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Spying The Alcove

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Spying The Alcove

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books ©2009

ISBN# 9781554873470


PAGES# 118

WORDS# 29.500

HEAT: 4 flames

RELEASE: 8/1/2009

When his assistant declares sex is to be shared for it’s too precious to lock away in a drawer or save for an exclusive use alone, that it’s free, and has no limitations except our own and gender should never be an acceptable limit, the Professor has trouble accepting this simple concept despite the intriguing tale of a Roman matron’s journey into erotism. Apparently two unconnected stories—Valerio and Andrea in modern day Sicily, Lidia and Brutus’s hot passion in 1st century AD—an ancient medallion will bring them together as Valerio spies the sensually burning alcove in an increasingly unbearable sexual tension.
Valerio, Andrea, a medallion & a long-forgotten erotic tale whose sensual message is as true today as it was in ancient Rome...if only Valerio would care to listen to Andrea’s claim gender should never be an acceptable limit for sex or to the Roman matron’s inhibited displays in her heated alcove. Apparently two unconnected stories, an ancient medallion brings them together as Valerio spies the heated alcove in a vortex of repressed craving and burning desire.
Valerio shook his head. “I didn’t think they could get so jealous to check on my movements.”
Andrea squeezed his knees, causing a fresh wave of longing. “Men are less possessive,” he assured. “Perhaps you ought to consider our sex, rather than being the usual victim of women’s jealousy,” he teased, a large smile brightening his face.
Feeling every second closer to danger, Valerio shifted nervously, hoping Andrea would take his arm off his legs. “I don’t like men, never had.”
“What is it you don’t like? The Greeks used to think the highest art form was the male body.”
“They were Greeks.”
“So we’re Italians, their proudest heritage.”


Two sets of characters apparently unconnected yet inextricably linked to the same message of love.
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Hot Sicilian sun brings to life an ancient medallion’s erotic tales in Vittorio’s imagination. But will the outrageous scenes seduce him into changing his tastes?

The Lord, Virtus Saga Book 8

"A spellbinding erotic tale proving that one must live life to the full, and never be closed off to new adventures when faced with an unknown path. It might just be the road to enlightenment." AR

"Spying the Alcove by Laura Tolomei drew me into the magic of finding new treasures, and not of the materialistic kind. I immediately fell for Andrea with his familial background and the Professor who looked past it and hired Andrea for his accomplishments. It showed that over time friendship can progress to so much more and made me smile. In an effort not to give too much away, I’ll say
that this story won my heart and I’d enjoy reading it again." TTL rated it 4 Lips

"Laura Tolomei has written a scorchingly hot tale of a modern day man in Italy being drawn back into the passionate lives of his ancient ancestors by a magical artefact." AR

"This story of love and acceptance was a very intimate look at two lovers finding a bond between themselves. The book shifts between remembrances of Andrea and his former lovers, the present with the two men and the vision scenes with Lidia and her lovers as the story flows from one to another. At
times, I found this a bit confusing but I can also understand the direction the author chose to follow in this endeavor. The characters are very vivid and the progression in Valerio’s attitude towards Andrea as he faces his true feelings are portrayed very well." BBB rated it 3.5 Tombstones

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