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The Demon Waiter

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The Demon Waiter

AUTOR: Laura Tolomei
GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois, Multiple Partners, Dark Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal, Horror, Shape Shifting, Romance, Holiday
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books ©2011

ISBN# 9781554879977


PAGES# 121

WORDS# 33.000

HEAT: 5 flames

RELEASE: 10/15/2011

He hadn’t expected it. Not at all. And yet there it was, Laurent De Berger’s heart wish was a…impossible! And to think he had done it by the book, have sex in a dusty ghost town saloon with Anthony and Renée on Halloween night, only to find out…no, he still couldn’t believe it! But since there was no going around it, what to do now?
“But why can’t I hear their screams?” Laurent wondered out loud, noticing more than one opened his mouth wide before collapsing lifeless.
“Because the piano swallows their sounds and turns them into music.”
“So the fingers and the headless man—”
“They’re just for show.” Sallas nodded gravely, gesturing at the fingers leaving for a tour of the saloon in the direction of the bar counter. “Without terrorized screams the piano would be silent.”
“It’s revolting and horrible.”
“It’s the punishment the fools deserve for meddling where they don’t belong and never will ‘cause the dark arts are for very few enlightened spirits. < Read full demon excerpt >

PG Excerpt
When it was over, Viridial didn’t linger. With one quick kiss, he jumped out of the bed. “What do you say if we throw a party in here?” His eyes flashed mischievously.
“No, wait.” Gripping his arm, Laurent threw him back on the bed. “I’d rather be alone with you.” He grabbed the curly hair to feel its thickness. “I mean I just found you and—”
“That’s the limited human way of taking part in the sex and in the power that comes with it.” Spinning around, Viridial took Laurent’s face between his palms. “You’re in my world, for once, and demons increase their power and connection by sharing everything with everyone else.”
“Everything.” Viridial nodded in confirmation. “The sex as much as the torture, the pleasure as much as the pain.” Huge black eyes searched his face. “Didn’t you see how things are in the main hall?”
“So it wasn’t a show for my sake?” An icy shiver raced down Laurent’s back.
“Pas de tout.” He said it without the slightest trace of an accent. “It’s the way we do things, all together. Whether a kill or a fuck, everyone becomes more powerful from the energy going around.”
“Which in turn strengthens everyone’s connections, right?”
“Exactly.” Letting go of his face, Viridial’s hands fell back on the mattress. “You’ve proven how strong ours is, but dividing it with other demons will make it permanent.” He kissed Laurent. “Besides, I want to have you every which way I can.”
“Wrong.” Clutching his arm, he held it tight despite its slippery feel.
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Now he had the place. He had the lovers. He had the simultaneous come. And tonight was Halloween.


"Unique!" Mary’s Naughty Whispers rated it 5 Stars

“Dark fantasy, Hot demons, Hot sex! MUST READ!” M*M*W*

"The story-line was really good and so was the premise of the plot.   There is plenty of hot sex with a multitude of partners. So I will recommend this to those who love m/f/m, dark fantasy, paranormal, m/m, hot sex (and loads of it) and an ending that has you pulling your hair out." MM Good Book

"THE DEMON WAITER is a mixture of horror, paranormal and erotica. Author Laura Tolomei blends them perfectly into a blazing hot read that will leave you breathless. Laurent quickly caught my attention with

his confidence and demands - he definitely knows what he wants and is not afraid to take it. The supporting cast of characters pale in comparison with him. The demon world is uniquely built and creates an atmosphere that will leave you gasping. Definitely pick this one up if you like some paranormal with your sizzle!" RJR rated it 4 Ribbons

Pauvre fous!

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