Bondage Slave For Hire: who'll dare be ger master? #BDSM horror paranormal dark fantasy LGBT gay #MM - #LallaGatta

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Bondage Slave For Hire: who'll dare be ger master? #BDSM horror paranormal dark fantasy LGBT gay #MM

Bondage Slave For Hire:

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Laura Tolomei Facebook Horror Side

Bondage Slave For Hire

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
GENRE: Erotica, BDSM, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, , Horror, Shape Shifting, Vampires, Demons,
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books ©2013

ISBN# 9781771117180


PAGES# 309

WORDS# 90.558

HEAT: 4 flames

RELEASE: 10/15/2013


As his dick crunched in Lilly’s cramped behind, a third of the people in the room shifted. Werewolves, feline and bear shifters—all turned to their human companions and ripped them apart.
Another third grew impressive fangs that slit the throats of the humans closest to them.
Still more switched into the demon counterparts taking over their bodies this one time out of the year. The most vicious of them all.
Looking at a corner, Terry saw four of them stripping Ellie. Literally. Two were pulling at her legs on opposite sides of each other. So fiercely, soon they’d unscrew from her hips. One was fucking her ass with a massive prick that would eventually split Ellie in two. For real. The fourth was feeding her a gigantic cock while wrapping one of the chains he had torn down from the walls around her neck.

A Hot and Sexy ReadRomance Reader Enthusiast


A Literary Nymphs recommended read! Golden Blush Award!
Whether vampires, shape-shifters or demon-switchers, all slaughtered in the most efficient manner. No mercy. No pity. So just because you are a bondage slave for hire, do you deserve to die on Halloween night?

"It was their habit after all. Not their style to enjoy a slave without any proper bondage." < Read full erotic MMMF excerpt >

"You are free to go." < Read more >

Laura Tolomei Facebook Horror Side
Review Snippets
According to Just Erotic Romance Reviews it's a "hotti: Our Reviewer was forced to find her toys while reading"!

"Bondage Slave for Hire inspires extreme emotions and is not a book to be taken lightly. The scenes depicted in the story are vivid and easily envisioned. The writing talent of Laura Tolomei makes the characters leap off the page and takes the reader on a wild ride. I was unable to really determine how I felt while reading the book but realized I was reading a book not just about BDSM, but more of a horror story. If you are loking for any love in your BDSM then Lillys’ story is not for you. If you are brave enough to give the book a try, I can guarantee you will come out of it a changed reader." CTRrated it 4 Cups

Just Erotic Romance Reviews it "Four Stars: The reviewer found this book to be engrossing and arousing"!

Bondage Slave for Hire is Laura’s masterpiece yet assures my husband.
I’ve known the author, Laura Tolomei, for over twenty-eight years. And for over twenty-eight years, I have the privilege of being her soul mate. Which is why I thought I knew everything about her, including her slightest fantasy. To the point I thought I could anticipate it. But she’s a woman and manages to keep her secret desires well hidden. […]I’ve read a lot by Laura Tolomei, my wife, my love, my slave." My husband's review

Bondage Slave for Hire is the first book I’ve read by author Laura Tolomei and it won’t be my last. Ms. Tolomei was very creative in her picture of slaves in this particular bondage club, with everything working toward one night of the year.  This story was very original, and not like anything I have read before. As the story progresses, readers will start to get an inkling of what Julian and Andre are, but still won’t have a clue about Terry until the end. […] The chemistry, and later love, between the four main characters is apparent. The fact that Lilly was willing to do what she did could only have been done for love, even as she was being told she was not supposed to love the three men. […] Kudos to Ms. Tolomei for Bondage Slave for Hire.” Literary Nymplhs recommendation rated Golden Blush Award

Bondage Slave for Hire is an extreme BDSM novel that also combines horror into to it. […] The chemistry between Lily and Terry is searing. […]  If you enjoy a dark BDSM horror novel then you will enjoy this book a lot.” Just Erotic Romance Reviews

A taste of real punishment

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