Not exactly Halloween, still another Celtic tradition

Beltaine was spring’s ritual celebration, a time to light the sacred fires to invoke new life after the long dark winter. The Goddess granted protection and fertility to those who purified themselves by passing through the flames, so many gathered to join in the feasting…especially the very private ones that lasted the whole night long. It was not uncommon for couples to disappear inside the grooves dotting the hillsides, maidens hoping to find love, men wanting only sex.

On the dark hilltop, Brighit breathed the night air deeply. In front of her, stood the sacred oak tree where flames would burn. Like the Druids before her, she was to light fires, one on the opposite side from the other so that together they formed a blazing ring. Those who wished to receive the blessing of the Goddess had to go through the fiery passageway, emerging on the opposite side pure and cleansed. Of course, that was only the beginning, but Brighit never stayed for the mating that inevitably followed. Men really did not interest her and to mate with a woman seemed a sacrilege in the night devoted to bringing forth new life.

This celebration seemed no different from countless others. The cold night air enveloped the forest. All around, soft buzz echoed, excitedly anticipating the night’s blessings. The tall and majestic oak tree seemed to mock those setting up makeshift fireplaces next to him. Actually, they were just making sure nothing went wrong. Fire could be highly unpredictable, so before setting the hill ablaze, they carefully checked the area to protect one of the most sacred lives in the forest. Then, it was Brighit’s turn. She held a flaming torch, the sacred fire of the Goddess that never extinguished, not even during the darkest winter days. Feeling everyone’s eyes on her, Brighit went on the left side and bent elegantly over the wood piled high. Closing her eyes, she invoked the Goddess, begging Her to protect and bless Her people. Then, with a ritual gesture, she brought the torch next to the pile and lit it. Equally majestic, she walked to the right side, lighting the second wood pile as well. People cheered loudly as the flames leapt high in the sky, lighting the darkness. The crowd moved forward, each wanting to be the first to pass through the fiery ring. Everything became very confused for a long moment until magically it all went quite as if everyone had disappeared.

Brighit sighed. Time to go, she thought, putting her mantle’s hood back on her head. But destiny had other plans. As she headed slowly downhill, out of the darkness a hand grabbed her shoulders, pulling her backwards.

“I forgot to tell you how I wanted my new sword,” a husky voice whispered in her ear, “its exact shape and dimension.” The Roman turned her around. “Isn’t this the perfect place to show you?”

“I think I know all about swords,” she said haughtily, not really surprised to see him there.

Dressed in the Celt’s clothing, rather than the severe Roman uniform, he looked even more handsome.

He grinned. “Not if you haven’t seen mine,” he assured, grabbing her hand.

“Let me go,” she hissed. “I don’t like men.”

He stopped for a second, searching her face. “And I don’t like women,” he replied eventually, sounding truthful. “So, I guess we’re even.”

Then, without waiting further, he pulled her to the oak tree. The sacred area was purposefully kept empty and for a moment she thought horrified he would break traditions. Instead, he curved left, heading inside a groove. Full of vegetation at the entrance, it opened up after a few steps to a comfortable though confined clearing.

He stopped at the center and made her go down on her knees. She felt him already hard and made out his shape through the cloth.

“It’s a bit small for today’s sword standards,” she teased.

“The important thing is to know how to use it and I can assure it’s a formidable weapon.”

Brighit wanted to tease some more, but the heat wave broke through and all thoughts ceased as her senses took control. She pressed her mouth to his crotch, her hot breath warm even through the cloth. He quickly discarded his annoying clothing and pressed her head against his demanding cock proudly erect in midair. Brighit’s mouth closed avidly on the hard bulging head, her tongue wrapping around it, then sliding from the base to the top. Her full mouth felt good, echoes of different lives told her how much she missed it.

The Roman moved against her, stepping up his rhythm as she tried to swallow him whole. More than once, he almost choked her, but she liked it all the same, her head eagerly working up and down his long length, her mouth sucking the silky flesh, while her tongue slid along.

“You really do know how to handle a man’s sword,” he mumbled, grabbing the unruly curls to stop her head, “but I want more.”

“I thought you didn’t like women,” she taunted.

“I don’t, usually, but you—“ He pulled her up. With a single move, he removed her clothing and admired her pale white skin gleaming in the darkness. “You look like Artemis or…“ He brushed his hand on her full breast. His touch sent shivers down her back and he closed his thumb and forefinger on the hard nipple. “Minerva,” he finished, his mouth already on the hard point.

The Goddess is one, though She has many names, but it was no time for a philosophical discussion.
Her flesh screamed for more attention. She wanted him to take her in any position he wanted, using any opening he saw fit. Her memory dissolved as all she felt were her body’s imperious desires to have more. Brighit closed her eyes and melted in the Roman’s embrace, skin tingling as he sucked one breast and caressed the other, her hips rubbing against his hard crotch in a slow seductive dance.

He could not resist much further. Falling on his knees, he brought her down with him, placing her on all fours. She thrust back her ass and he pushed between her legs, seeking the hidden trap. When he found it, his thick cock had to insist before he could claim the tight space as his own. As it edged its way inside, feelings they both thought long forgotten returned with vivid clarity…together with the pain.

Owing to her latest sexual tastes, Brighit’s hot slit was not used to accommodating large guests anymore, so she tensed the moment he broke through. Understanding the situation, the Roman remained still. Luckily, the shock at having a man back inside, quickly passed, though the initial painful sensation lingered. He felt some of her discomfort, so he waited for her to make the first move. She held him tight inside the silky trap that enclosed him completely, enlarging it so that it would not hurt too much. Her hand slid down, between her legs, but he was faster. Reaching over, his fingers dipped underneath, closing on the throbbing swell. One single touch and she started moving.

Grinning, he pushed, too, full deep thrusts that rubbed against the soft skin and filled her completely. The sensations followed each other so quickly that Brighit lost track of the single ones. Sinking in a velvety ocean, she followed the pressing rhythm until the waves drowned her completely. She opened her mouth to scream her pleasure, but as if he knew, he covered her mouth with his hand just as her contractions grabbed his cock and pulled him deeper inside. Unable to hold back any longer, with a satisfied groan, he spilled the precious fluid inside Brighit’s warm body
“So, you weren’t lying when you said you liked women?” he said when he recovered.

“No and neither were you,” she said, recalling his own hesitation when he had come inside.

He grinned. “No. I haven’t been with a woman for a while, so,” he pushed her down on the ground, “I have a lot of catching up to do.”

Her firm white ass resembled the pale moon. The Roman grabbed it and squeezed it, his fingers already looking for the tight opening. When he slipped inside, she tensed.

“No one’s been here either?” he teased.

Brighit shook her head.

“Well, too bad because you have a beautiful ass and I know it will be mine.” He continued to slip in and out, but Brighit’s muscles were contracted. “Relax, flamma,” he whispered softly in her ear. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Then, stop touching me.”

“Oh, but I can’t. Your ass is really too inviting.” His free hand slipped under her stomach. “But I can make it more pleasant.”

When his fingers rubbed her slippery flesh, Brighit wanted to scream again, new pleasure mixing with the sensations from her previous ecstasy. He found the hard clit that still throbbed from desire and brushed it while increasing the pressure on the tight hole. In a matter of seconds, Brighit forgot everything again, the pain a memory, her body craving for the Roman’s hard cock inside. Unconsciously, she pushed up her ass, swaying it sideways in a rhythm all her own. It was all he was waiting for.