Please, let me be your first

Far from satisfied, he pulled out and nudged her back hole. Wet was great, but now he craved the fierce ass-crunch he was used to.
Not her, though.

At the first hint of pressure, she shifted upward. “No, please.” She flashed huge green eyes on him. “I’ve never done it like that.”

The purple flush made her all the more enchanting.

And desirable.

“Please, let me be your first.” He knew he would regret it.

If she said yes, it would bind them the same way he had been bound to Kyraen. If she said yes, there would be no end to his missing her once this magical night was over.

He did not care.

“Like I was Kyraen’s first.”

Just the thought brought new rigidity to his cock. Because his body would not take no for an answer, whatever the consequences. Like with Kyraen, he just had to have her.
“Like with Kyraen?” This certainly got her attention.

Not to mention her arousal.

He perceived it from the tensing of her muscles. And from her butt sliding to meet his cock.

“Exactly like I was with him.”

To honor the promise, he flipped her on the belly and admired the firm buttocks staring back at him.

Like everything else about her, the ass, too, had a striking resemblance to Kyraen’s. Too striking for him to waste any more time in idle appraisal.
He wanted it.

He wanted her more.

After adjusting the tip of his erection on top of her narrow hole, he bent and captured her lips. Tentative at first, he darted out his tongue to trace their edge. Then grew bolder when she parted them and let him inside.

With ardent sweeps, his tongue claimed her wet cavity repeatedly. Her sweetness overwhelming. Her flavor intoxicating. He reached for the throat, since what she had was hardly enough to quell his growing excitement.
Or hers for that matter.

She did not just surrender to his onslaught. She pushed her buttocks upward, nailing the tip of his shaft in her tiny back entrance. So precise her aim, he broke through.
Eylean froze.

Rydan deepened their kiss.

Not his fault the extreme wetness coating his cock sucked him down. But he did not relinquish the conquered territory. In the end, he was sure it would prove an advantage for her as well. No annoying friction to cause her unnecessary pain. If he could not spare her all of it, at least her moistness would assuage much of it.
She was not convinced. Her lack of experience made her feel the pressure alone. The crack of her ring as he inched further. The stuffing that could be fastidious if no one had ever cramped her ass like he was doing now.

Yeah, he remembered his first time and sympathized. But if he wanted to turn bad into blissful, he had to insist.
So he distracted her with the passionate kiss while drilling her rear despite her uncooperativeness. Not too deep. Just enough for his bulging head to be securely lodged in her.
It was all he needed in order to shift position.

Rolling to a side, he brought her along. Then straddled one leg over her hip, spreading her cunt wide. His for the taking, he already knew what would make her forget all about the pain.
One stroke of the knot that had swelled worse than before and Eylean danced to his tune. Literally.

The more he coaxed the bursting swell. The more she returned thrust for thrust. The more she screwed him so deep Rydan feared he might never retrieve his piece.
To get more, she curved her back slightly, and he reached her guts. Just like that, he was stuck to the hilt, his load rushing to the fore. With an effort, he held it back, unwilling to spill before she had her pleasure.

She was not far behind anyway.

Her beat increased as he crushed her knot under his fingertip. When it burst, her ass convulsed, squeezing his shaft unbearably.
So he let it go. All into her cramped behind. Already knowing he