Laura Tolomei

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This work is hard to fit in a standard category. It is actually an innovative cross-genre between fantasy, sci-fi, adult and gay fiction. But this is probably its charm for it will appeal to all fantasy lovers, so popular in America, as well as to anyone in search of unconventional lifestyles. The usual fantasy twist, the battle between good and evil, will capture readers, but the controversial issues will keep them glued to the pages. The main storyline -using sex to control violence- is certainly catchy, though what will remain impressed is the gay couple that takes the relationship a step further. What is also intriguing, is the whole concept of the “phase”, a learning process for teenagers to understand their sexuality, their bodies and the relations to others. In the end, the fantasy plot is only a pretext to explore an alternative lifestyle, a particularly relevant issue in today’s world where conventional categories and clichés can no longer explain the growing diversity and complexity in human relations.

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Fiction, fantasy planet, imaginary world, Stella, class structured, feudal society, noble, servant, technology-free, no industrial progress, High Council, Leader, sex, violence, non-violent, control, truth, pain, choice, dark Prince, angel, lover, Princess, passion, love affair, gay, homosexual, two men and a woman, triangle, three-way relationship, unconventional lifestyle, connection, tie, lovemaking, sexual game, masters, slaves, special power, energy, gift, fire, healer, healing, balance, light, aura, telepathy, non-verbal communication, logic, emotions, feelings, sharing, dreams, adventure, treasure hunt, journey, riding, horses, nature, districts, villages, shelters, desert, Nephis Valley, pyramid, sphere, mechanical device, virtue, Virtus.


The planet Sendar is controlled by a mechanical device as part of a vast social experiment. This sophisticated mechanism channels people's aggression into sexual behavior, which in turn guarantees their feudal society knows no violence. Sex is freely enjoyed, without limitations, since an early age. In fact, teenagers have their first sexual experiences  with a friend of the same age and gender. This process, known as the "phase”, helps adolescents learn about sex and their bodies.

Unaware of the controlling mechanism, people are experiencing dark visions, so the High Council summons Prince Duncan Caldwell, his lover Templeton and Ylianor Meyer. Duncan, in love with Christopher Templeton his phase partner, has started a liaison with Ylianor Meyer, a former childhood friend, soon turning it into a triangle. Chris and Ylianor, both in love with Duncan, do not react well at first, but this connection is destined to grow stronger.

The three learn that the device has been stolen, though they ignore its functions, and they leave on a mission to retrieve it. During travel, they will learn about their special powers –telepathy, healing ability, energy balancing. When they find the object, they accidentally turn it off, unleashing unprecedented violence on the planet. Regaining control, the world is in shambles and the old Leader is dead. Duncan, as the new Leader, will set things back to normal and return the device to its rightful place. The story ends with the lovers parting ways, each striving to accept their relationship and vowing to meet again soon.

Author Bio:

Born 1965 in Rome Italy, I grew up in Lagos Nigeria, then moved to Atlanta GA. With a BA in Political Science, I worked in the import/export business and I am currently employed at the Italian Trade Commission. I have always liked writing and started in the USA by publishing a short story “Nostalgia” in a high school publication and three articles in Emory University’s magazine "The Phoenix": "Peace Corps", "WAMM. Arrested, frustrated, broke for a nuclear-free world" and "Lesbianism". I write both in Italian and English and “Virus” is my second novel.




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