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If we know little about men in ancient Greece, we know even less about women, and that little bit mostly comes from Greek and Roman literature. But let me try to make some sort of list for your better understanding, and here are ten facts about both genders and their lives in ancient Greece that might surprise you.
Laura Tolomei | 16/11/2016
We've all hit slumps in our writing from time to time, we just cannot get the words on paper, or not everything we write reads as we want it to. Often when this happens, it means we need to take a step back from our writing and find another activity that will help our racing mind. For me that activity is often yoga. These are my favorite three yoga asanas or poses that help me to write better and more productively.
Laura Tolomei | 5/11/2016
Especially for Halloween, I've collected the bloodiest excerpts taken from my Erotic Romance with an Edge. Which is not just my trademark.
Laura Tolomei | 24/10/2016
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