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"However you lived your past, today you are the key to changing your future."
Erotic Romance with an Edge
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The Heat: The Official Page

The Heat, Virtus Saga #6

The Heat

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
SERIES: Virtus Saga, Book 6

GENRE: Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, BDSM, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Series
Publisher: eXtasy Books - ©2012

ISBN# 9781771113700  


PAGES# 382

WORDS# 100.260

HEAT: 4 flames

RELEASE: 11/15/2012

Virtus Saga

"Eroticism off the charts!"  Romance at HeartBecause "US IS SEX!"

The book that plunges it all—the lust, the sex vortex, but also the gossip and the multiple partners. Don’t miss the latest chapter of this ongoing dark fantasy series, the Virtus Saga.


Over the gossip, over the passion, over the sex, over any possible explanation…because of the pledge, the heat will overwhelm them, in and out of the Hall, in and out of bed.

"You need to consider people as human beings and not as genders or categories." Duncan Caldwell

"Life isn’t only about sex just like people are not their genders, but individuals with all their complexities." Duncan Caldwell

"People react to imagery, rather than to reality. If you transmit beauty, that’s what they’ll see." Ylianor Meyer

"People seldom use their eyes. Conventions, rules and perceptions compromise our senses." Ylianor Meyer

“Lord Templeton, you can only fool yourself if you think this show was a punishment.” Ylianor sneered the second they were alone.
“My dear Lady Templeton, I just need a little more practice with women before I can truly enjoy them.” Yanking her hair, he threw back her head and stared in her eyes. “Then I’ll have no trouble finding one that’s better than you, so I’d watch my step very carefully if I were you.” Then claiming her mouth put an end to their discussion.

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Who's who in the Virtus Saga

Angel or Demon? Who is Lord Christopher Templeton?

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Who is Christopher Templeton?
“At his best, he’s charming, funny, playful like a child but loving like a man.” While at his worst, he’s passionate and hot like a demon come from another dimension.
(Ylianor Templeton)

Richard’s stomach caved in at young Templeton’s disheveled look. By the gods, how can anyone be so fucking gorgeous? No, gorgeous was not the right word. Sensual…that fit Christopher to a tee and explained Richard’s distraction every time the man moved around the classroom, looking as slick as a feline, whether ready to devour a victim or have sex with it.
(Richard Ellis)

The problem was that, with one tongue sweep, Duncan wiped out his rage, erased his doubts and spun his senses into a vortex of pure, unashamed, unabated lust. He did not want just anyone. He wanted the almighty prince and him alone. He wanted to drop on his knees to beg for his forgiveness while sucking his cock dry. He wanted to
give up his very life, to prove what a stupid fool he was. He wanted to have Duncan’s love overflowing him, instead of the dark, furious cloud engulfing him. He wanted…by the gods, everything he wanted was wrapped up in one person alone, and he almost could not stand it.
(Christopher Templeton)

“Be careful about what you feel for Christopher Templeton.” Embracing his shoulders, she leaned closer. “I’m not going to tell you not to fall in love with him…” ‘Cause I’m too late. “Just watch it. Chris is a wonderful person who can become the worst bastard in the matter of seconds.” And she knew what she was talking about. “He tends to be…” Cruel? Vicious? Impatient? Jealous? Indifferent? “Careless with other people’s hearts…” Except that of his adored prince. “If given half the chance.” She gazed deep in his eyes. “Did I make myself clear?
(Ylianor Templeton)


“I have to go, too, darling.” Approaching him, it was obvious Cecilia strived for a fraction of what he had just given Ylianor. “I have a staff meeting in a few minutes.” But he made no move toward her. “I also have to get down on organizing my Game for the end of the season—”

“Your Game?” Richard’s interest was evident. “I have always wondered what it was like.”

“Really?” Happy as a barterer who had found a new customer, Lady Hurst’s eyes lit up. “I never invited you, ‘cause I thought you wouldn’t be interested.”

“I may have…changed my mind about it.” Lord Ellis’s glance at Chris was more than eloquent.

“Then I’ll send you an invitation to the next edition, which should take place at the end of the summer.” Swinging her gaze to Duncan, she made a show of fixing him alone, as if exchanging a secret only the two of them were entitled to know. “If things work out as planned.”

The old man bowed. “It’ll be an honor—”

“One you must share.” Amused, the angel moved closer to him, the heat making him particularly sexy. “You’ll have to bring a slave along.”

“A slave?”

“It’s the first rule of my Game,” Cecilia agreed.

“And you better learn all the others before you accept, old man,” the angel teased, slapping Richard’s back.

“Christopher, will you also be there?”

“I didn’t even know there was a new edition planned.” Something in the angel’s tone irked Prince Caldwell, though he had no chance to analyze it.

“We’ll discuss about this later.” Duncan took a step forward. “Now, if you don’t mind, we’ve gotta run.” With a firm tone, he cut off their conversation, his shaft screaming to plunge in Ylianor’s silky wet pussy.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow, darling.” Unruffled by his attitude, Cecilia deposited a soft kiss on his cheek before heading for the door.

“Thank you, Leader.” Trailing after Lady Hurst, Lord Ellis halted in front of Chris. “Lord Templeton, I’ll see you in class.” At last, he nodded to Ylianor. “Milady.” Then mercifully, left them alone.

The door hardly closed behind the old man, the angel was already ripping off Ylianor’s clothes and bringing her to him, leaning on his desk, huge erection out of the fly, standing on its own, greedy for the first taste of her. She was indescribably drenched, judging by the ease he slid inside, not just him, Chris’s stiff equipment, too, both moving in unison to brush against the constricted walls. The princess had no chance. Her climax was so sudden and swift Chris had to rush to put a hand over her mouth, which was more difficult due to his coming all the way up to her belly. Duncan was in no better shape, the seed shooting from deep inside his balls, propelled by her contractions and the steady rub against his angel’s cock. So went round one.

For round two, Prince Caldwell decided a change of place was in order. She was simply too loud to have her climaxing in his office, practically at the Hall’s entrance and in the middle of the most crowded hallway. A wave of the hand was enough to make his wish true. No doubt about it, he was getting better and better with this Virt, now able to shift more people within the short distance that separated his office from his quarters. Once there, he was on the bed, lying on his back, Ylianor straddling him, Chris already pumping her slit from behind. Again, it took next to nothing to come, particularly since the princess could shout her pleasure at the top of her lungs. As it reverberated in his mind, Duncan lost it one more time, spraying her copiously the same moment Chris did, for it seemed their cocks coordinated during the heat in a way they did not the other times they had sex. So they kept going, also because neither went limp after the second come.

The third time was similar to the second, while for the fourth, Chris and Duncan switched places, Ylianor always trapped between them, in a continuing orgasm that seemed never ending. Personally, the prince had quit counting the times she came. Her unstoppable swells were similar to a tide pushing her over the edge constantly.

And where did he find all the sperm he was stuffing into her? It was incredible how he, or the angel for that matter, went at it without failing once, without feeling any strain at all. The more he drilled her dripping moistness, the more he wanted to reach her very essence with more forceful shoves, whose only effects were to make him shatter each time her cunt squeezed around both shafts.

Again, another change of position, on the couch, but the rhythm was still the same. He could not talk, not think, not focus except on his raw need to have her over and over. And glancing at Chris, he knew the angel was faring no better. Yes, who was the slave and who the master now?

Late, very late at night, the heat retreated. “All right, lover, enough of this wetness.” Of course, his angel was the first to react to the shift. “I want her ass.”

“Happy to oblige.” Flopping out of the silky trap, Duncan slid Ylianor’s hips forward, until her buttocks rested in front of Chris’s hungry—and still quite rigid—piece. “She’s all yours.”

Raising her slightly, the angel aimed for her narrow hole. “I’d gladly lend her to someone lately,” he joked, pushing up to shove mercilessly and reach her guts in the fraction of a second. “I think this heat thing is a revengeful woman’s idea to punish innocent men.” His style of penetration had not altered since the first time he had discovered her ass—hard and rough. That was how his angel liked to play it, though this time his extreme wetness was against him.

“No, Lord Templeton, it’s the cure to little boys holding on to their phase for too long.” Bending over him, her long hair covering his face, the princess still had the energy to provoke him.

“She must be right, Angel.” Grinning widely, the leader took what belonged to him—Chris’s delicious rear. “Since you’re pretty hooked on our phase as it is.” Spreading his legs apart, Duncan had no trouble screwing his bulging head in the tiny entrance, aided by Ylianor’s honeydew stuck to his cock.

“To the point you had to make a public scene out of it.” Despite the lower voice, Prince Caldwell heard her whisper and saw the ripples of excitement it caused in his lover.

“Fuck you!” Aroused yet angry, Chris increased his pumping, turning it into a heartless ramming that tried to perforate her guts. “The heat is never going to make me forget what I love best of all.” His snarl was deliberately vicious. “And it isn’t you.”

“Who ever wanted the likes of you?” Ylianor spat, throwing back her head against Duncan’s chest. “I have my master, and I’m quite happy with him.”

When they were under their nasty influence, they were particularly irresistible. If they reached such heights without any violence, he could only imagine how it would be to assist to one of their knife games. Curiosity was getting the better of him lately, to the point he often thought about it with a sort of regretful longing.

“Then I’ll send you to him, next time you come crawling for my special touch.” The words were turning everything hotter and faster.

“I can take care of all her needs.” So the prince decided to add a little more fuel of his own while melting in the cramped space he had filled to capacity.

“Fuck you, too, lover.” The shaft slamming in and out of Ylianor’s tight opening was at its last breath. What it needed to be tipped over the edge was the princess shouting her pleasure inside their heads, which she did the moment Duncan pushed her head down on Chris. It was not an easy kiss at first, both biting and growling like animals, until the angel claimed her lips with a bold tongue lurch that left her no choice except surrender.

Then the convulsions began. If he were not linked as he was to her, he would still have caught them from the trembling of her skin and her acceleration over the cock, trying to get its balls inside. The angel had no defense.

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