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Horus is the Egyptian god depicted as either as a falcon or as a falcon headed man. He has a very ancient and long history in Egypt and is one of Egypt’s oldest deities. Egyptian royalty revered him so much that people believed pharaohs were Horus’s incarnations, and rulers often took some form of the name Horus for their own.
Laura Tolomei | 4/2/2017
“A fascinatingly, if at times disturbingly, erotic affair. Lifetimes of disappointment, desire and death has done one good thing for the prey, it has become as ruthless as its hunter. The final coupling makes the whole story come together and readies the reader for more.” Coffee Time Romance rated it 4 Cups
Laura Tolomei | 15/1/2017
Too many bad things happen every day all around the world, and I’ve lain many a nights wishing I could do something, anything to help make the world a better place. But the terrible truth is that I can’t. I have no power to change the hate and violence that are becoming second nature to the world as a whole. The only power I do have is to improve the lives I enter in contact with, which is why I want to be more light-hearted and joyous in spite of everything that’s going on. It’s necessary for my survival, otherwise the sheer weight of all the bad things would crush me, and that would help no one, least of all me.
Laura Tolomei | 2/1/2017
Set during the sweetest of holidays, this very special MM contemporary romance series, the Soulmate Series, keeps intriguing and entertaining all those who believe destiny is the key to a successful romance.
Laura Tolomei | 16/12/2016
Many authors dream of making the New York Times Bestseller List, or the USA Today Bestseller List or even being an Amazon Bestseller (which by the way is easier although does not mean you make more on royalties necessarily since there are multiple factors that are figured in). While no one can guarantee that your book will be a bestseller, you can do a few things to improve your odds.
Laura Tolomei | 27/11/2016
If we know little about men in ancient Greece, we know even less about women, and that little bit mostly comes from Greek and Roman literature. But let me try to make some sort of list for your better understanding, and here are ten facts about both genders and their lives in ancient Greece that might surprise you.
Laura Tolomei | 16/11/2016
We've all hit slumps in our writing from time to time, we just cannot get the words on paper, or not everything we write reads as we want it to. Often when this happens, it means we need to take a step back from our writing and find another activity that will help our racing mind. For me that activity is often yoga. These are my favorite three yoga asanas or poses that help me to write better and more productively.
Laura Tolomei | 5/11/2016
Especially for Halloween, I've collected the bloodiest excerpts taken from my Erotic Romance with an Edge. Which is not just my trademark.
Laura Tolomei | 24/10/2016
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