain the desired result. I didn't move, just analyzed the new sensation of having something so big filling me completely. I relaxed like he had suggested and the demanding master slipped even further inside, almost sucked by what had now become my hungry flesh. And I liked it…a lot. But he knew how to make it better.

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