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How to Get New Story Ideas? Read my tips and erotic BDSM excerpt Becoming Zero: Slave for a Summer!

LallaGatta Erotic Romance with an Edge by Author Laura Tolomei
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As much as we’d all like to say, "Uh, yeah, I always have ideas for stories." You and I both know that's not always true. Sometimes inspiration strikes and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes your characters are talking to you and sometimes they're not. So, how do you get new story ideas when you feel like your story idea well has dried up?

1. Read
That's right read a few books, short stories or novellas. Take time away from writing and help to feed your muse by reading. After all, who hasn't read a storyline and thought, "I could do better than that"? We all have. Now keep in mind I'm not suggesting you steal the other author's idea, but there's nothing wrong with taking a concept another author used and turning it upside down for your own story. For example, you read a story about a dragon shifter and a human that fall in love even if forbidden to, and all the obstacles to their happy ending that happen during the story. You could write a story about an alien prince who is also a shifter who just happens to shift into not an earth animal, but an extraterrestrial type creature, and the obstacles he and his love interest overcome when he becomes involved with a non-shifter female (or male if you prefer mm romance).

2. Watch movies
As with reading, you can get ideas from watching movies. It's the same deal. You can take the scriptwriter’s concept and turn that concept on its head, just like I did with the example above. And abracadabra, you have a whole new story line and the idea for your next story!

3. Play the "what if?" game
So, you've watched a movie, or read a book but you can't come up with a new storyline, you still feel blocked, then what? You play the “what if” game! For example, let's use the dragon shifter human story idea above and play what if. What if, for example, the dragon shifter was female and not male? What if she had a harem of male dragon shifters, but still couldn't get pregnant with the required heir? What if it turns out that a human male, a non-shifter was the one to get her pregnant? What if he doesn't know what or who she is? What if they fall in love? And what if…and so on. You get the idea. With just a few what if's you've changed the entire storyline so drastically that the author of the original story, not to mention her fans wouldn't recognize it. It's your storyline, your original idea, you just got it by playing what if with someone else's story.

4. Daydream
Use your imagination, and visualization skills. I've gotten some of my best story ideas from daydreaming and visualizing different storyline scenarios. What I mean by this is, use your imagination, imagine yourself in fictional settings, as though you are the hero/heroine and then play the “what if” game with yourself. For example, let's say you've always had a fantasy about meeting a foreign prince and you fall in love with each other, and live happily ever after. What if, you changed up the daydream, and you didn't live happily ever after? What if his family hated you, hated the fact that you were an American, Black, Native American, Chinese, an alien princess (whatever, you fill in the blank), and they forbid the prince to have anything to do with you. How do you convince them you are perfect for the prince and their kingdom? How do you convince the prince that he should buck the current system and marry you anyway? Use your imagination and daydream out the various scenarios (and remember, you're the star of the story, how would you feel, react etc.) until you get your happy ending. Then write the story!

Remember, storyline ideas can come from anywhere! So, read, watch movies and daydream your way to brand new stories that your fans will love.

You might not believe it, but in using the four tips above, I came up with my newest storyline: Becoming zero: Slave for a Summer.

I’m really excited about this new novel ‘cause it’s going to be all about summer, the hot Italian sun and a woman’s quest of her true self.

So what if her path will lead her into slavery?

Not the worst deal, considering she has lost her family, her business and her eyesight. And since her masters are rich and extremely good-looking, who is she to complain?
Or something to that effect.
Safe to say, I’m already having loads of fun writing this just as I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun in reading it.

Of course, I’m just at the beginning you see, but here’s a little erotic something to wet your appetite LOL

Are you a virgin by any chance?
“Here we are.” Clutching her wrist, Dax dragged her toward the solitary and small beach Misty vaguely made out in the distance.
“Yeah, and not a moment too soon.” Clamping her other hand, Gabriel pulled her forward. “I was finding hard to keep up with her,” he growled as though it pained him to admit it.
So she blushed at the belated compliment.
“Only ‘cause she can’t swim straight.” Not really a scold, more of a tease on Dax’s part.
Or so she ardently hoped.
“Not just the swimming.” She giggled. “Also the walking.” Now laughed out loud. “Never could go straight.”
“Then from now on, I’ll drag you with a leash,” was Gabriel’s philosophical conclusion.
Which maybe was not a pun on his part, but a real threat.
“Great idea, Gab.” Dax was right on board. “At least we won’t have a hell of a time to take her where she’s supposed to go.”
The beach was now right in front of her. So close that both Dax and Gabriel were walking, not swimming anymore.
Hurrying would be the more appropriate word, given how hard they drew her forward. To the point she had to scramble to keep up with their rushed strides.
Exactly where they’d be going once on shore she had no idea. The beach seemed cozy, impenetrable except from the sea and completely deserted. But as she went forward, she spotted what looked like a stone cabin in the distance. And Dax and Gabriel headed straight for it.
Getting closer, she noticed the straw ceiling and the round form that made it more similar to a bell tower than to a beach retreat. No time for further inspection, since both Dax and Gabriel were rushing on the incandescent sand, and she had no choice except quicken her pace.
Soon, she set her foot on the structure’s cooler pavement of a patio shading the front door, and an icy cold jet of water drowned her.
Shocked, she raised her gaze to the giant nozzle vomiting buckets of water over her head. But just as she was about to protest, it ceased, and both men shoved her through the front door.
“Now kneel, Misty.” Sometime when she had not been paying attention, Dax’s mood had shifted.
Gone his fooling around, he sounded like a master commanding her to her doom.
“And make it fast!” Gabriel’s hiss had a sharp and threatening edge that sent shivers down her back. “‘Cause we haven’t got all day.”
His tone was so much like the crackle of a whip that she hurried to drop to her knees.
“Next time, be more prompt.” Dax added his own scorn to Gabriel’s. “Now listen up.” Nearing her, he yanked her hair and tossed her head way back. “We’re going to play a game of Masters and slave.” He peered deep in her eyes. “Do I need to spell out what your role?”
Suddenly tongue tied, she could just swallow hard, trying to imagine the expression in those dark blue eyes of his.
“Cat got your tongue?” Gabriel teased ironic.
“Hem…” The thumping of her heart was so loud that she was sure both Dax and Gabriel had no trouble hearing it. “No.”
“So let’s try this again.” Easing up his hold, Dax let her head fall forward. “What part will you be playing?”
“The slave,” she whispered.
“Didn’t hear that.” A spank at her butt had her jump from the pain and the unexpected heat spreading on her ass cheeks.
“The slave.” So of course, she raised her voice.
“Good girl.” Dax patted her head in mocking concern. “Object of the game is our pleasure.” He made a strategic pause. “And ours alone.”
If he expected her to challenge this decision, he was sorely mistaken. She was still too stunned from Gabriel’s brutality to think straight. Or rather, the dense juice pooling from her pussy down was making it hard to focus on anything that didn’t directly relate to her body.
“So we’ll order, and you’ll obey without any hesitations or complains,” Dax continued.
“‘Cause all we need is a fuck toy, an obedient slut to use and abuse at our leisure.” Gabriel took pains to describe the entire picture in case she hadn’t gotten it yet.
“And that’s what we’re gonna get if you agree right now,” Dax concluded.
“You mean I can refuse?” Unable to believe her ears, she swung her head from one man to the other.
“You can,” Dax assured. “But if you accept, there’ll be no turning back.”
“No pity, either. No safe words. No playing nice.” Again, Gabriel clarified what was at stake just in case she failed to do so herself. “Nothing to stand in our way of having you however we damn well please.”
Okay, he could just screw himself. She knew exactly what she wanted. What her body had been pounding forever since she had met Dax on the rocky path of her diving spot. And if it involved a little pain along with the rest, she’d take it.
“I accept your terms.” She made sure her voice was firm and loud, so there’d be no margins for misunderstandings.
“I told you she’d accept.” Triumphant, Dax fixed Gabriel.
“Only ‘cause she’s a slut.” Throwing back her shoulders, the Frenchman arched her back. “And she’s too wet to think straight.”
His fingers dipping into her vulva were sheer extasy. He had such a delicious touch, possessive yet knowledgeable, like he knew all the spots she’d like most and was determined on brushing each of them. Mostly, his touch felt like fire that had her squirming and begging for more, widening her knees to let his have the full access of her pussy.
He took shameless advantage of her offer, insinuating in her cleft, parting the moist folds and plunging inside the drenched hole craving to suck his fingers to the hilt.
“All the better for us.” Pressing on her head, Dax pushed her face to his crotch. “Now, little slut, open your mouth wide.” Whit his free hand, he pulled out a veritable beast from his swim trunks. “And swallow.” Nudging forward, the tip of the giant harness brushed her lips.
If the order seemed simple enough, she already knew she would not be capable of obeying it. No way could she manage to fit more than the beefy head in her mouth. No way was she ready for such massive girth and lengthy extension. Not since her experience with blowjobs was ludicrous at best.
Still, she did not let it dampen her enthusiasm. On the contrary, she gave it her best shot, attacking the dick as though she had to conquer it.
Hands sliding up and down, she lapped every side and stroked it to stone-like consistency. With a vigor she didn’t even know she possessed, she slid down its smooth surface, wishing she could cover the entire length of it.
“That will depend.” Gabriel’s biting tone told her he had no trouble seeing how little she could handle her task. “She looks way out of her depths.”
“All right, maybe sucking isn’t her expertise,” Dax conceded ruefully, stopping her head. “Is it?” He snapped her head back.
“I…” She panted out of breath. “I suppose not.”
“Are you a virgin by any chance?” Dax insisted.
“Of course not.” Offended, she threw back her shoulders. “It’s just that I haven’t done it a while…”
Since forever, if she had to be precise. Since way before all the shit that happened with her parents, her eyes and her business. Since before she had a life worth its name.
“Somehow, I can’t see you like a sex-hungry cum slut.” Dax sounded dubious.
“All right, so I don’t have a lot of experience,” she admitted. “But—”
“Have you ever had an orgasm?” Why Dax wanted to know was beyond her.
“Hem…” She squirmed uncomfortably.
“The truth, slut.” A new spank had her ass burn like hell.
And this time, she caught a glimpse of the paddle Gabriel was holding and waving in the air.
“No, I never had an orgasm.” A few times, she had gone close to it.
She was fairly sure of it.
Only the man had never lasted long enough for her to reach the peak. Something inevitably stopped her just when she was on the verge of a release, and once the tide had gone, she could never quite recapture it.
“And what about your ass?” Dax persisted in his probing.
Her stomach caved in, and she looked away from Dax.
“Don’t think you can lie your way out of this.” As if he understood, Dax caressed her cheek. “We’re going to use it whatever your answer,” he breathed huskily to convince her. “So now would be a good time to tell the truth, if you want to make it easier on yourself.”
“I think this slut is incapable of telling the truth.” A couple of more spanks had her swinging frantically in pain and in loss of balance.
“No one’s ever used my ass,” she kept her tone neutral, as though it was no big deal.
“An ass virgin?” This definitely grabbed Dax where he was most vulnerable, if the jerk in his shaft was any indication. “No kidding?”
“This may just turn out to be more fun than we anticipated.” Gabriel also seemed pleased at the news.
“But first I gotta have a taste of this pussy of hers.” Clutching her by the waist, Dax picked her up effortlessly. “Her smell is driving me crazy.” He sprawled her on a table, head and legs falling over the edge. “And I’ve got the feeling she’s real tight.”
Poised in between her legs, it took him no effort to center her pussy with his first thrust. Soon after, he drilled a path to her cervix, sliding on her extreme wetness that would have made any resistance next to impossible.
He didn’t stop until he had stretched her to his convenience.
A size she had never reached before in her life.
Then he began pumping, and her slit nearly exploded from the effort of containing him whole.
“Uh, fuck, I knew you’d be tight.” Grasping her hips, Dax pulled her to him. “But I never thought you’d feel this good.” Accelerating, he went faster and deeper, banging her pussy harder with each swing forward.
On her other side, Gabriel’s knees pressed around her head and dug another monster-sized prick down her throat. This was not as impressive in girth as Dax’s, but it was longer. And no escape was possible, given how hard he impaled it to her throat.
Unlike before, control was totally in Gabriel’s cock. And he took full advantage of it, forcing her to take an inch more with every slam-down that grated her throat and triggered her gag reflexes.
If she managed to hold it all together, she had to thank her training as a swimmer. Her capacity to breathe mostly. Or she’d have choked every time Gabriel pushed his whole outrageous gland deep in her cavity.
Not that it was all bad.
This pushing her to a new edge was so arousing her clit thumped wildly. And what about all the extra moisture coating Dax’s prick?
So heavy, she almost couldn’t feel him anymore!
Had she only the freedom to breathe properly, it would’ve been perfect. Instead, she was choking on one side, drowning on the other.
“So this sweet pussy never came, uh?” Dax’s fingers stroking her clit sent blissful shocks up to her hair and down to her toes.
“And it shouldn’t now, either,” Gabriel was quick to add.
“Why not?” Still, Dax continued his sensual brushes, pinching the swollen knot and rolling it between thumb and forefinger. “It might be rather fun to be the reasons of her first orgasm.”
“Do we really care about it?” Gabriel sounded truly pissed with her. “She’s a lousy blower like I suspected.”
To give himself an extra drive, he cradled her head in both his palms and raised it in synch with his downward slams.
So he was going for total strangulation, and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.
Except suffocate every time he hit the back of her throat.
“Making her cum might improve her performance,” Dax pressed his pint, all the while intensifying his rubbing of her inflated swell.
And she would’ve died on the spot from the sheer pleasure of it.
“You think?” The doubt in Gabriel’s voice was palpable.
Then something hot and wet curled around her clit. And for heart stopped.
Never in her life had she felt such an intense sensation. All concentrated on that tiny knot of meat that was now dancing under a most expert tongue. That lapped it generously before poking it with a hard tip seemingly determined to drill it to the spot.
Which combined with the incessant beat overstuffing her slit and started a dull throb in the pit of her stomach.
The more dick sunk into her mouth and pussy. The more her clit soared. The more tightly the tongue wrapped around it. The more she got closer to explode.
And she just couldn’t keep the up with the pressure.
When Gabriel nailed her throat and Dax her cervix, her mind went blank. Something erupted from deep within and she thrashed under successive waves of pleasure. Going hot and cold all over, it felt like a ball of fire had shot up from her belly and coursed through her very essence. Clenching and releasing her muscles prolonged to her pleasure.
Dax’s as well, judging from how fiercely he now dug that beast of his into her silky sheath. And she wished he’d never stop.
Never slowed down, either, ‘cause now she couldn’t get enough. Not even of Gabriel’s cock making minded meat of what once had been a mouth with an attached throat.
Then Dax gasped, and she tensed in anticipation.
Reclining on her, he held her hips still and unloaded what felt like gallons of unstoppable juice all inside her.
Which triggered a new tide of unexpected bliss. On and on it went, she thought it would never end. Whished it would never end.
But alas, it did.

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