You're free to go

“You’re free to go.” Alone at last with Lilly, Terry spared her no glances. Simply bent on his heels and pretended to be searching for something in his bag.

Not a word escaped her lips. Lilly picked up her purse and took the first step toward the door.

“Of course, if you quit, I won’t take you back, like Kelso did when you returned groveling, which means you’ll never find the Master you’ve been seeking all your life.” This time he snatched a brief peek.

The utter shock painted on her face was an incomparable reward.

“And that would be a real pity.” He straightened, finally acknowledging her. “For the Master, I mean.”

“How…” How the fuck can you possibly know? Lilly’s body screamed to him. “How do you know?”

“‘Cause it’s written all over you.” A few quick strides and he was on her. “For anyone bothering to read.” Close enough for his breath to play on her face.

“Most people don’t.” She was breathing hard, barely controlling the arousal he felt uncoiling from the pit of her stomach and drenching her cunt.

“I’m not most people.” Same arousal that was shooting through his veins and filling his dick faster than he anticipated. “Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Same arousal that was forcing him to extreme measures to subdue his unruly shaft.

“You’ve wasted enough of my time.” Were it up to his straining erection, he’d have flung her to a wall and impaled that perky little ass of hers.

“Tonight’s opening night.” Were it up to his straining erection, he’d have lost himself inside that compelling body of hers.

But thank the stars, it wasn’t, or he’d have spoiled the perfect Halloween slave.

“And I’ve got a show to run.” Exercising fiercest control, he broke their contact. “So I gotta get ready for it.” Picking up his bag, he went toward a door to the far right.

“No, wait.” She scrambled after him the second he took the first step away from her. “I…” Catching up, she almost bumped into him when he paused to open the door. “I don’t want to leave.”

“Nothing easier.” After entering a smaller dressing room, he rummaged through his bag and grabbed the forms she had disdainfully tossed back at him before. “Sign these and you can stay.” He slammed the papers on a small desk under a window.

Her gaze slid over them briefly. “I want a raise first.” Then returned squarely on his face.

“No one’s getting a raise around here.” He threw his bag on the floor. “Why should you?”

“‘Cause…” With a coy sway, she leaned against the desk. Butt pressed against the wooden front, she hooked both thumbs on the edge. “I’m special.”

Her self-assurance was maddening. “There’s nothing special about a slave.” But not as much as her body. “Ever.”

He eyed her coldly. “They’re all equally worthless and inconsequential.” His steel gaze bore deep into hers. “You’re expendable. I can find hundreds like you. Hundreds who’d beg me to make them my slaves.” Hundreds was an understatement. Too many to count was his true assessment, given his extremely long career.

“Then why do you want me so bad?” Judging from how her tongue darted out to lick her lips, it was obvious she was taunting him. Daring him to claim her.

“Because tonight’s opening night.” Unable to resist, he pinned her to the damn desk. “And I hate to be shorthanded on such an important occasion.”

“Accept my terms and you won’t need to be.” She took immediate advantage of his position to rub her pelvis against his crotch.

“Why should I?” Hotter than he had ever been in his life, he yanked her hair and snapped her head back. “With or without a raise, you can’t wait for me to plug that tight little ass of yours and throw you at the mercy of all the wolves that are going to enter the club.”

He was getting furious now. Not with her. With himself for going so close to losing his cool.

“‘Cause unlike any of the other slaves, you derive real pleasure out of all the pain and humiliation.” This was another thing he had picked up from her body. Another thing that made her the perfect choice as the next Halloween slave. Besides his lusting her so bad he didn’t know if he’d resist that long.

“So why should I pay you more?” He tightened his grip on her. “To have more orgasms while serving my clients?”

To get my soul.

Had she really said it? Her mouth was against his ear, so maybe yes, she had. Or maybe it was his imagination getting ahead of him.

“The more I get off on it, the better I’ll service your clients,” she whispered huskily.

This sounded more like a reasonable answer. But staring in her purple depth, he had the funny feeling she had said the other thing, too. So the question remained. How had this damnable creature read into his most secret aim?

“If I give you a raise, I’ll own you.” He pulled her hair to hurt her and to detach her mouth from his ear. “Literally.” This was getting unbearable. “In and out of the club.”

This agonizing closeness. This wanting to flatten her to the desk and let his cock have its fill of her. This knowing he couldn’t have her. Not if he planned to use her for Halloween. And he did. Even if it was already proving almost impossible to keep a distance between them.

“You’ll have to be at my complete disposal.” Then again, the one thing he had learned out of all the years as a Dom was that nothing worked better than denial in breaking a slave. “Always.” No amount of pressure, pain or humiliation got him a slave’s mind and soul.

And damn it! That was all he wanted out of Lilly.

“I accept.” She breathed out in raspy gulps of air.

“In that case…” He let her go and grabbed the contract. “I’ll make the addition right away—”

“I have one more condition.” Her voice rang out clear and unafraid.

He had to admit he admired her guts. “Aren’t you pushing this negotiation just a bit too far?” He raised a skeptical eyebrow.