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BLOG - How to Engagr Readers during Author Chats? ReScue Series and Virtus Saga Erotic Excerpts Can Teach You How

One of the hardest things it seems to do as authors is to engage readers during an author’s chat, particularly if you’re not sure what to say, and or you have a lot of lurkers. I’ve been at any number of author’s chats over the years, and only when I began employing some of these tips, was I able to engage comfortably with readers. Also when I started using the right excerpts, like the ones from the ReScue Series and the Virtus Saga, but that's one tip I'll talk about later on, at the end of the blog. < Read full blog >

Hunted, novella
A BDSM erotc freebie from the ReScue Series!

However you lived your past, today you’re the key to changing your future

If she thought she’d have it easy, she was dead wrong. Leon Sterling is inflexible when it comes to his slaves, as Sean Davis well knows. Only now, Sean is his fellow master, Leon’s mastery over him having turned to fiery love during the first two books of the ReScue Series, Re-Scue and Tasting Leon’s Mark. So there’ll be no pity for Janet Ramsey, nothing except total surrender will do for her two demanding Doms. But if she’s ready for them, is she also ready for the wolves that her masters will command her to serve?
SERIES: ReScue, instaFreebie download - FACEBOOK: ReScue Series - GENRE: Erotica, Contemporary, BDSM, Gay LGBT, Multiple Partners

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THE ReScue SERIES has received a grand jury award at the L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & script Festival!

Re-Scue, ReScue Series #1

VIRTUS SAGA - Book 1 - The Sex
TITLE: The Sex
Virtus Saga, Book 1
GENRE: Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, , , Romance, Series
RELEASE: Coming 2015 - ©2013

Guess what? The Sex will be released in PRINT! Can you believe it? 'Cause I certainly can't!!" Not yet, anyway. It's all happening so fast I'm still adjusting LOL
But to celebrate the event, take a lpeek at the rewrite of my
first chapter. Just click HERE, sit back and enjoy!

RESCUE SERIES - Book 3 - Aware-Ness

SERIES: ReScue, Book 3
GENRE: Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, , Romance, Series
RELEASE: Coming 2015 - ©2013

Atlanta-San Francisco: on the road, trying to understand something about the soul-mates. Can it be only one? Can it be only of love? Can it have another purpose? Sex, relations, slaves and questions, in Awere-Ness all the answers.

Click HERE to tead complete Chapter One!

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