Get over yourself!

“Hey, get over yourself!” She spat as though she were the wronged party, as if she had a right to be enraged, which for the record, she did not. “You and him, you both think everything revolves around the two of you, and that all I’d be interested in is what either does or says.” Tossing back her head, the long hair fell behind her shoulders. “Well, I’ve got news for you!” Flashing furious, beautiful green eyes, she raised her gaze defiantly. “Half the times, I don’t give a damn. You worry about what I might or might not hear, when most of the times, you’re the ones calling me in your conversation or your sex, and now your dreams, too.”

“How do you know about the sex?” Whether she was doing it on purpose or it slipped out unbidden, she was getting her wish—infuriating him.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Carelessly, she picked up the wheat cake and finished it with a single bite.

“You know what I mean.” Hardly fooled, he pressed his point. “About last night and your ass getting in the way…” Fuck how much I wanted it, too.

“Oh…that…” Her blush was confirmation enough. “You said it yourself. My ass always seems to get in the way—”

“Never like last night.” Slowly, he dug out of his pocket the knife and ran a finger on its pointy edge, making sure she saw it clearly.

“I wouldn’t know about that,” she insisted stubbornly, but the slight lurch sideway told a different story.

“You’re lying.” So he was on her before she could get away, holding her from behind her chair and sliding the blade so close to her throat, one dip and it could have ended everything.

“So maybe I caught that last…scene.” Despite her gulping hard, there was no trace of fear, not in her voice, not in her steady gaze, not in her body that was tense, yes, but for entirely different reasons. They were too near anyway. Her fragrance was seeping down his senses and made his piece ache more with the craving to possess her. “Still doesn’t change a damn thing.”

“I don’t think it’s such a great idea to keep yapping your trap off.” He emphasized the words with a decisive gash on her arm, dipping the blade until a thin red line followed it.

“I’m not afraid of you.”

“You’re lying again.” Switching sides, he slashed the other arm. “‘Cause I can smell your fear miles away.” Licking his lips, he bent on her ear. “So much that summer day in Black Rose, I don’t know if I was more turned on by it or by him.” If it had come as a shock the first time Ylianor had suggested it, he had not been able to stop thinking it over and coming round to the idea things might have gone a bit differently from how he had pictured them for years.

“Then go ahead.” Ylianor straightened, strong again, and he was nowhere near breaking her. “Do it, so you’ll finally get rid of me.”

“That’s the problem, dearie.” So he eased the pressure, pulling her up to pin her to the wall. “I’m kind of getting used to having you around.” Another incision, this time on her side, left another bloody trail to stain her creamy skin. “And see you suffer.”

“Then you’ll have to cut deeper.”

“My pleasure.” Grinning widely, he went for her belly with two streaks separated by her navel.

She did not even blink.

“I guess you got too used to Virtus’s handling to appreciate mine.” So he carved again, right under her breast.

“What can I say?” An ironic snarl curved her lips. “He’s a better master and knows how to command my obedience.”

“Is he?” The thought bothered the fuck out of him, but he was damned if he would let her know. “You should’ve stayed with him.” He raised the tip of the bloody sharp blade and brought it to her throat again. “We certainly didn’t want you back.”

“Sure you didn’t.” His bluff did not impress her. “That’s why you fought over me.”

“Only because I had to make him reason.” Moving down, he circled her breasts with the knife, not striking though.

“With your cock shoving in his ass?” She snarled. “Must be scraping the bottom of the barrel if all you’ve got to convince a leader is forceful penetration.” She threw back her shoulders. “What happened to the love?”

“It’s right where yours will never be.” Maddened at the consideration, he slid the blade around the curve of one of her breasts, and finally she winced. “‘Cause masters never fall for their slaves.” Feeling the upper hand, he changed breast and repeated the procedure.

“Ha!” Acting brave, she arched her back in an open dare to take more of her. “As if I needed your love!”

“Not my love, perhaps.” So he did, mercilessly ripping from the breast to the hip. “But my approval for sure.” Then doubling back up, he switched sides to make the pattern perfect. “‘Cause I’m still the master here, and I call the shots.” Weighing against her, his lips reached her ear. “Don’t you ever forget it.”

Ylianor made no sound except for a choked gurgle Chris interpreted as a submission. That she was ready to surrender anyway seemed evident from the way her body went on swaying in open invitation, her muscles tensing spasmodically, her quivering flesh begging for more. Goddamn it! He wanted her more than anything, her scent and pliant skin going to his equipment to harden it in fierce hunger.

“You’ll have to do better than that.” Surprisingly, she got a hold of herself and drew back.

“A slave giving orders?” Whatever tricks she planned, he was ready for them. The distance between them gave him the chance to slide the blade on the whole of her, dipping here and there at random until her skin was literally dotted with red points. “Never heard of it.”

“Fuck off!”

“Fuck me, you mean.” He jabbed the free hand between her legs. “That’s all you want.” Sticky wet, like he thought, he penetrated her slit, then stuck his fingers in her mouth. “Now lick me clean before my knife decides to take a tour where it’s probably unwelcome.”

She hesitated, but as the blade slipped downward, quickly sucked off the honeydew clinging to them.

“Good girl.” Too bad she had done it in such a way, his erection had turned to stone imagining it was in the fingers’ place. So he pushed her on the bed, dropping the knife to the floor. “Now your ass.” Clutching her waist, he tried to roll her on her stomach. “Turn around.”

“No.” Raising fiery green eyes, he read her open challenge. “If you want it, you’ll have to take it up front.”