Danial’s reddening eyes suddenly went back to brown, as surprise registered on his handsome features. “You promised to come back to me, when you’d had enough time to come to terms with everything. Have you decided you can accept my non-aging, as you called it?”

I took a deep breath, trying not to think of how much I’d hoped to hear him say those words last night. Only twenty-four hours had passed, but everything had changed.

Danial moved closer. “That’s it, isn’t it? This is a surprise, a very welcome one—”

I used my memory of Angelica in my robe to build my fury hot enough to get out my next words. “I came back to you last night, Danial,” I said, cutting him off. “I got here at dusk. I came to the door, ready to tell you I’d had enough time away from you, that I was coming back to you, that I would live here with you, that I’d have your child if you wanted it. And what did I find? A Ho-Ho who was wearing not only the robe you had given to me but also a silver choker with your emblem. She asked if I was here to feed you, and told me you’d just slept together, so I left. To top things off, I got to listen to you having sex with her a few minutes ago!”

The last was probably unnecessary, but I wanted to feel the anger, to remember how upset I’d been. It helped me not think about being in Danial’s arms again. Despite Theo standing just behind me and everything else that had happened, part of me still wanted to be.

“Sar, you were here last night? Ivan said you gave him the ring, but I assumed you came in the day, to avoid seeing me. Angelica said nothing,” Danial said emotionally.

He was suddenly before me, embracing me before I could stop him. Theo moved closer to us, but I told him with my eyes to keep still, and he stopped.

“Sar, I’m so sorry for Angelica, for what you heard,” Danial murmured into my ear. “She is no substitute for you. I will tell her to leave tonight, that she and I are done, and you’ll never have to see her again. Please forgive me,” he added regretfully.

“Aren’t you oathed?” I said nastily, trying to push him away. “That was no mere necklace she was wearing yesterday—”

“No, of course not,” Danial said, hugging me more tightly. “I’ve given her no promise. I’m so glad you have come back to me, my love. I missed you so much. I filled our bed with her because I was so lonely for you—”

“You had sex with her because you were lonely for me?” I said sarcastically.

“Sar, I didn’t mean that, I—” Danial was backpedaling fast.

It didn’t matter; it was too late. “Danial, I told you that I needed time months ago. You said you couldn’t wait for me. I came back because I promised you I would, because I wanted to believe that you would wait. But you didn’t. Please let me go.”

I moved back from him, as he reluctantly let go of me. It was on his face now that he was finally getting it.

“I am not here to offer you another chance,” I said tiredly. “I’m here to end what we had, end it completely. Take off the collar. Take it off me and let me go.” Broken Promise ~ Tara Fox Hall

“I will not, Sar,” Danial snarled, his eyes tinged red again. “You are mine. Mine! I want a life with you too much to give you up now, not when you’ve come back to me—”

“Did you hear what I said?” I shouted at him. “It’s over! Do you think you can hold onto me by making me wear it? It’s too late! You’ve lost me, Danial!”

Danial stood up in a quick motion, the redness in his eyes glowing lightly. “Who have I lost you to, Sar? I thought I smelled some other male’s scent on your body, and in your hair. Whose is it?”

“Mine,” Theo growled. “Because she’s mine, Danial, not yours.”