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The Enslavement Of Janet

The Enslavement of Janet

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

SERIES: ReScue, free read

GENRE: Erotic Fiction
CATEGORY: Erotica, BDSM, Contemporary, Gay LGBT, Multiple Partners, Ménage à Trois, Series
PUBLISHER: Self Published

ISBN# 9781533730503


WORDS# 9.614

HEAT: 5 flames

RELEASE: 4/21/2016

If she thought she’d have it easy, she was dead wrong. Leon Sterling is inflexible when it comes to his slaves, as Sean Davis well knows. Only now, Sean is his fellow master, Leon’s mastery over him having turned to fiery love during the first two books of the ReScue Series, Re-Scue and Tasting Leon’s Mark. So there’ll be no pity for Janet Ramsey, nothing except total surrender will do for her two demanding Doms. But if she’s ready for them, is she also ready for the wolves that her masters will command her to serve?
However you lived your past,
today you are the key to changing your future

PG Excerpt
“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” In front of room two hundred five, Leon spun Janet around, the leather leash he had attached to her white gold collar dangling on one side.
“I’m sure.” Steadfastly, she held his gaze.
He peered deep into her eyes, their color never ceasing to amaze him. To think that they had been as grey as the drizzly sky all day long, yet now they were as green as the foxy dress he had bought for her. Which all added to her allure, however little he cared to share the thought right at the moment.
Not that it was lost on his insightful lover, whose concerned gaze he intercepted on raising his.
Yeah, maybe he was pushing too hard and going too fast, for someone who had just started to taste what sexual slavery was all about.
Sean neared her. “Lynx, we’d understand if you want to back down—”
“I said I’ll do it.” The stubborn creature held up her chin in defiance. “So let’s get on with it.”
“As you wish.” He was through arguing and giving her the easy way out.
Whirling Janet around, Leon tied her wrists behind her back. Sean fitted a medium-size ball gag to her small mouth. And she was good to go.
THE ReScue SERIES has received a grand jury award at the L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & script Festival!
 1. 01 Intro
 2. Chapter 01 PG
 3. Chapter 01 R
 4. Chapter 02 PG
 5. Chapter 02 R
 6. Chapter 03 PG
 7. Chapter 03 R
 8. Chapter 04
 9. Chapter 05 R
10. Chapter 06
11. Chapter 07
12. Chapter 08 R
13. Chapter 09 PG
14. Chapter 13 PG
15. Chapter 14
16. Chapter 16 R
17. Chapter 17 R
18. Chapter 18 PG
19. Chapter 19 PG
20. Chapter 20 PG
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"Leon and Sean are unsure what they really want from Janet, but the one thing they agree on is that she is their slave. Inviting us to assist in the training is a treat for them and their slave.

Wwill Janet be the?
Only slave or will Leon and Sean became a slave to the charms of Janet?

The writing is entertaining and the emotions are clear with every page. This appears to be a few frames within a longer story.  I would suggest reading the other books in the series to bring this interlude into focus.  The snippet is worth reading for those who enjoy BDSM and stories of sexual slavery." Coffee Time Romance CTR rated it 3 Cups

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