When Ylianor Caldwell collapses in front of Leader Duncan Caldwell while he’s asking her the ritual question that will tie her to Lord Christopher Templeton forever, she knows her pledge did not go through. That Virtus has taken great pains to break her promise to the insufferable demon is obvious, but maybe it’s not as bad as it seems. Truth is—her heart is split in two. Half is for her dark-haired prince, her master of pleasure. Half is for the blond-haired demon, her master of pain. So how to choose between them? And more importantly, how to tell them that her heart and mind are set on getting of both them and that she deserves them after all they put her through?

That’s just the beginning of Book 5 of the Virtus Saga, where nothing is as it seems, not since soul mates Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton share a love that is unrivaled until a fateful knock on Ylianor Meyer’s dilapidated shack changes everything forever. This book picks up right where Book 4, The Leader, Book 3, The Festival, Book 2, The Game, and Book 1, The Sex, leave off and heightens it all—the romance and the ménage, but also the past and the separation. Mostly the unique connection laced with a jealousy and violence that are unknown to their world. Because this isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series. This is the making of a trio. Of three remarkable characters that have to overcome their uncontrollable lust to face the truth about themselves and their planet, in order to defeat the darkness about to devour them. To be as one whilst three! That’s their real challenge. Because, if they can’t learn to share power and love in equal measures, how will they be able to ensure the

The Pledge
AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
SERIES: Virtus Saga, Book 1
GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Series, m/m, m/m/f, m/m/m/f
ISBN# 9781771112949
HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames
PAGES: 284
WORD COUNT: 99.124
RELEASE DATE: 1 September 2012
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
COVER ARTIST: Angela Waters

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