Precious lover

“Precious.” His heart leapt at the joy of seeing him awake.

“Lover.” Spinning around, haloed by Atlantis’s gleam and with a dazzling smile splitting his face, Jaydon seemed more beautiful than ever. “Come here.” Opening his arms, he invited Vyler. “I knew you’d be back tonight.”

Vyler had no need for a repetition. Taking two strides at a time, he reached Jaydon and fell in his embrace, his mouth already searching for the blond man’s lips. When they met, Vyler could hardly contain his arousal. Attacking Jaydon’s mouth was the only way to quench his senses, so he had no qualms in forcing the lips apart and plunging his tongue inside, sweeping the wet cavity to fill his irrational need for the man.

Jaydon responded with equal voracity, his tongue battling Vyler’s for control, his hands clutching Vyler’s ass cheeks and pulling them toward him, so their cocks, both engorged, clashed. Vyler could feel how hard Jaydon was through the flimsy fabric of their clothes, and the throbbing started—not just in his shaft, in his butt hole mostly. And Jaydon seemed to know it, for he slid a finger enticingly between the cleft.

“Can’t wait to have me, can you?” It was a whisper in Vyler’s ear, Jaydon’s hot breath tickling.

“In more ways than one.” Making space between them, Vyler bent to bring his mouth to Jaydon’s crotch, already savoring the delicious morsel he was about to swallow.

“You’re not the only one.” But evidently, Jaydon had other plans. With a swift move, he unbalanced Vyler, and they both fell on the soft, sandy ground. “I’m entitled to my share, too.” The way they landed, Jaydon was on top of him, his knees holding Vyler’s head prisoner. “Now take your pants off,” he ordered.

Vyler obeyed immediately. One thing about Jaydon—he had definitely shown Vyler new ways of loving. If more brutal than what Vyler was accustomed to, the pleasures he had discovered in the brief time he had known Jaydon were incomparable to anything else.

“By the gods.” As Vyler’s cock popped out, slick with the first traces of pre-come, thick and swollen to stand on its own, Jaydon‘s sharp intake of breath sounded like a whistle. “You really couldn’t wait one minute more.”

“You neither.” Vyler’s febrile fingers unlatched Jaydon’s pants, rewarded by the monster dropping straight into his wide-open mouth. Its taut, firm length gagged him as Jaydon stretched out across his chest to reach the other demanding equipment at the opposite end. Not that Vyler had any cause to complain.

He had come to love having his mouth so full of his lover he could not breathe. And when the bulging head went beyond his tongue’s blocking efforts, the choking added to his arousal. This time was no different. No, in fact it was better.

The moment Jaydon gulped the rigid cock to his throat, Vyler’s impulse to gasp made him open wider, thereby letting Jaydon’s shaft slip farther than the safety point, claiming the whole of the wet cavity and yonder for its exclusive use. When Vyler simply laid still, mouth gaping, Jaydon had no trouble fucking it, literally. Vyler’s senses were tied elsewhere, anyway—to the blond man’s adept tongue lapping him on every side, driving him mad with its lurches to the balls followed by unexpected sucks. Against Jaydon’s seductive onslaught, there was no defense, so Vyler gladly submitted to it all.

Then the level increased when Jaydon spread his legs far apart and dipped his head right between them. The first wet lashes at Vyler’s tight ring were pure bliss. Never in his life, would he have imagined his ass could give him so much pleasure. Never in his life, had he considered exploring such an erotic play with a man. What a fool I’ve been! And how much time I’ve wasted.

Not wanting to miss a single rim, he arched his back, with the predictable side effect of swallowing more of Jaydon’s bulging head. Or perhaps it was the hips’ fault for pressuring furiously and driving the enormous piece of meat where it should have never strayed. Clogged, yeah—that was how he felt at the moment.

Struggling for air, he drew aside, able to breathe, steadying himself for the next wave of longing that hit him the second Jaydon thrust his first finger through the tiny rosebud.

Amazing how good it felt! “End the torture, precious.” Amazing how much more he craved! “Please take me now.”

“Impatient, lover?” Sniggering, Jaydon slipped two more fingers inside, sliding them back and forth to get his appetite rolling.

“Can’t stand it one moment longer.” It was the truth. From the first time Jaydon had screwed his ass to bits, Vyler had not been able to stop wanting it over and over. “And if you don’t hurry, I’ll spill everything right now.” His fault for sure for missing out on one of life’s most exquisite pleasures. And knowing both sides of the give and take had made him a better lover, too, at least judging from Keylar’s reactions lately.

“Glad to oblige.” Shifting away from his face, Jaydon settled between his legs. “I can’t wait to taste your sweet ass, either.” Adjusting his position, he lifted Vyler’s legs until his hungry beast nudged the constricted opening.

Vyler braced himself for the impact…