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The Heat: Official Page

Virtus Saga

The Heat

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
SERIES: Virtus Saga, Book 6

GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, BDSM, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Series
Publisher: eXtasy Books ©2012

ISBN# 9781771113700


PAGES# 382

WORDS# 100.260

HEAT: 4 flames

RELEASE: 11/15/2012

This isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series.
This is the making of a trio. Because "US IS SEX!"

The book that plunges it all—the lust, the sex vortex, but also the gossip and the multiple partners. Don’t miss the latest chapter of this ongoing dark fantasy series, the Virtus Saga.

Erotic FFMF Excerpt

“Good morning, sir.” The young man standing in front of his door seemed weighed down by the heavy load on both hands.

“Good morning…” Oh, fuck! Why can’t I remember his goddamn name?
“It’s Thuly, sir.” Smiling in total understanding, the man did not seem to mind he had to repeat his name every time he was in Chris’s presence.
No, make that he seemed to expect it.
“Right, Thuly.” Chris moved aside to let the servant through. “You can put everything on the table.” The trays he carried were filled with food—from steamed to fried vegetables, beans and lentils, steamed rice, eggs, a wide array of cheeses, bread, butter, jam, honey, scones, wheat and honey cakes, muffins, everything topped off by steamy tea and a brick of milk that Thuly set on the table before laying everything else down.
“You woke up with an appetite this morning.” Thuly grinned as he returned to the door, the trays now empty.
“Let’s say someone needs to keep up their strength.” And it’s not me. He watched the young man step out. “Oh, stick around ‘cause I may need you later on.”
“I’m all yours, sir.” No doubt about it, Thuly had enjoyed playing with him and Ylianor a few days earlier, with his mate being their slave and pampering the young man front and back until Chris had decided to claim his ass.
Once he left, Chris closed the door and turned to the bed, not surprised to see the huge green eyes staring at him. “Rise and shine, sleeping beauty.” He could not help the smile either. “I have ordered the biggest breakfast to date for you—”
“I’m not hungry.”

“I don’t give a damn! You’re going to get up right now and stuff yourself or next time you fall unconscious, I’ll leave you wherever you are, were it also in the middle of the road.” < Read full erotic excerpt FFMF >

Erotic BDSM Excerpt
By the gods, what have they done to you?
The words stuck in his throat at the sight of her, while his shaft had a reaction all its own.
Totally wrapped in ropes, she was the most cock wrenching sight he had ever seen.
Around her neck a collar held several cords running down her body and covering it completely except for the strategic parts, like snakes enveloping her in their spires. Four thick twines wrapped around her arms, crisscrossing them from shoulder to wrist, leaving the elbows free to bend. Thinner strands curved downward—two circling her breasts and hips before winding around her thighs, two at her back overlapping the front ones, coiling around her waist then pairing up with the legs’ bondages, which did not hamper the knees’ movements. Needless to say, her ass and cunt were absolutely available to any and all solicitations, while her mouth was gagged shut.
“Like her?” < Read full BDSM Excerpt >

"Eroticism off the charts!" The Romance Reviews (TRR)

"People seldom use their eyes. Conventions, rules and perceptions compromise our senses." Ylianor Meyer

"You need to consider people as human beings and not as genders or categories." Duncan Caldwell

"Life isn’t only about sex just like people are not their genders, but individuals with all their complexities." Duncan Caldwell

“At his best, he’s charming, funny, playful like a child but loving like a man.” While at his worst, he’s passionate and hot like a demon come from another dimension.
(Ylianor Templeton)

Richard’s stomach caved in at young Templeton’s disheveled look. By the gods, how can anyone be so fucking gorgeous? No, gorgeous was not the right word. Sensual…that fit Christopher to a tee and explained Richard’s distraction every time the man moved around the classroom, looking as slick as a feline, whether ready to devour a victim or have sex with it.
(Richard Ellis)

The problem was that, with one tongue sweep, Duncan wiped out his rage, erased his doubts and spun his senses into a vortex of pure, unashamed, unabated lust. He did not want just anyone. He wanted the almighty prince and him alone. He wanted to drop on his knees to beg for his forgiveness while sucking his cock dry. He wanted to give up his very life, to prove what a stupid fool he was. He wanted to have Duncan’s love overflowing him, instead of the dark, furious cloud engulfing him. He wanted…by the gods, everything he wanted was wrapped up in one person alone, and he almost could not stand it.
(Christopher Templeton)

“Be careful about what you feel for Christopher Templeton.” Embracing his shoulders, she leaned closer. “I’m not going to tell you not to fall in love with him…” ‘Cause I’m too late. “Just watch it. Chris is a wonderful person who can become the worst bastard in the matter of seconds.” And she knew what she was talking about. “He tends to be…” Cruel? Vicious? Impatient? Jealous? Indifferent? “Careless with other people’s hearts…” Except that of his adored prince. “If given half the chance.” She gazed deep in his eyes. “Did I make myself clear?
(Ylianor Templeton)

She’s all yours!

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