Coming closer, the accomplice picked up Athrias, his powerful frame having no difficulty in handling my friend in spite of his fierce thrashing, and brought him to the pit, making him stand tied as he was before gagging him with a white strip of cloth. On the other side, the master supervised as his acolyte stripped my friend naked, then dropped to his knees and closed his mouth on the limp cock. Shocked, I couldn’t believe my eyes. To give pleasure seemed the last thing on these fiends’ minds, yet the man was working fast to cause an erection while his master ran his long and probably sharp claws lightly on Athrias’s chest as if wanting to caress it.
Astonished, too, Athrias didn’t react at first, just kept looking at one, then at the other unsure about what to think or do. But the blow job in progress did a lot to convince him to relax and I saw the moment he decided to ease his terror, which was the same his shaft doubled its size and chocked the avid mouth trying to swallow it. That it wasn’t one of his smartest decisions though, seemed apparent from the start for tension rose steeply as fast as his cock did, working its way into me, too, however hard I tried keeping the horror at bay. Seigneuros, if you don’t hurry, it’s going to be too late, I pleaded with renewed strength, ignoring my stomach crunching in horrified anticipation.
But it was getting more and more useless because the harder I called, the less I felt him linked to me, as if he had never been there in the first place and I’d imagined it all—the training, the connection, the chase, the incredible transformation and the hottest sex—much like the fuck with Lord Bharton. Or perhaps he had decided to abandon me after having kissed Alexiander and realizing I’d never be at his level. Either way, the sad truth was that I was alone, miserably alone, imploring something that didn’t exist simply to avoid the same fate awaiting me right after they had done with my friend who was now clearly aroused, his sizable equipment standing on its own and defying any attempt to suck it whole.
Against my better judgment, my eyes followed the tongue’s ecstatic licks on the long thick stem, curling seductively around the bulging head to draw it deeper inside despite its considerable dimension, highlighted also by the contrast between the torches’ fire and the encroaching shadows. But the real game was much deadlier as I discovered when the hot mouth pulled back to allow his master to reach the erect shaft and with a single, well-aimed swing from the top down, literally tear it off, making it fly inside the pit. Stunned, paralyzed in my spot, unable to move or think much less do, I watched blood gushing in convulsive spurts from where seed should’ve come out and coloring brilliant red the giant hole in the middle of a screaming Athrias, though the gag didn’t let any sound escape.