A story begins with its characters. In Bondage Slave For Hire, there’s Lilly, the slave. Then Terry, the Master of all Masters. And Julien and André, the mysterious and dangerous Creoles.
Second off is the plot. With no other wish than to satisfy the Master of all Masters, the insignificant slave is ready to give love through pain. She is so ready to show she can suffer to deserve whatever her Master sees fit to give her. Even if it’s only a kiss. A solitary kiss. For what can be better than a man who is fascinating, desirable and exciting? Of a man who knows how to command with just one glance? And what about his friends? What is their true relationship? And why can’t Lilly reach a peak without thinking of them?
Third off is the place. The Dungeon BDSM Club is where bondage, pain and perversions jump out the pages and hit you hard and deep. Same place where a slave deserves to die in Halloween’s Black Room.
Fourth and final there’s the anticipation. Halloween is coming, with its load of anxiety and the promise of pain and terror. Who will survive?
I’ve known the author, Laura Tolomei, for over twenty-eight years. And for over twenty-eight years, I have the privilege of being her soul mate. Which is why I thought I knew everything about her, including her slightest fantasy. To the point I thought I could anticipate it. But she’s a woman and manages to keep her secret desires well hidden.
Every time she starts on a new story, I’m amazed by the development of her style and of the tension gripping every single page. This time, Laura has outdone herself. Before Bondage Slave For Hire, the only book ever to arouse me was Dracula by Bram Stoker. Which I read as a mere thirteen-year-old. Now, more than thirty years later, I’m totally and pleasurably taken aback by Bondage Slave For Hire and its irresistible charge of excitement. Obviously, I made her pay for it. The author I mean. Because I can.
So I’ll give you some advice: don’t read this book alone. It wouldn’t do it justice.
I’ve read a lot by Laura Tolomei, my wife, my love, my slave. So I can safely assure that Bondage Slave For Hire is her masterpiece yet. At least for now. At least until her next book will top this off. Which is what always happens, judging from my experience. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy Bondage Slave For Hire and I will re-read it out loud to my wife to be sure her imagination ends up in bed with us, not just on her pages.