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NOW AVAILABLE Not In The GameDeleted Scenes from The GameVirtus Saga PlusTo play Master he needs a slave. And she’s his only option. But will his jealous lover tolerate it? Amazon & major e-bookstores!

Virtus Saga

Not In The Game

ISBN# 9781487415716


PAGES# 159

WORDS# 46.189

HEAT: 4 flames

RELEASE 4/6/2018

Not In The Game

Deleted Scenes from The Game

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
SERIES: Virtus Saga Plus

GENRE: Erotica, BDSM, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Series
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books ©2018

When Prince Duncan Caldwell has to enter Cecilia Hurst’s Game of Masters and Slaves, he already knows he’ll have to play Master if he intends to retrieve the pyramid Cecilia stole from the sacred Nephis Valley. And his choice for a slave can only be Ylianor Meyer, however fiercely Lord Christopher Templeton resents her and her overpowering erotic intrusion in a trip that should’ve been his and Duncan’s alone. No, make that in a love that should’ve been his and Duncan’s alone!

Such is the new setting of the Virtus Saga, where nothing is what it seems. Not since soul-mates Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton share a love that is unrivaled, until that fateful knock on Ylianor Meyer’s dilapidated shack changes everything forever.

This book doesn’t simply pick up right where Book 1 The Sex leaves off. This book explodes it all—the lust and the leadership, but also the estrangement and the chaos. Mostly the unique connection laced with a load of jealousy and violence that is unknown to their world. Because this isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series. This is the making of a trio. The story of three remarkable characters that have to overcome their uncontrollable lust to face the truth about themselves and their planet, in order to defeat the darkness about to devour them. To be as one whilst three! That’s their real challenge. Because, if they can’t learn to share power and love in equal measures, how will they be able to ensure their world’s survival?
This isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series.
This is the making of a trio. Because "US IS SEX!"

To play Master, he needs a slave. And she’s his only option. But will his jealous lover tolerate it?

MMM Erotic

“Hot damn,” a burly man’s voice halted Chris in mid-step on his flight down to the underground pools. “Who the fuck is that?”
The hard stare following the words definitely got his attention, though he acted like he had not even heard. No use giving anyone this kind of satisfaction, not even if the man’s gigantic cock deserved all his notice.
And thank the stars it did, for he had been about to turn back and retrace his steps to Duncan’s alcove. Not out of any interest. More because he was still burning from the affront of having her intercede for him. And if that had not been enough, his erection flaring up like she was the most cock-wrenching thing of his whole life certainly would have.
Irritated beyond words, he could not forgive her. And it so grated on his nerves that it had just earned her the most resounding punishment ever. And since her slave state rendered her more helpless than usual, it would have been the perfect occasion for his revenge, had the man’s comment not stopped him on his tracks.
Not all the man’s credit.
Troy kneeling in front of him and devouring the very equipment that was making his mouth water was the exact distraction Chris had been looking for. And best of all, alongside the first man there was another, his phase mate from the looks of it. Equally large in build and height but with darker hair, he had an even more impressive equipment.
“Who?” Standing next to Troy, hand firmly clamped to his neck, Patrick looked up. “Oh, that’s Chris, otherwise known as Lord Christopher Templeton.”
“The vice-leader’s son?” To make everything perfect, this second man had also raised his gaze the moment he had reached the landing and glued it on him, craving stamped all over it.
“The one that has Arthur so smitten?”

“That, like my angel’s, does plenty of talking.” Clutching both her buns, he hurled them wide to give himself the extra drive that might allow him to reach her throat going from the back way. “It calls me every time you sway this magnificent ass of yours.” Since she had never stopped flinging it back, he took it all. “And I can think of nothing else but making it mine.” Which was exactly what he was doing right now. “Of cracking it with one single blow.” To validate his point, his new shove almost inserted his balls along with the rest of him. “And goddamn you,” he added with his breath coming short from the need to explode. “I still can’t get over how easy it is for you to arouse me.” If he managed to hold it together for another minute, it was for the sake of honesty. “To the point I failed my primary objective tonight.”
“What was it?” She loved his enslavement so much that her pussy had become a true ocean of honeydew moistness.
“That I could ignore you or erase my need to have you over and over.” Which was an impossibility he would have to reckon with, not just for tonight.
Forever, if he was any judge of it.
“For no amount of bodies could ever replace you, Princess.” Acknowledging this was liberating in a way, however many doors it threw open.
No, however complicated it would all turn out to be, given his angel’s jealousy and his princess’s competitive nature.
“So, I deserve a prize.” Hopeful but not too much, she twisted her head to try catching his gaze.
“Hmmm…” Letting go of her ass, he bent to fondle her taut nipples. “Not sure you do.”
Moaning softly, she pressed her mouth into the mattress as though to keep herself from begging.
“Not sure you’ve been good enough,” he teased mercilessly.
Actually, he could not ask for a more obedient slave at the moment. Her restraint was not just evident. It was admirable, given how she had not made any move to touch herself.
“And this pussy is way too hungry for my taste.” To increase the heat for both of them, he brushed the puffed edges of the drenched folds.
Ylianor almost jumped on the spot. Too intense the shock of pleasure, he feared she would come in spite of him.
“No coming.” He pinched her clit and halted her flight. “Remember?”


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