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BLOG - If you're scared, leave! If you stay, keep your trap shut and follow instructions"

“So you want to do it?” The black eyes searched the hunter’s handsome face.
“Yes, Myla, I do.”
“Do what?” Suddenly frightened, Aural took a cau¬tious step back.
“You’ll see,” was Rhodri’s curt reply, delivered without bothering to look at her.
“Please, tell me.” In spite of better efforts, her voice trembled, and Aural cursed herself for being so weak.
“Hey, honey…” Myla turned aggressively. “If you’re scared, you can just leave ‘cause no one’s stopping you. But if you stay, keep your mouth shut and follow instructions without asking stupid questions.” ... < Read full blog >

RESCUE SERIES - Book 3 - Aware-Ness

SERIES: ReScue, Book 3
GENRE: Erotica, Gay, GLBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, Contemporary, Romance, Series
RELEASE: Coming 2015 - ©2013

Atlanta-San Francisco: on the road, trying to understand something about the soul-mates. Can it be only one? Can it be only of love? Can it have another purpose? Sex, relations, slaves and questions, in Awere-Ness all the answers. Click HERE to read complete Chapter One!

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