if the women were more beautiful and…

“It would,” he agreed at last, moving closer to me, “if the women were more beautiful and…” He traveled my body again with a sardonic grin. “Available.” His hand grabbed my breast, squeezing it tightly.

I arched my back, chest pushed out to give him more to squeeze. Clearly liking what he touched, he bent his head to close his mouth on my hard nipple, his teeth grazing it through the fabric while he sucked avidly.

Brutus had moved closer, too, and stood in front of me. My hands flew out to grab both their cocks at the same time. With a jilt of pleasure, I found them already hard so I didn’t waste unnecessary time. Bending on my knees, I took them both out and set to work. Just thinking that both would soon fill me everywhere made me wetter than ever. One would shove into my ass while the other—

I had to stop thinking or I would have come right there and it wouldn’t have been polite or considerate of my guests’ needs. Instead, I focused on the mouth-watering task I had to accomplish. As my head bobbed from one marble shaft to the other, my tongue lapped furiously their length from base to top, curling around the bulging head before sliding my lips down to the choking point. A hard suck and I passed to the other demanding master, applying the same treatment. My head bounced rapidly between the two, holding them captive for short intervals while my hands pitched in the effort to satisfy two at the same time.

“You were right, Brutus,” Britannicus commented at one point, “she’s good.” He pushed my head down on his cock. “Very good.”

“And this is just the beginning,” Brutus assured, taking my head and shifting it to his own cock.

“So let’s make her more productive,” Britannicus suggested.

“I quite agree.” Pulling me up, Brutus quickly undressed me while Britannicus kneeled on the triclinium. Shivering from the cold, I turned to face his raised cock, my mouth free to lavish my attentions only on it. The rest of my body became Brutus’s property. He pushed down on my back to throw out my ass. His wet fingers probed the narrow entrance before aiming his shaft against my buttocks. Then one firm shove and he was inside. Apparently uncaring about the cramped space, he pushed the bulging head through, getting deep inside, throwing my narrow hole wide open to accommodate even the hilt. I moaned, caught between pain and pleasure, neglecting my other pressing duties.

“Hey, honey, no distractions allowed,” Britannicus was quick to steer me back into his service, pushing my head on his neglected friend.

His cock was thicker than Brutus’s, though shorter, and I had trouble to take it all in my mouth as its big head strained in the confined space. It pushed on my cheek, hit my palate, held my tongue down and choked me without even getting near my throat. But I accepted the challenge, doubling the efforts to take more inside. I sucked harder, bringing it closer to my throat, choking and coughing on it, each convulsion sending shivers down my back. Again, pain and pleasure battled each other, sparking a flaming desire that enveloped my body from mouth to ass. So I had to divide my attention between Brutus’s shoves and Britannicus’s pushes.

Soon, the men coordinated their rhythms to a single one, a steady pumping that filled first my mouth, then my ass. I had no time to think about what I was doing, my body finely tuned to their dance. Britannicus liked nothing better than to hold my head, slamming at leisure down my wide-open mouth, forcing it to swallow his entire cock without allowing me hardly any time to breathe, while at the back, Brutus slid frantically, never quite pulling out, penetrating each time deeper.

In all this delicious confusion, I almost didn’t notice Brutus’s probing fingers brushing on my throbbing clit. Clearly, he had already learned what turned me on the most and it only took him a few strokes to have me erupt into heart-wrecking, flesh-shattering pleasure. I couldn’t scream, of course, my mouth too full, but they both felt it. Brutus in particular, I’m sure relished the contractions, which sucked his cock deeper in my ass if at all possible.

“The lady’s having fun,” Britannicus mused, stopping my head. “That place you’ve found, Brutus, must be really something. Mind if I try it, too?”

“Love switching,” Brutus assured.

Pulling out of my ass, he brought me to the triclinium where Britannicus had already lain down. With my back turned to the sprawled man, Brutus placed me on top of the jutting dick, pushing until my asshole felt the hardness nudging at the entrance. I tensed for a second, but he didn’t give me time to adjust. With one fast shove, Britannicus’s cock penetrated deep inside all the way to the balls.

“It feels excellent, Brutus,” Britannicus remarked, again talking as if I weren’t there.

“Yes and it’s going to feel even better.”

He made my back stretch down on his friend’s chest, my legs on either side of Britannicus’s body left my slit wide open for another guest. Kneeling between his friend’s legs, Brutus’s hungry cock penetrated in the free space, soon giving me a taste of his harsh shoves, which paired with the ones I felt in my ass.

The two immediately found a congenial rhythm and all I could do was lie there, trapped between them, my crushed body completely possessed by them. And it was magnificent. Never in my life had I felt so deliciously full. Cramping my tight spaces, my flesh wrapped around such big, hard cocks, wanting to suck them dry. The awareness that both wanted me, was pure pleasure in itself so I let their tide wash over my body. I couldn’t move anyway, their shoves jiggling me until everything shook on its own, fiery contractions spreading from the center to the farthest corners. My flesh coiled around their shafts, squeezed them tight, sucking them in so deep they had no way to resist. In a matter of seconds, they flooded me, both holes drenched with their fluids, remaining limp and dry.

Surprisingly though, their game had an unexpected twist, a different lovemaking I’d never seen the likes of, until Brutus—
prisingly though, their game had an unexpected twist, a different lovemaking I’d never seen the likes of, until Brutus—