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Becoming Zero

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HEAT: 4 flames


Becoming Zero: Slave For A Summer

GENRE: Erotica, BDSM, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, Contemporary

Misty Summer isn’t just lying under the scorching Italian sun for the sake of a mere tan. bShe’s actually contemplating her grim future when dashing billionaire Dax Stone and his business partner French noble Gabriel d’Anton make an offer that’s hard to refuse.

There’s just one catch. And if she accepts, it’ll lead her into slavery.

Still, not the worst deal for someone who has lost her family, her business and her eyesight. And since her masters are rich and extremely good-looking, who is she to complain?

Through time and space, there's a lot of love. But love gone wrong can turn to betrayal and seal one's destiny forever. And destiny has the bad habit of repeating its pattern lifetime after lifetime as two men, caught in their passionate love, struggle eternally in quest of the divine.

From the ancient walls of Egypt, Us-Yri's sexual obsession for Set gets in the way of his destiny to ascend from ruler to god of the underworld. His Spirit returns as Mitra, prince of the ancient Persian empire, to continue on struggling against his lust for Vayu in order to become the new shiny god of rebirth, judging the souls of the deceased. But only Shaun and Halifax in Celtic England will finally reveal the truth about Divinitas.
AULT Excerpt
 When Misty realized she was the only naked one of the six, she braced herself.
For she wasn't just naked.
She had a plug stuck up her ass no less.
And could the sailors see it?
It was too late to wonder about it. If they had noticed, they were probably staring at her right now. So good thing she couldn’t see it.
Well, this thing about a faulty eyesight did have its advantages every now and then.
Right now, it saved her the effort from the embarrassment of being in the company of five cocks…hem…men.
What if they decided to use her for their pleasure? What if they bared their dicks and demanded she sucked them off? What if Gabriel laid her down and offered her to the other four? Urged them to fuck her until they had no strength left?
Misty had no idea where these fantasies came from. All she knew was that her pussy had become moister simply imagining one hot scenario after another. And that she kept her thighs squeezed so tight, she had flattened her clit. And the butt plug wasn’t helping matters any, throbbing as it was in a sort of impatient and very hungry beat of its own.
For the truth of it was that she wished they’d fuck her brains out for real.
Yeah, she’d loved nothing better!
But since it was highly unlikely she’d get her wish, she relished the next best thing. Pressed between two hot male bodies, she felt a rush of adrenaline every time the wind blew back her hair and the waves hit the hull, which in turn had her jumping and grinding her clit and pussy against her thighs. And the sensation swelled both to fever pitch.
“You’re such a slutty little bitch.” Gabriel’s whisper caught her off guard. “It’s a wonder you have had such lousy sexual experiences.”
Feeling very hot and very red in the face, she turned to him. “I don’t—”
“Save it.” Dax’s hot breath on her other ear tickled her. “And open your legs.” He chuckled. “We might have no time for some serious fun, but those poor bastards deserve the show.”
It sounded so much like an order that she didn’t think of protesting or disagreeing.
Or rather, Gabriel spreading her legs as far apart as they’d go made it kind of useless.
“You were right, Gab.” Dax’s fingers becoming lost in her honeydew was an addition she found most welcoming. “She’s dripping all over the place.”
“Told you.” Gabriel’s low whistle told her he hadn’t expected her quite so wet. “She’s a real pro as far as sluts go.” Then his fingers dipped and followed Dax’s sensual trail.
And it was the end of her.
Caught up in the bliss of their brushing her most sensitive spots and nailing her clit, she wished it would never end. In fact opened wider to give them all the access they wanted. And loved it when they took full advantage of it, even going as far as clasping the butt plug and rotating it inside her very relaxed and very stretched back channel.
Her only regret was that she couldn’t make eye contact with the three sailors. Who were probably watching if not drooling, if she correctly interpreted the low grunts she perceived over the wind’s whoosh.
“Yeah, baby, they’re watching and drooling all right.” Gabriel seemed to take some sort of satisfaction from this notion. “And wishing they had a go at you.”
If every nerve in her body screamed to let them, the boat slowing down told her it was too late for that. Their journey was at an end.
With The Schilling looming above her, more sailors helped Dax, Gabriel and her onto the main deck. And next thing she knew, Dax and Gabriel hauled her into a luxurious cabin, locking the door behind them
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What if rich, handsome billionaires offered to take care of all your needs from now until forever? And what if accepting means becoming a slave? No, worse. What if it means becoming zero?

When Misty realized she was the only naked one of the six, she braced herself for she wasn’t just naked. She had a plug stuck up her ass no less.

Agree to become our slave until the end of summer and we’ll pay you double of what we owe you.

What do you say if we keep you plugged up for the rest of the night?

All we need is a fuck toy, an obedient slut to use and abuse at our leisure.

A taste of real punishment

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