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Tasting Leon's Mark

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
SERIES: ReScue, Book 2
GENRE: Contemporary Fiction
THEMES: Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Ménage à Trois, Romance

ISBN# 9781603136907


PAGES# 324

WORDS# 93.043

RATING: Erotic, Controversia

RELEASE: 4/15/2010

Tasting Leon's Mark, ReScue Series #2
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at Heart



However you lived your past,
today you are the key to changing your future

Now the prey has the hunter right where he wants him. But will the hunter take the final step?

Re-Scue, ReScue Series Book 1, available in E-Book and Audio format!


The world is full of hunters and their prey. But some prey can become hunters themselves while others have hidden claws. And surrender isn’t necessarily the loser’s choice. Surprisingly, it can turn out to create new connections or balance pre-existing ones. So will Sean accept  anythingfor another taste of Leon?

I do the fucking, remember?
“I do the fucking, remember?”
“So can I, remember?”
Leon grinned. “Had I known, I’d have invited you more often these past few nights. You could’ve even had your pick between a blonde, a redhead—”
“You fucking son of a bitch!” Sean shoved him away, but Leon, anticipating his move, grabbed his shoulders and crushed him to the car. The prey struggled to be free, but the hunter tightened his hold. “I already have a choice.” Sean spat angrily. “Like the one I fucked tonight who begged me to stay at his place—”
Leon bit him in the neck, effectively silencing him. “Need I remind you that you’re mine?”

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Re-Scue the Audio Book      is HERE! Listen to fantastic audio samples     Chapter 1R     Chapter 1PG     Chapter 2R     Chapter 2PG     Chapter 3R     Chapter 3PG     Chapter 4PG     Chapter 5R     Chapter 6PG     Chapter 7PG     Chapter 8R     Chapter 9PG     Chapter 13PG     Chapter 16R     Chapter 17R     Chapter 18PG     Chapter 19PG     Chapter 20PG

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Review Snippets

"Tasting Leon's Mark is rich in emotional detail, hot sex, and written in a realistic contemporary setting with the extra element of a dark, sexy paranormal twist." AR

"I'm beginning to see a recurrent theme with Tolomei's books, and I like the dark fantasy aspect that mingles the author’s love of writing violent passion with eroticism." AR

"Tasting Leon’s Mark by Laura Tolomei is a novel of intrigue and perseverance in finding love and romance in a modern day setting. Laura Tolomei knows how to get into the reader’s psyche and bring out the inner needs of our readers to the forefront in this novel. For Janet and Leon, their only means for love lies in their threesome with Sean Davis, and their trust in each other – plus she has to get her original opinion of men out of her head and learn to get on with those of her opposite sex before anything good can come out of their relationship. I found it the perfect weekend read, as I was able to immerse myself in the world of two men and a woman who have such a burning desire raging within them. Tasting Leon’s Mark can be purchased from Whiskey Creek Press – and whatever you do, get a hold of one before they all go!" Romance at Heart

Leon's Mark

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