Erotic Romance with an Edge Excerpts by Author Laura Tolomei - LallaGatta Erotic Romance with an Edge by Author Laura Tolomei

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I’m proud to be your slave in bed, and I want everyone to know itInfuriating angel-demon Introduction It's just a fuck, sleeping beauty! Lord Christopher Templeton's Unique Pledge Master BS Master of pain Masters, why don't we do things my way for a change? Meet Mistress Ylianor! My dear Lady Templeton No amount of bodies can ever replace you, Princess! Not my fault her ass is so damn accommodating! Oh, drop the act! You can't wait to be his goddamn slave! Serious Sex She’s all yours! Thank you Princess The damn question is... The day I'll miss you or your sorry ass, Lady Templeton, has yet to dawn! Chapter One Full The unfortunate answer to both our questions is... There'll be no coming for you! This isn't going to be about us! It's going to be about her! This was Chris! What sick game are you playing with her? Where do we go from here? Where do you think you're going? Where the fuck am I? (The Sex, Full

 You're free to go                  They were Greeks                         Let's have a party!

                 RESCUE SERIES                                                                                Divinitas
Good to go! Meet Leon SterlingNot this time, pal!  Had fun in the bathroom?                The body is a cage                          

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