Ylianor is back!

“How is my beautiful princess today?” The concerned black eyes flashed at her.

“She’d be better if you stopped babying her, lover.” Amused, the demon pushed away her empty plate.

Only crumbs remained of the food he had been stuffing down her throat before Duncan stepped in the tower bedroom.

Scrambling to his feet, he threw his arms around the prince’s neck. “And allowed us to continue our regular life.” His lips devoured Duncan’s mouth in a lavish kiss. “And attend council meetings.”

“If the leader in person dispenses you, I don’t see why you should be complaining.” Duncan laughed.

An entire week after her reawakening, she was not yet tired of being cooped up with her men. Both taking turns if necessary never to leave her alone. She had needed their time and energy. Mostly, their love like when she had laid sick and feverish in Harbor Town.

“Besides, you didn’t miss anything.” Prince Caldwell pressed Chris toward the bed. “After Oliver delivered his report on how his training was progressing, Darek presented a motion to keep a few of Oliver’s experts here at the Hall, so it can become the agricultural reference point for all.”

From the way his lights flashed, Ylianor knew the leader was very much in favor of the idea.

“Does that mean I’ll have Steve around here forever?” Playfully, Chris bit his lips as he went backward.

“Your two brothers can take turns, don’t you think?” With one swift gesture, the prince pulled the demon’s pants down to his ankles.

“Mmmmm…can’t wait.” Chris was quick to kick them out of the way. “And was that all?”

“There was also Richard, who looked very unhappy you weren’t there…” Teasingly, Duncan nuzzled his neck, then shifted his head to plant a hard kiss on the thin lips, half-open in anticipation. “Yes, he was definitely upset. He even asked me what had happened to you.”

“And what did you tell him?” Now it was the demon’s turn to arouse his lover. Something he did easily by opening Duncan’s fly and exposing an enormous erection, squeezing it lovingly as he kept receding toward the bed.

“That I had fucked you too hard this past week, so you weren’t up to going anywhere.” Prince Caldwell raised the stakes. Clutching the demon’s ass, he crushed the slender form to his crotch. “Least of all sitting for long hours on this tantalizing ass of yours.” Also scrunching Chris’s equally impressive cock against his stomach.

Her senses spun at the sight. For an entire week, they had denied her sensual pleasures, claiming she was too weak for them. Which she probably was.

Too bad their sex had taken no breaks, included as it was in their healing treatment. A way to strengthen her, they assured. True. If it were not for the very arousing side effects.

Now that she felt definitely stronger, her body screamed for the attention they seemed determined to withhold.

“Poor Richard.” Chris chuckled. “You must’ve broken his heart.”

Then again, they needed it and badly, too. Although neither had said a word about it, she had perceived the ugly rift that had kept them apart the few days she had been gone. And she had not liked it at all.

“Not to mention a few other vital organs in the process.” Like in a dance, Prince Caldwell kept leading the demon to the bed and torturing his ass with a steady rimming. “He had to stop several times while reading his report about the new horse force for the Shelter System.”

“Ah, the project you suggested?” The tone was extremely light, “The one that came from sleeping beauty, but you passed along as your own? Just because you want everyone to respect the chain of command?”

Ylianor knew Chris had trouble accepting this breach of the rules Duncan himself had set.

“So you can forgive me for the single exception.” As a way of punishment, Prince Caldwell stuck two fingers in Chris’s ass.

Or was it a reward?

“I suppose I could, but only if the leader orders me to.” That the demon loved it was evident from his hips’ rotation that sucked the fingers, including a third one, deep inside.

“He most definitely does, sweet angel.” Using his free hand, the prince yanked Chris’s hair and tilted his head to claim his mouth. Ravishing it long and hard. “Just like he ordered everyone to lend a hand to Richard and the second in command of this project—Lady Ylianor Templeton.”

“So someone is moving up the ladder, eh?” Again, the demon’s tone was a mix of mock and concern.

“Absolutely.” The leader charged it with a pungent sense of satisfaction.

To spite Chris no doubt!

To be honest, she had only a vague memory of Richard Ellis informing her that she would be project leader.

“Especially when Richard outlined the general details. The same he discussed with his second in command.” From Chris’s ass to his mouth, Duncan stuck his fingers to have them cleaned. “Also about choosing a shelter in the Jeruashi Mountains as the training base, the center of this new horse force. Which again was Lady Templeton’s suggestion, even if I passed it off as my own to Richard’s face.”

“Like the rest of the project,” the jealous demon was quick to add.

If she was grateful for his belated compliment, she could not remember telling Richard about it. “Then I deserve a prize.” It was all lost in the fog of that day Arthur had taken over. So completely, she had to leave for a while.

“You’ll think of one. Right, lover?” After licking Duncan’s fingers, Chris swung his butt, as if to indicate he wanted something bigger inside.

“I will.” Reaching the bed, the prince flung the demon on it. “Eventually…”

“How about now?” Hopeful, Ylianor approached them, her flesh scorching from a flaming desire she knew she could not control much longer.

“What does your healer say?” Not bothering to look at her, Duncan focused only on the blue-gray eyes blazing with excitement.

Wrapping his arms around Prince Caldwell’s neck, Chris brought him down to him. His mouth already on the full lips, his tongue battled Duncan’s for supremacy. I say she’s still too weak to be of any use.

You bastard!

Is she now? Duncan’s chuckle proved they were ignoring her on purpose. Then she can just watch. She knows our sex requires a lot of energy.

I know, and I’m ready now!

Not that they listened, caught up as they were in their endless kiss.

Don’t you need a slave? The way her cunt throbbed painfully, she would have done anything. Including beg, grovel or crawl on her hands and knees.

And the sight of the two giant shafts sliding one over the other was not helping any.

But they obviously did not need one. Or much of anything else, either, since the prince moved slightly back to aim directly for the demon’s ring of muscles.

Fuck you! She screamed it so they could not pretend they had not heard. Plenty of cocks want me out there. Whirling around, Ylianor went to the door to fly it open.

Too bad it did not budge. Not one inch.

She tried again, increasing the pressure.

Nothing. It stayed tight shut, as though some great power was keeping it so.

It was their doing. Must be. There was no other explanation, however busy they seemed to be. Now that Duncan had plunged into Chris’s rear and pumped it frantically.

You two are really the worst! She meant it.

Their seductive rhythm increased the hunger in the pit of her stomach. Not to mention the craving to have them stuff every one of her holes. Still, if they thought they would have all the fun, they were dead wrong.

Moving away from the door, she went to the lit fireplace that was trying to dispel the humidity of a rainy summer day. Whatever she would do, she wanted to erase the sight of their tantalizing bodies. It was the reason she turned her back to them. When the fire had warmed her enough, she removed her skimpy dress, letting it fall to her ankles.

Naked underneath, Ylianor leaned on the mantelpiece to absorb more heat, deluding herself it might be the demons fiery essence playing on her skin.

So what if she knew better?

Her body was burning up with a fever all its own that her hand slipped between her legs. Her personal attempt to quench it.

Legs spread far apart. Butt lifted up in the air. She began a slow circling in the drenched cunt. The dip inside her slit was as easy as sliding two fingers along the wet walls sucking them to the hilt. And squeezing them unbearably.

The ten days of no sex had tightened it, much like it must have her ass. Any serious screwing of either would inevitably result in a searing ache the day after.

Ha, if only the demon knew. The way he loved to torture her, he would jump at the chance.

Which was precisely why she did not intend to tell him.

Which meant she had to be content with her two, now three small fingers. Penetrating her slick flesh, then gliding further back to have a taste of her ass, too.

“Looking for this, sleeping beauty?"