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The Lord: Official Page

Virtus Saga

The Lord

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
SERIES: Virtus Saga, Book 8

GENRE: Erotica, BDSM, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Series
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books ©2014

ISBN# 9781487400781

ASIN# B00OA358A0

PAGES# 359

WORDS# 102.541

HEAT: 4 flames

RELEASE: 10/1/2014

This isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series.
This is the making of a trio. Because "US IS SEX!"

The book that ends it all—the fight, the unbalances, the uncertainties, the denial, the incomprehension—and begins everything anew: life, love, sex, passion and the future of their world forever assured! Be sure to catch the explosive conclusion of the hottest dark fantasy series on the web!

PG Excerpt
Angel, why don’t you continue this discussion on stage? Eyeing him, Duncan could tell how aroused Chris was getting with just the words to enflame him. Where you should be right about now?
You are absolutely right. Getting up, Chris was about to set foot on the platform when he turned around and bent on the prince’s ear. “Any last minute instructions, lover?”
His hot breath tickled.
“Any last minute orders to hurt her more or less?” Of course, he was talking, not thinking. How else to cut her off from their conversation?
“I’d go with the discipline and domination.” Duncan eyed Malcolm, who had shifted closer to the platform as though unwilling to miss any of the action.
“Not too much violence.” Emotions were already running higher than the leader had planned, the added expectations making the mix explosive at best.
“Got it.” Still, Chris lingered. “How about a kiss to seal our agreement?”
“You mean to humiliate her publicly?” It was daring. “To show her who the master is?” It was exciting. “To get back at her for always beating you at your own game?” It was damn irresistible. “Don’t you, Angel?” It was so Chris!
“I mean to spice up our game.” Confronting him now, the blue-gray eyes locked on his. “After how you touched me, everyone expects us to have sex. But if I know you any, it’s the last thing you’re going to give them.” He smirked with a knowing look brightening his blue-gray eyes. “So I figure I’d get at least a kiss out of you and in front of everyone.”
“Like the one I gave the princess during our first Game?” The words hardly out of his mouth, Chris’s lips attacked his fiercely.
No, ours will be much better, lover. < Read full BDSM excerpt >

Damn her twice!
PG Excerpt
“I used to think you were competing over me, ‘cause you were jealous of one another.” Raising his head, he locked gazes with Chris. “Now I know you both love to compete with each other for just about anything. Everything is an excuse to get at each other. It’s what keeps the level of your excitement up and charging. And I’m becoming convinced the roots of all this are in that faraway conflict you never
really resolved. The one that happened long before there was any sex between the two of you. Back to the time we were kids—”
“Damn her twice!” Small wonder the prince would understand it so well. “I couldn’t believe it then. I still can’t now. She was just a puny, scrawny little thing. Yet, there she was. On Black Rose’s hill. Daring me with a Virt I thought no one else in the world had besides me.” He shook his head. “I know you can’t remember her, but I swear I will never forget her defiance on that first day. I had been the superior being until then. I had been the only one with power. At least the only one aware of it. Everyone else seemed…bland in comparison. No one ever dared to defy me. Until this frail little thing
waits for me to turn the bend and ambush me.”
“Must’ve made your blood boil.”
“You can say that again!” Just the memory increased his temperature. Considerably. “Lucky for her, I saw you and didn’t strike back as I would have.”
“Mmmm…wasn’t I too…bland for your tastes?”
“And what better occasion to start than in front of two love-sick puppies?”

More Excerpts

"Eroticism off the charts!" The Romance Reviews (TRR)

“For being the last of a dark fantasy saga eight-books long, it's quite surprising and ties up all loose ends left open in the previous seven books!” eXtasy editor

“The secret of the Virtus Saga? Us is sex!” Lord Christopher Templeton

“The demon side gives you the strength to be a better angel."

“With all the tasks waiting for us in the future, I need a strong angel by my side, while she—believe it or not—needs a strong demon by hers.”

It's just a fuck, sleeping beauty!

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