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"However you lived your past, today you are the key to changing your future."
Erotic Romance with an Edge
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Tasting Leon's Mark: The Official Page

Tasting Leon's Mark, ReScue Series #2

Tasting Leon's Mark

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
SERIES: ReScue, Book 2
GENRE: Contemporary Fiction
THEMES: Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Ménage à Trois, Romance

ISBN# 9781603136907


PAGES# 324

WORDS# 93.043

RATING: Erotic, Controversia

RELEASE: 4/15/2010

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ReScue Series

However you lived your past,
today you are the key to changing your future

Now the prey has the hunter right where he wants him. But will the hunter take the final step?

Re-Scue, ReScue Series Book 1, available in E-Book and Audio format!

The world is full of hunters and their prey. But some prey can become hunters themselves while others have hidden claws. And surrender isn’t necessarily the loser’s choice. Surprisingly, it can turn out to create new connections or balance pre-existing ones. So will Sean accept  anything for another taste of Leon?

Re-Scue the Audio Book      is HERE! Listen to fantastic audio samples     Chapter 1R     Chapter 1PG     Chapter 2R     Chapter 2PG     Chapter 3R     Chapter 3PG     Chapter 4PG     Chapter 5R     Chapter 6PG     Chapter 7PG     Chapter 8R     Chapter 9PG     Chapter 13PG     Chapter 16R     Chapter 17R     Chapter 18PG     Chapter 19PG     Chapter 20PG

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"Tasting Leon's Mark is rich in emotional detail, hot sex, and written in a realistic contemporary setting with the extra element of a dark, sexy paranormal twist." AR

"I'm beginning to see a recurrent theme with Tolomei's books, and I like the dark fantasy aspect that mingles the author’s love of writing violent passion with eroticism." AR

"Tasting Leon’s Mark by Laura Tolomei is a novel of intrigue and perseverance in finding love and romance in a modern day setting. Laura Tolomei knows how to get into the

ReScue Series

reader’s psyche and bring out the inner needs of our readers to the forefront in this novel. For Janet and Leon, their only means for love lies in their threesome with Sean Davis, and their trust in each other – plus she has to get her original opinion of men out of her head and learn to get on with those of her opposite sex before anything good can come out of their relationship. I found it the perfect weekend read, as I was able to immerse myself in the world of two men and a woman who have such a burning desire raging within them. Tasting Leon’s Mark can be purchased from Whiskey Creek Press – and whatever you do, get a hold of one before they all go!" Romance at Heart

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Rooted to the ground next to his lowly Volkswagen, Sean watched Leon’s cool maneuvers to park, using the stick shift to control his forward or backward direction, until he finally turned off the engine, plunging the parking lot in an eerie silence, broken only by the Maserati’s door opening. As if in a dream, Sean watched the hunter emerge from the car, close the door behind him and fix his gaze on the prey.

Neither spoke for a moment, their gaze saying it all. Then as if in slow motion, Leon moved forward, his imposing frame cornering Sean against the Volkswagen. “Finally got fucked, sweetie?” Sarcasm dripped heavily from his husky voice as his nose somehow detected Anthony’s smell.

“Just following your example…lover.” He sneered angrily, breathing an unfamiliar smell on Leon’s close, too close body.

“I do the fucking, remember?”

“So can I, remember?”

Leon grinned. “Had I known, I’d have invited you more often these past few nights. You could’ve even had your pick between a blonde, a redhead—”

“You fucking son of a bitch!” Sean shoved him away, but Leon, anticipating his move, grabbed his shoulders and crushed him to the car. The prey struggled to be free, but the hunter tightened his hold. “I already have a choice.” Sean spat angrily. “Like the one I fucked tonight who begged me to stay at his place—”

Leon bit him in the neck, effectively silencing him. “Need I remind you that you’re mine?” Raising a flashing green gaze, he breathed in Sean’s ear. “To have and take as I please?” His hand ran to Sean’s crotch. “It’s all very well if we fuck around.” His fingers closed on the waking cock. “Since they mean nothing except an extension of our game.” His palm slid on the now hard bulge straining against the cloth. “Mostly because they never satisfy us completely.”

At Leon’s new presumptuous statement, Sean felt an angry surge sweeping away every other emotion and shoved to get free again. “If you think I only get hard with you—”

“Shut up, sweetie.” Leon pressed his own hard bulge against Sean’s stomach. “I was speaking for both.” He breathed huskily, then attacked the prey’s mouth.

While his heart stopped beating at the words, Sean immediately surrendered, opening wide to receive the hunter’s hungry tongue. No fights were necessary this time, no extreme challenges, no swords brandished in sweet revenge. Instead, the world faded into the shadows, reality narrowing to the hunter’s warm tongue, taking full possession of his willing mouth as Sean gave it all the space it demanded impatiently. Only at times, as if remembering he had a will, too, did the prey’s tongue darted out to touch Leon’s to assure his full acceptance of whatever was to come. He felt like shouting to the world how much he loved his dark haired hunter, but since his mouth was busy, he simply opened wider to allow him deeper while fingering Leon’s cock through the cloth with one hand, the other behind his back fumbling to open the car door.

“I think we have a better alternative than your car.” Pulling away, Leon grinned sarcasticly at Sean’s attempts.

The prey blushed. For months now, Leon had insisted he get a new car, first trying to convince him to accept it as a gift, then proposing to loan him the money. Sean strenuously refused either solution, even if he had to admit, it was not a bad idea to be a little more comfortable in certain situations.

Dragging him to the Maserati’s passenger side, the hunter dropped Sean on the plush seat, the prey already unzipping Leon’s pants to take out the prize possession he had sorely missed. Like a starving man, he closed his mouth on it, nursing it in his warmth and wetness, using his tongue to make it grow harder. Sucking avidly, he slid it down his throat, getting shivers of pleasure from his near choking, then curled his tongue around the bulging head to hold it steady before lapping the gland’s round circumference. The taste of stale plastic mixed with Leon’s sperm was strong, but Sean did not mind the new flavor burning his mouth, diligently licking it away, satisfied just to hold the thick shaft prisoner in his wet cavity once again. And he loved to slide down the stem, running forcefully over the silky skin. Like on a familiar road, Sean ran the tip of his tongue over every crevice, caressing the bumps and delicious imperfections he found along the way, taking his slow time to savor his lover’s taste. He opened wider to get more inside, but the bulging head pressing on his cheeks proved the space was hardly enough to contain it. Despite physics, Sean drew it further inside, a deep hard suck that almost choked him, ready to start on the tantalizing journey to the throat when Leon grabbed his head. “Stop.” The thick commanding tone did not admit objections, not with his cock twitching at the mere thought of what it craved. “I want your ass.”

“Here?” Even if excited at the idea, Sean glanced around the deserted parking lot.

But Leon had a good argument. “I doubt anyone’s going to come around at this hour. It’s too late for that.”

“Or too early.”

Leon pulled his prey up to unzip his pants. “Either way, I want you now.”

Partially hidden behind the open door, Sean bent down, his face lying on the leather seat, legs wide apart, trousers and underwear down to his ankles, ass thrust up to Leon’s probing. With wet fingers, the hunter tested his prey, enjoying the feel of the flesh clutching them tightly, sucking avidly, refusing to let them go.

After days of fucking beautiful, but deeply unsatisfying women, the hunter felt like the prodigal son returning home. True, he had wanted to test Sean’s reaction in the face of his defiant behavior. Equally true, he had warned the blond beauty even before they started living together that he would recur to women occasionally, but this first time he had acted like a bastard on purpose, curious to see if Sean would act like a jealous woman or accept the challenge in his own unique way.

With his prey’s unusual ability to surprise him, after three days of hell, Sean had finally reacted, choosing a sexual revenge, rather than a verbal scene. And Leon knew he had suffered, having seen it plainly each time he returned home and Sean pretended to sleep. At work, too, he had noticed the blond beauty’s haggard face, the bloodshot eyes together with the million cups of coffee with which he replaced both food and sleep. Not that he actually needed to see anything since his secretaries—the same he fucked at nights—continuously updated him on Sean’s well or ill-being. Yet, even if tempted to stop his torture, Leon had continued to challenge his prey, taking him to a new limit. And apparently, his gamble had paid off, though not entirely as he wished. Still, there was time to bring Sean round to his real desires, particularly since he lacked the proper counterpart. None of the women was suitable for what he had in mind. She’s out there somewhere and when I find her, sweetie…well, you’ll have to go one step further.

This last thought added to his pleasure as he shoved inside the blond beauty’s ass, the pliant hole opening wide to receive him. Leon moved faster, speeding to reach the release he had wanted from the beginning of the evening. But a distant engine interrupted them.

Probably hearing the same noise, Sean hesitated. “I think someone’s about to park.”

They pulled apart, zipping their pants a fraction of a second before the car came down the driveway. Nonchalantly, Leon closed the Maserati’s door as if he had just parked and went to the elevator, Sean trailing along. When the doors closed behind them, Sean’s mouth was again on Leon’s dick, sucking from the fabric, breathing warm air on the hard bulge to keep its interest raised.

Leon began undressing Sean even before they stumbled into the apartment...Reaching beneath me to grip my painfully throbbing cock, he slid on the long stem, penetrating at the same time to the hilt with a series of quick shoves, his balls tickling my ass every time he pushed forward. I didn't immediately follow his rhythm because his firm grasp took much of my attention away from behind, focusing it to the front instead. Only when he pushed harder, did I start moving to his dance, my ass swinging back, slowly at first, then gaining momentum as my guest demanded more space.

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