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Slave For Sex (novella)

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

GENRE: Erotica, Ga LGBTy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Novella
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books ©2013

ISBN# 9781771115735

ASIN# B00K098ZC6


WORDS# 13.087

HEAT: 4 flames

RELEASE: 10/21/2013


Erotic Excerpt

“Please, let me be your first.” He knew he would regret it.
If she said yes, it would bind them the same way he had been bound to Kyraen. If she said yes, there would be no end to his missing her once this magical night was over.
He did not care.
“Like I was Kyraen’s first.”
Just the thought brought new rigidity to his cock. Because his body would not take no for an answer, whatever the consequences. Like with Kyraen, he just had to have her.
“Like with Kyraen?” This certainly got her attention.
Not to mention her arousal.
He perceived it from the tensing of her muscles. And from her butt sliding to meet his cock.
“Exactly like I was with him.” < Read full erotic excerpt >

Originally part of n eXtasy's Anthology Emerald Envisage released 15 March 2009

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What can you do when the love of your life is dead but there’s a faerie that looks just like him?


Rydan’s dead lover returns as a green faerie, seducing him into passionate sex and submission, but will he trust her enough to change his destiny?

After suffering the loss of his lover, Rydan has visions of a mysterious creature in the forest, but only when he meets her in the flesh, he’ll learn about the secrets of sex and passion. But she also reveals disturbing truths about his world that require immediate actions. Will he trust her enough to believe her or will he surrender to the sensual attraction of burning desire neglecting his duties?

Race you to the cabin!

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