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AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

GENRE: Erotica, Gay LLBT, Lesbian, Ménage à Trois, Dark fantasy, Paranormal, Historical, Holiday, Deities, God, Gods
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books ©2009

ISBN# 9781554872152


PAGES# 266

WORDS# 66.500

HEAT: 5 flames

RELEASE: 1/1/2009

From the ancient walls of Egypt, Us-Yri's sexual obsession for Set gets in the way of his destiny to ascend from ruler to god of the underworld. His Spirit returns as Mitra, prince of the ancient Persian empire, to continue on struggling against his lust for Vayu in order to become the new shiny god of rebirth, judging the souls of the deceased. But only Shaun and Halifax in Celtic England will finally reveal the truth about Divinitas.

Through time and space, there's a lot of love. But love gone wrong can turn to betrayal and seal one's destiny forever. And destiny has the bad habit of repeating its pattern lifetime after lifetime as two men, caught in their passionate love, struggle eternally in quest of the divine.
The cave was dark, musty and cold. At first, Mitra could not see anything, his senses blinded by the stinging physical reactions as he stood naked in the middle of a natural chamber while the Magi held his robe on one arm.
“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” the Magi asked one last time.
“Yes,” Mitra assured.
“All right, but I’ll wait outside.” Traditions required that the initiate remain alone inside the cave. Usually a stone sealed the entrance until the third day, when the ordeal was officially over. In this case though...< Read full excerpt >

Sensual M/M Excerpt
Outside, cool crisp air cleared his mind from the turmoil. He leaned against the Palace walls, partially hidden from view, and looked up at the starry sky. The night was clear, stars sparkling, not dimmed by the moon's bright light. Us-Yri’s gaze swept the universe’s vastness, wondering, How powerful the gods must be to create such a never-ending marvel.
“Admiring my constellation?” a familiar voice asked, looking upward. “The Scorpion is very bright tonight.”
Startled, Us-Yri straightened his back away from the wall, seeing Set standing under a torch, his skin gleaming in the half-light. Born during the Goat constellation, the ruler liked to keep track of the bright designs ruling the sky at people’s birth. A matter of curiosity, no doubt, although according to some theories, the stars’ birth patterns influenced a person’s destiny. Dimly, he remembered something about Set's birth occurring during the Scorpion's constellation, though it was a vague memory. “You’re right, it looks particularly beautiful tonight,” he agreed, turning back to stare at the constellation. “But not as much as the Goat,” he challenged, indicating a group of stars low on the horizon.
Set moved closer. “The Scorpion can beat any goat any time,” he retorted huskily. “And I believe I just did,” he continued smoothly, “or you wouldn’t be hiding out here in the dark.”
“What are you talking about?” < Read full excerpt >

Erotic M/F/F Excerpt
Like men, women had their own sexual initiation with an experienced man, but not only. Since Aset had caught Geb’s attention in view of a possible match with his son, Us-Yri seemed the logical choice for the delicate task. By then, he had acquired knowledge with women, so he gladly accepted the challenge, especially since he would not be the only one involved. Customs dictated that the initiate be provided with an experienced guide to help the journey to true physical pleasure and the prince was never one to defy any accepted convention.
Nefaris was the chosen guide to help Aset find pleasure in what many women considered an ordeal. Knowing the hardships of the first time, Kemet had devised a ritual by which an experienced woman would teach the initiate how to take her pleasure from men, imparting a knowledge that would help the woman enjoy sex from the start. The guide became an integral part of the game, directing both partners. She ordered the man’s movements and actions in an erotic orchestration designed to drive the initiate crazy with desire. Thus Us-Yri waited Nefaris’s command.
Nefaris reached her and gently stroked her long reddish hair. “Don't be afraid, Aset,” she whispered in the young woman’s ear. “Tonight you’ll feel a new pleasure, the likes of which you’ve never known before in your life.” Her hand caressed Aset’s back. “I’ll teach you about men.” The hand curved on her ass. “How to give and receive pleasure.” She nodded in Us-Yri’s direction.
He reached the women. Standing behind Aset, his hands replaced Nefaris’s and continued the gentle stroking she had started. He felt her curves, pressing on each delicious slope, before untying every bit of clothing and letting it fall to her feet.
Naked, Aset had trembled even more, her flesh racing with heavy goose bumps that creased the delicate skin. Us-Yri increased the pressure, cupping the small breasts while his thumb and forefinger brushed the nipple, teasing until it hardened. She arched her back, throwing her head against his chest. Us-Yri pulled her closer, fitting her curves to his body, his already rigid cock pressing on her soft, rounded ass. When the pressure increased, Aset shifted uncomfortably, moving imperceptibly forward to detach their bodies. < Read full erotic MFF excerpt >

Adult M/M/F Excerpt
Set did not allow anyone to distract him. He wanted to keep looking at his lover’s sensual moves, using Aset's body to fulfill his own burning desire, so he dismissed more than one attempt, sending away women pulling at his robe. I certainly don’t need them, thought, feeling hard just watching Aset swallow Us-Yri's black marble cock. His hand slipped down to trace the noticeable erection beneath his own garments.
No one else watched the ruler now, all too busy with having sex on their own. Even ascetic Heru-Ur had given in to the physical call as if acknowledging his duty to fertility, lost in his personal seductive dance. Only Set followed Us-Yri and Aset's erotic dance, mesmerized by the dark body moving in front of him. Us-Yri had a sensuality of his own that had fascinated Set from the start. It had nothing to do with appearance, rather with Eros. He gives off an intense sensual wave that requires a physical response, he reflected, recalling people's reactions. Us-Yri commanded attention easily, a combination of knowledge, but mostly of direct body language. As a result, people sought physical closeness even while holding a philosophical discussion. Maybe, he mused, that's the reason I wanted to conquer him, beating him at his own game.
Set, on the other hand, mostly commanded fear. < Adult Excerpt >

Erotic M/M/F Excerpt
For the first minute, Mitra kept his mind rigidly focused on what Vayu was saying. However, he soon lost any rationality and he began to travel a sensual path that had nothing to do with politics. Heart firmly lodged in his throat, Mitra tried hard to regain his concentration, but his body was too distracted. He also tried—just as unsuccessfully—to ignore the throbbing on his cock at the thought of having Vayu back and even more of working with him. Like a dream come true, he mused ironically, abandoning any pretence.
His mind finally at liberty to fantasize on the wildest schemes, he gazed intently at the handsome man next to him. Upright composure, straight shoulders, face lit by the fire, he seemed more beautiful than Mitra recalled. By the gods, how much I missed him. Even after all this time, Vayu’s mere physical presence caused an undeniable physical reaction, which Mitra took pains to conceal. After all the training I’ve been through, he rationalized, my mind should be much stronger than my body. Theoretically, it could have worked, if Vayu had not shone like a brilliant flame in a room full of darkness. Pictures flashed in Mitra’s eyes of the Aryan, his gleaming skin reflecting light from the golden bedspread or—
“Why don’t you just do it?” < Erotic MMM excerpt >
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Through time and space, there's a lot of love. But love gone wrong can turn to betrayal and seal one's destiny forever. And destiny has the bad habit of repeating its pattern lifetime after lifetime as two men, caught in their passionate love, struggle eternally in quest of the divine.

To Seduce A Soul Mate, Soulmate Series Book 1

The body is a cage

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"Laura Tolomei easily relates the historical contexts of the periods in question, including ancient Egypt and ancient Persia, as well as Celtic England. The plotting is fairly well-paced." Rainbow Reviews

"With an open heart and mind, this story can send a message much greater than the sum of its parts. Equality and

balance is imperative to a healthy life, but even more so for spiritual well being, and what you read here really brings

that truth home. Yes, this is an erotic tale of men loving men, but that is what makes their story so much more intriguing. Their love and desire for each other is unconventional and all consuming, affronting societal and spiritual beliefs, but it is that struggle that allows them to transcend beyond their human boundaries." CTR rated it 4 Cups

“Do you think I haven't noticed how your eyes follow me around everywhere?

"There are just too many things to learn in one single lifetime alone. We need time to grow, develop, learn about the world and mostly ourselves."
To possess my body completely?”
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