The day I'll miss you or your sorry ass, Lady Templeton, has yet to dawn!

“It was about time you got your ass back here!”

Just her bad luck Chris had to be the one to throw open Black Rose’s front door and stand in the threshold, glaring at her and blocking her entrance. And to think Ylianor had hurried to cross the brief distance between the stables and the house to avoid getting wet again under the same dreary, cold drizzle that had not stopped one second since leaving Plantimore Cliffs. Only now, with the encroaching darkness, it had gotten heavier and intensified the ominous red lights flaring the demon’s aura. Which made him all the more beautiful.

And dangerous.

“Sorry, Lord Templeton.”

So Lady Caldwell was dying, and the healer in Chris was powerless to help her.

“I wasn’t aware you missed me that much.”

And the pain of being unable to help the man he adored in the entire world was eating him alive with pure rage, and he could not stand it.

So what else was new?

As usual, when it came to his strongest emotions, he buried them under a heap of smoldering anger, the only emotion that never overwhelmed him because he knew how to manage it without any effort.

“The day I miss you or your sorry ass, Lady Templeton…”

Actually, he was not mad.

“Has yet to dawn.”

He was furious.

“Then you won’t mind if I put it to better use in the meantime.”

The only way to deal with this was to get it all out of him in one great burst.

“With Jeff?” Chris scorned. “I’d hardly call it a better use.”

“What I do with Jeff is none of your business.” So she upped the scale, raising the level to provoke him further.

“None of my business? Everything about you is my goddamn business, especially since you opened the fucking channel between us.”

And he fell for it.

Of course he did.

“Or did you think you could pop in and out of my head without any consequences?” He bent on her. “Did you really think I’d miss your call when he was screwing you?” He straightened. “You owe me an answer.”

“David is right about you.” Not enough, she tipped him over the edge. “You only care about yourself.”

“What does your precious David know about us?” His body shook, turning into a giant flame about to lash out at her. “Or Jeff, for that matter?” With an effort, he calmed himself, regaining his human form. “Or perhaps it’s you who have forgotten.” Still sizzling, he grabbed and pulled her inside.

Next thing she knew, she was flat against the wall beside the front door.

“Is that why you had sex with him…” His fingers traveling down her body, raised immediate desire. “Without any satisfaction?”

“However little, it’s still a whole lot more than you ever gave me, Lord Templeton.” Ylianor hissed. Then lowered her voice for the kill, “‘Cause there’s nothing comparable to Jeff’s huge cock ramming my mouth or ass or both.”

Now she had sealed her doom.

“If you wanted to be punished, you just had to say so.” Yanking Ylianor by the hair, he dragged her to the nearest available place—Duncan’s office.

“‘Cause I’m happy to oblige.” Flinging the door open, he threw her on the couch, closed the door behind him and was on her with lightning speed, knife already slicing her top apart. “And don’t bother screaming.”
Straddling her, he forced Ylianor to lie on her back. Pressing his weight on her pelvis, he carved her arms and breasts, tearing soft skin along with bits of clothing.

“Everybody is busy elsewhere. No one will take notice of a no-good slave like you.”

His anger escalated with the rhythm of his slashes. Hot and blinding, it tore through her flesh like she were butter. A very red piece of butter that would soon dissolve under his blows. For this was not a game anymore. Like the first time she had tasted his blade—two years back, in that solitary shelter, with Duncan made helpless by Chris’s use of Virt—now again, the demon was out to hurt her real bad. Only difference—his rage had been cold and controlled back then, not the fiery red unruly flames licking her everywhere, made more scorching by his extreme worry for his beloved prince.

She did not try to fight him. No talking. No pleading for an impossible mercy. No begging, either. She just tried to ignore the searing pain, the level of which she had never experienced before. Too stunning, it numbed her senses at one point. Same point she thought of calling for Duncan, the only power in the world able to restrain the demon. But something held her back. Probably the insane conviction she could find a way to reach Chris eventually, if she did not die first. Or possibly the crazy notion she had to prove her worth. That she could sustain his onslaught and survive. Whatever her reasons, she had to act fast, if she wanted to see another dawn that is. The way he kept slashing her, she was running out of time, not to mention options.

Not that she had many. Just one actually.


That was her only way out of it, the one thing capable of awakening Chris’s healer Virt and saving what was left of her worthless hide. So she went for his cock, curling her palm on the straining erection about to burst out of his pants.

“Get your paws off me.” He tossed her hand away.

But not before his shaft jerked in enthusiastic response, which proved the demon was not as far gone as to be insensitive to her touch.

“You don’t deserve it.” Not at all, since he freed it himself. And by the gods, she had never seen it so swollen, so proud and so demanding.

Oh, she would have gladly complied with its every request had he only allowed her. Instead, he struck viciously under her breasts, the new blood clotting into the large pools coagulating on her battered flesh, effectively reducing it to a pulp.

Not that it dampened her resolve one bit. She was determined, almost driven. So he was unable to stop her hand from wrapping around his long length and sliding the soft skin up and down a couple of times.

Not exactly a jerk, for she lacked the strength for any forceful masturbation. Simply a brief stroke charged with all the erotic sense she could muster beneath all the hurt tearing her flesh apart.