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Re-Sue, the ebOOK

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
SERIES: ReScue, Book 1
GENRE: Erotic Fiction
CATEGORY: Erotica, Gay, Male-Male, GLBT, Multiple Partners, BDSM, Dark Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal, Time Travel, Horror, Shape Shifting, Fetish
Publisher: Romance Divine LLc - ©2009

ISBN# 9781934446898


PAGES# 340

WORDS# 94.2

HEAT: 5 flames

RELEASE: 11/4/2011

Re-Scue, ReScue Series #1
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However you lived your past,
today you are the key to changing your future
Consecutive lifetimes locked in a passionate hunt of blood and sex, but what if the  prey wants more?

Brilliantly unpredictable!Rose

“Hem…” Nervously, Didri glanced around. “What’s this?”
“This will be your bliss.” After picking up a rope, he tied her wrists together. “And your torture.”
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Meet Leon Sterling, SDM's new CEO                                  “There's a very thin line between pain and pleasure, sweetie.” < Read more >


Only one rule: never fall in love. But the sex and blood is just too good to pass up. So what to do? Blood and sex are the only fair game he, the hunter, allows me, his prey, to have in our passionate chase through time and space. And for his sake, I’ve had more lives than I care to count. From one life to the next, I played his savage game, hungering for him in a way no amount of blood or sex could ever satisfy me. But not anymore! So how to beat him at his own game and get away with it?
Available also as  AUDIO BOOK

Re-Scue the Audio Book - Samples
Chapter 1R, Chapter 1PG, Chapter 2R, Chapter 2PG, Chapter 3R, Chapter 3PG, Chapter 4PG, Chapter 5R, Chapter 6PG,, Chapter 7PG, Chapter 8R, Chapter 9PG, Chapter 13PG, Chapter 16R, Chapter 17R, Chapter 18PG, Chapter 19PG, Chapter 20PG

Re-Scue the Audio Book      is HERE! Listen to fantastic audio samples     Chapter 1R     Chapter 1PG     Chapter 2R     Chapter 2PG     Chapter 3R     Chapter 3PG     Chapter 4PG     Chapter 5R     Chapter 6PG     Chapter 7PG     Chapter 8R     Chapter 9PG     Chapter 13PG     Chapter 16R     Chapter 17R     Chapter 18PG     Chapter 19PG     Chapter 20PG

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Review Snippets

"[…] the author’s descriptive ability and her intriguing, and sensual way of phrasing provided a degree of listening enjoyment in spite of the aforementioned dislikes. And that’s really saying something […].Also, watching the H’s transformation was good, and the story was plausible, which was good. So things flowed well. Finally, returning to the negative side, this author should never, ever, ever, never use the word “Sweetie” ever again. Goddess knows I cringe at just the idea of hearing it again. This book is a lesson in overuse of a word." A listner rated the story 3 stars

"A fascinatingly, if at times disturbingly, erotic affair. Lifetimes of disappointment, desire and  death has done one good thing for the prey, it has become as ruthless as its hunter. The final coupling makes the whole story come together and readies the reader for more." CTR rated it 4 Cups

"For him it’s all about the blood, sex and domination.  Nowhere does love enter into the equation." RJR

"Re-Scue was a rollercoaster ride into a world that is breathtaking, unpredictable, and never quite what it seems!  Ms. Tolomei writes a passionate tale that catches the reader first assumes is going to be a passé romance centered on a woman’s ennui, then turns everything upside down with a passionate flair that causes one to gasp!  Brilliant, erotic, choatic, and filled with
passion, Re-Scue is an unpredictable ride into lust and adventure!" @Your Fingertips by Tamela Quijas rated it 5 Stars

"RE-SCUE is a more intense and startlingly horrific than most titles I’ve read.  Now that being said I was actually fascinated by how Ms. Tolomei was able to jump genres so frequently within one book and still have it all make perfect sense.  The whole theme of the story is a simple one – falling in love can destroy you, but with time and effort love could ultimately save you.   If you’re faint of heart or strongly opposed to the more shocking fetishes then you might want to steer clear of this one but if you’re more adventurous (at least in your choice of reading material) then pick up a copy, sit back and prepare yourself for a heck of a wild ride." RJR

Remember me, now, sweetie?

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You’re an impossible case, sweetie

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