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Virtus Saga


AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
GENRE: Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Shape Shifting, Romance
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books - ©2010

ISBN# 9781554877249


PAGES# 118

WORDS# 29.500

HEAT: 4 flames

RELEASE: 11/15/2010

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Shape Shifting never read so good!

Blood, sex, murder: can the mind overcome the evil in the body?

A well written mix of romance, history, mystique and horror!Rose

- Adult dark


It wasn’t till he took me to his bed and made love to me, for the first time—no competition between us, no unspoken challenge, no master-slave, no blood, no death, nothing but intense emotions overwhelming me with the sheer power of his feelings, a sea so deep, a tide so strong I thought I’d drown as he took me face up, raising my legs above his shoulders and plunging deep before preying on my mouth, too, in a never-ending kiss that took my breath, not to mention my resolve, away—that in spite of everything, I gave him what he wanted most, my soul in its entirety, for I knew right there and then I was sealing my destiny forever.

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Review Snippets

"What more could you ask then an alpha male with wings ;0)" JBP

"Two men. One connection. And time is running out!" AR

"If you’re looking for a straight up happily-ever-after romance then VISIONQUEST might not be your cup of tea; but if you want a little something different, edgier, shocking even, then I can certainly recommend Ms. Tolomei’s VISIONQUEST." RJR rated it 4 Ribbons

"The force of Lord Brahany’s will is more than an innocent young man can deny, but…The ferocity with which Lord Brahany and Ilenio engage each other is a complete sensual and sexual explosion for the senses." CTR

"Laura Tolomei keeps readers on the edge of their seats with VISIONQUEST.  The horror of the killings, erotic ‘romance,’ and the paranormal element all blend together into a plot that titillates your senses.  I admit I don’t normally read horror romance but once I started reading VISIONQUEST I couldn’t put it down until I knew what would happen to Illenio.  He’s a nice young man whose life seems to be spiraling out of control while Seigneuros’ intentions seem to be more sinister in nature.  My feelings about Seigneuros and Illenio’s relationship were conflicting for much of the story because I couldn’t figure out what part Seigneuros played in the murders.  Is he somehow responsible for the deaths or can he be trusted? " RJR rated it 4 Ribbons

Mmmm, he looks delicious!

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