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BLOG - #ReScueSeries You're an impossible case, sweetie! MM erotic excerpt

"Cold and insensitive beast," Sean teased, but his heart felt as heavy as stone. That’s because you don’t value your emotions, lover, while to me, they’re my most precious assets, however much you’d disagree. "You’re still wrong, and since you strive so hard to be a good manager, which you are by the way, you should consider their feelings more. That’s what should come first, especially if they work for you, and you want them to be their most efficient. Take me for instance."

"You’re an impossible case, sweetie." Despite the light tone, Sean was not convinced he was teasing. "No good, not even as an example.""...< Read full blog >

VIRTUS SAGA - Book 1 - The Sex
TITLE: The Sex
Virtus Saga, Book 1
GENRE: Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, , , Romance, Series
RELEASE: Coming 2015 - ©2013

Guess what? The Sex will be released in PRINT! Can you believe it? 'Cause I certainly can't!!" Not yet, anyway. It's all happening so fast I'm still adjusting LOL
But to celebrate the event, take a lpeek at the rewrite of my
first chapter. Just click HERE, sit back and enjoy!

RESCUE SERIES - Book 3 - Aware-Ness

SERIES: ReScue, Book 3
GENRE: Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, , Romance, Series
RELEASE: Coming 2015 - ©2013

Atlanta-San Francisco: on the road, trying to understand something about the soul-mates. Can it be only one? Can it be only of love? Can it have another purpose? Sex, relations, slaves and questions, in Awere-Ness all the answers.

Click HERE to tead complete Chapter One!

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Now available: The Princess, Virtus Saga #7, click HERE for first chapters
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