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Hunted (novella)

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Shape Shifting, Novella
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books ©2013

ISBN# 9781771115742



WORDS# 17.399

HEAT: 4 flames

RELEASE: 7/1/2013

Why is this vicious predator terrorizing the village? Who is Therry, and why does he live deep inside the forest, away from mankind? But mostly, why can’t Kendryck get him out of his mind? As the hunt progresses, so does his fascination with the most intriguing young man the hunter has ever met, until things don’t add up, and Therry’s dark secrets will have to be revealed…eventually.
On heading to Therry’s cabin one day, Kendryck heard a noise beyond a row of trees. The panther up to its usual tricks, no doubt. Almost not worth investigating, already knowing if he did, the malevolent feline would trump him with the flick of the tail or something more ludicrous. Still, neither he nor any other team member had made any progress in the last month or so. So a quick peek wouldn’t hurt.
Carefully threading his way, the hunter crept closer, hiding behind a tree. Then he saw it, at last. In the clearing beyond, a black panther feasted on a slaughtered sheep, which the predator must’ve carried up from the fields. Apparently unaware of him, its hungry fangs ripped through the soft flesh, rupturing meaty tissues and cracking bones with a sinister sound that would’ve made a lesser man run for cover. < Read full shapeshifting excerpt >

Adult Excerpt
The body lay in a pool of blood. The predator had left visible marks all over the mangled flesh, ripped skin and thorn muscles strewn around like scattered toys left behind by a naughty child. Kendryck narrowed his gaze on the deathly scene, annoyed with the scarce light that did not allow a thorough examination. As usual, the forest keeps its secrets in darkness.

Originally part of eXtasy's Anthology Sanguinary Seductions released 15 September 2008
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"Question is—is it a figment of your imagination or is it real?" “Fuck me, hunter, and make it quick ‘cause I can’t stand this heat.”



"Each of these stories deserves a 5/5 plus on their own." ... HUNTED by Laura Tolomei "The story's base is on killings happening around a village, but one man wonders why they happen when he's near. The killing in Hunted is too brutal for me."  Night Owl Romance rated Sanguinary Seductions TOP PICK

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