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Alone at last!

Alone at last!
Slamming the shelter door shut, Chris could hardly believe it.

Days of having to share his lover with her, and now he could have him all to himself once again. It was absolutely worth a celebration, which was exactly his intent on cornering Duncan, taking out his cock and swallowing it to the hilt. After all, what better way to tell him how glad Chris was to have this night to themselves?

And the shaft now as stiff as stone seemed to agree with him, shoving down to his throat to get more of his wet pampering. Which Chris had no trouble providing despite the gurgles and gags standing in the way.

What Duncan’s cock wanted, Duncan’s cock would get.

So he opened wider and deepened his intakes until his tongue hit just the right spot. That one bit of flesh that drove his lover crazy and made him spill his guts in no time at all.

Wrenching his hair, Duncan tried to yank back his head. “No, Angel, wait—”

Too late!

His juice was already pouring all inside Chris’s mouth, gobbled up faster than the fat drops bursting out until none remained.

“Delicious.” Licking his lips, Chris rose and pressed them to Duncan’s, then forced his tongue inside to share the pungent flavor.

Which of course got his prince hard again, the new erection rubbing against Chris’s equally swollen stick and making his resolve to take things a little slower fly out the window.

So he pushed Prince Caldwell backward until they reached the bed. From there to having him lay down, it took just a few seconds, lesser still to strip off both their pants and straddle him. Then spreading his buttocks far apart, Chris centered the tip of that fat thick monster of Duncan’s right into his asshole, sliding down to the hilt despite the burning until he sat on the prince’s crotch.

With that fabulous piece all up his ass, Chris could not sit still. Already, Duncan’s forceful hip swings were impaling also the balls along with the rest, so only natural Chris wanted to join in the dance. Nothing beat the furious pumping anyway, the friction scorching his cramped fleshy walls and the repeated slams stretching that narrow back channel into something unbelievable. And all at once, too, for Duncan’s beast was so big that after the first drills, Chris felt his rear become the bottomless pit that magnificent cock needed to suit its aristocratic taste and unload its precious fluid.

But what accelerated everything was his bending down and capturing Duncan’s lips. Now kissing and fucking at the same time—this was unbeatable! The combination was just too good to last, with the added bonus of having his cock rubbing on Duncan’s chest, too.

So as his tongue battled the prince’s and his rear clenched around the beefy rod cracking it in two, Chris lost it. All together and without the benefit of a single gasp, his load shot out all over his and Duncan’s chests.

Best thing, his lover’s come was stuffing his butt, dripping down his thighs from the sheer mass and force of the liquid aimed at his guts.

“Much better.” First round of sex over, Chris fell on the mattress next to Prince Caldwell. “I didn’t think this journey would be so difficult, lover.”

“It’s not the journey.” Duncan pursed his lips. “It’s the company.”