Wouldn't want to ruin his gift, now would we?

They did not have to go very far. His room was right at the top of the stairs and he pushed her inside, locking the door and leaning on it to watch her walk to the center of the room. Intrigued, he followed her seductive ass sway for a moment, feeling the urge to possess it until the knife he was already holding, reminded he had more serious pleasures in mind than a mere fuck.

“All right, sleeping beauty, stop where you are and take your dress off.” He sneered. “Wouldn’t want to ruin his gift, now would we?”

She started to turn around, but…

“Just take the damn thing off where you are,” he snarled annoyed.

Frozen in her tracks, Ylianor had a second’s hesitation before she began removing the sexy dress. Then as if to defy him, she moved the long, silky hair over her shoulder, so he had the full view of her bare back and ass.

Breathing heavily, his gaze fixed on the shape of her butt, always a magnificent sight no matter how many times he had seen it already. As if feeling his eyes on it, she wriggled it provocatively.

“No, your ass isn’t going to make me change my mind about your fate,” was his cold reaction. Then moving forward, he circled her slowly, looking over her entire body, perhaps for the first time since getting to know her.

That he thoroughly disliked women’s bodies was an undeniable fact not even the one standing in front of him could change. Their treacherous curves hid more than they displayed and even if there was nothing to be seen, he still hated the concealment as opposed to men’s straight, unequivocal lines. Nor could he stand their breasts—big, puffy things hanging shapelessly to ruin whatever measure of elegance women could have hoped to achieve. Lucky for him, Ylianor was too thin to feature unwanted curves or impressive breasts, hers being very small and practically all nipple, so despite what his lover thought, he fervently hoped she would never gain any weight. But that was not what he was thinking about while his gaze looked her over.

No, the only thought running through his mind was completely different. How the fuck does she do it? What is it about her that makes me want her almost as much as I want him? Maybe if I sliced her to her very soul, I could get rid of this damn spell of hers that turns me into some kind of fool just begging for her touch.

As if reading his mind, she trembled under his close scrutiny, though she did not dare utter a word.

“Afraid?” He sneered coldly.

“Of you?” Ylianor threw back her shoulders. “Not anymore.”

With an abrupt move, he grabbed the long hair and pulled her head back, exposing her tempting neck. “Well, you should.” The blade trailed on her neck before going down her back to bite the flesh, lightly at first, then deeper the further down it went. “I don’t take kindly to anyone stealing my lover from under my nose.”

Unflinching, she challenged him openly. “Jealous ‘cause he wanted to play with me for a change?”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” The blade dug deep in her flesh just as he bent to brush his lips on her ear. “He was ready to kick your sorry ass out just yesterday if I recall.”

She stiffened in his embrace. “But he changed his mind.”

“Only because he has better uses for you now, but how long will it last?”

“As long as I can seduce him into playing our sex games.”

“Honey, he fucked with Jeff now, not with you.” The mere name made him angrier than he cared to admit, so he increased the pressure on the blade, drawing the first drop of blood. “How long since he’s touched you, fucked you without me being around? And the pity fuck in the stables doesn’t count!”

He felt her crumble for a moment, ready to burst into tears as if she wanted to let go of the despair he was trying to provoke, both physically and mentally, but at the last second, she straightened up, offering more flesh to cut and finding the strength to continue defying him, in spite of her weak position. “Tonight he’ll be mine alone and he would’ve been earlier if you hadn’t monopolized him until now.” Her brilliant green eyes flashed in amusement. “But I’d be careful if I were you because your time’s running out, too.” She spat. “In case you haven’t noticed, he’s the leader, so everyone will be after him, whether you like it or not.”

“Unlike you, dearie, I’m not afraid of competition.” The thin red lines on her back widened like a fine web and he watched them fascinated, tracing their borders with the knife, then moving it to the left, he started a fresh slice. “Because I have none. And thanks to Arthur, I learned to work my way around all those annoying sons of bitches that are going to bother him.”

“Whatever you do, you’ll never get rid of me.”

“Maybe I’ve got to hand it to you.” Impressed and amused at the same time, he cocked his head in mock admiration just as the blade penetrated deeper. “You’ve been more persistent and bothersome than any of Arthur’s pesky boys, always hanging round him for a word of approval or a quick fuck, whatever came first.” Licking his lips, he ran the pointy blade on her skin. “Even using my knife didn’t get you gone.” Suddenly furious at the thought, but more with what he felt he had to say simply because he could not ignore the truth anymore, he slashed her arm, wanting to hurt her for the first time since he had started the dangerous game. “Damn you! Ever since I first cut you up, I haven’t been able to take my mind off it or to how much you turned me on, to the point I wanted you so badly, I would’ve fucked you if he hadn’t been there.”

The green eyes blazed in triumph, but her mouth remained sealed, in spite of the pain she must have felt.

“But maybe it’s because you like it even more than I do.”