Oh, drop the act! You can't wait to be his goddamn slave!

“Nothing like her mouth, right?” Ironic, Duncan’s tone was vaguely mocking, “Is that why you’re digging so hard in it our cocks will meet in the middle sooner or later?”

“Just having fun, lover.” To mark his point, Chris lifted his hips in a particularly vicious impact that had the tip of his erection slipping past her throat.

“By suffocating her?” At her coughs, Duncan yanked back her head to give her space to breathe.

And not a moment too soon!

“Yes, if that’s what it takes.” Undaunted, Chris snatched her back down. “At least it makes for a more exciting blowjob.”

“Not to mention more exclusive,” Duncan observed. “Since it would be a one-time deal.”

“Works for me.” Sure it would, considering how much the despicable fiend wanted to get rid of her!

“Not for me, since we still need her to get into Cecilia’s Game.” Screwing more of his length inside, Prince Caldwell spread her buttocks apart. “Unless you’d be willing to take her place and play slave—”

“She’s breathing! She’s breathing!” Suddenly easing all the pressure, Chris’s cock almost fell out of her mouth. “See?” That was how far back he had pulled in his rush to avoid any harm from happening to her.

“Your concern is touching, Lord Templeton.” She could not help the heavy sarcasm lacing her words. “Though I would like to see you play slave.”

“Not my call, dearie.” Chris sat up straighter. “Since you can’t wait to do it yourself.”

“Me?” Defiant, she challenged him. “I still haven’t decided—”

“Oh, drop the act!” Tugging her by the hair, he twisted her neck until his mouth pressed on her ear. “You can’t wait to be his goddamn slave and get rid of me! To be alone with him and play the goddamn game without having me around, just the two of you.”

Damn it!

How could he know her so well to have guessed it?

“So say that you’ll be his slave.” His hot breath tickled her. “So we can get on with our sex without any more interruptions.”

If it sounded like an order, she did not notice it, too taken by the surge of pleasure shooting up her ass by the realization he could be as commanding as the prince could, only in his own cruel way.

“Yes, yes, I’ll be your slave.” The way it came out, she meant it for the both of them. “I’ll play slave in Cecilia’s Game.” Which was the reason she corrected herself.

“See, lover?” Raising his gaze, Chris fixed it on Duncan. “I told you you’d convince her in a horizontal position.” Then he adjusted her wet cavity over the tip of his erection. “Now be a good girl and drink me up before you come all over the place. And the more you gag the better.”

That did it!

She could not arrest the tide over flooding her. What with Duncan’s monster embedded in her guts now advancing to her throat and Chris’s beast trying to reach it from above, she burst all over the place like the demon had guessed. So convulsive her orgasm, she practically swallowed both cocks together with their balls. If not entirely true, it was still close enough, considering how hard breathing had become all of a sudden. And talk about her ass about to explode from the attempts to hold something far too big for it.

The mere thought made her climax again.

No screams, of course. Chris had seen to it her mouth’s sole task was to pamper his stick. Grown so stiff and ruthless, it was fucking her mouth as though it were her pussy.

Not that she minded any. No, she welcomed it, since it made her convulse again and again over both pieces stuffing her to the hilt. And she would have continued at infinitum, had not they both decided to end it with a tremendous climax of their own. Both of them, simultaneously flooding her front and back and staying inside her until she had drunk all their juices down.

And that was how she agreed to play slave in Cecilia Hurst’s fantasy of domination and submission.