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The Heat, Virtus Saga Book 6 - What have they done to you? BDSM OVER THE EDGE Erotic Excerpt!

LallaGatta Erotic Romance with an Edge by Author Laura Tolomei
TITLE: The Heat
SERIES: Virtus Saga #6

What have they done to you?
BDSM Erotic Excerpt

By the gods, what have they done to you?

The words stuck in his throat at the sight of her, while his shaft had a reaction all its own.

Totally wrapped in ropes, she was the most cock wrenching sight he had ever seen.


Around her neck a collar held several cords running down her body and covering it completely except for the strategic parts, like snakes enveloping her in their spires. Four thick twines wrapped around her arms, crisscrossing them from shoulder to wrist, leaving the elbows free to bend. Thinner strands curved downward. Two circling her breasts and hips before winding around her thighs, two at her back overlapping the front ones, coiling around her waist then pairing up with the legs’ bondages, which did not hamper the knees’ movements. Needless to say, her ass and cunt were absolutely available to any and all solicitations, while her mouth was gagged shut.

“Like her?” Craigan’s contemptuous smugness was almost intolerable. “It’s the way I like to treat my most disobedient servants.” With a visible effort, he rose from the couch. “Now let me get a look at her.” Then went over toward Brady dragging Ylianor to the middle of the chamber. “Like I said, I heard so much about her, but during the Fitting I only had eyes for the leader, much like everybody else.” As he confronted her, Chris noticed there was no trace of fear in her determined posture, standing tall and proud, head up, green eyes flashing in defiance.

“Lower your head when a master looks at you.” Brady hit Ylianor’s head with a wooden tool Chris had not seen before.

Rising, he reached sleeping beauty more to stare icily at the man who dared hit her. There was something about him Chris did not like, a haughty air that did little to win him over.

“Well, well, I may have underestimated the gossip after all.” Walking around her, Craigan inspected Ylianor, as if she were a horse he was thinking of buying. “Let me see her face,” he ordered Brady, who immediately yanked back her hair. “Chris, you sly dog.” Chuckling softly, Craigan glanced first at her, then at him. “I almost believed that nauseating pledge crap of yours.” Moving to a side, he neared his phase mate, also up and gawking at sleeping beauty from the moment she had entered the room. “Right, Theo?”

“Hem…” Looking disoriented, Theo shook his head free from whatever fantasy crowded it. “Now I understand why you were the life of the party, Lord Templeton. If you offered this morsel to just anyone—”

“It’s all part of her training,” Chris mused.

“Training, my ass!” Craigan’s beady eyes blazed. “You pledged to her ‘cause you don’t have to close your eyes to imagine you’re with the leader.”

“Her looks definitely help.” Since it was a lie, Chris made it sound as convincing as possible.

“It’ll be an extra pleasure to try her.” Craigan nudged Theo. “Though I have the feeling you want to be the first.”

“I won’t take anything vital, Crai.” Obviously deferential, Theo stepped forward to peer at Ylianor. “Just her mouth for now, if it’s all right with you.”

At Craigan’s nod, Brady pushed sleeping beauty to her knees, but before he could remove her gag, Chris intervened. “Allow me.” It was the most exciting detail of her attire. To have to free her mouth gave more the idea of control, which he could certainly not leave in just anybody’s hands. So he unlatched the rope and let Brady crush her face against Theo’s groin.

The hard cock was soon out of its confinement. Not as giant as Craigan’s, it was still a remarkable piece that found its way down her throat without any hesitation. Then again, Brady’s iron clutch gave her no choice besides choking on it.

“By the gods, she’s delicious.” Evidently in rapture, Theo swung his hips forward to get deeper.

By the gods, I never wanted her more! Resistance would prove a problem this time. She looked so defenseless, so alluring, so erotic in her rope outfit that Chris feared he would not be able to stick to his detached master attitude.

“I suppose you want nothing to do with her.” Craigan breathed huskily in his ear.

“Of course not.”

“Then I have lined up a few cute arrivals just for you.” He clapped his hands. “And they’re all virgins.”

“Virgins?” Chris’s shaft jerked.

“Yeah, their ass has never been broken into.” Three dark-haired young men entered and went straight to Chris. “And I think I remembered your tastes.”

“Absolutely.” Without waiting for instructions, the three settled on the floor and unlatched his pants. “But I thought you trained all your servants—”

“I usually do, but these I kept for you.” Craigan shrugged, as the three began competing over Chris’s erection.

Too good to be true, Chris did not know whether to focus on the show of Ylianor, forced to swallow Theo’s equipment without any hope of rebellion, or the trio at his feet, contending his cock with loud sucks, tongue wraps, hot kisses and pampering hand slides. “What about you, Craigan?” The question was only natural, considering he was doing nothing, just watching the two blowjobs.

“Oh, Theo won’t last much longer.” At the words, his phase mate came, his shaft throbbing spasmodically as it spilled its seed partly in her mouth, mostly on her face.

“Crai, you know better than to make me—”

“Don’t worry, Theo. I know resistance isn’t your strong suit.” Patting his mate’s back, Craigan led him to the couch. “If you just lay down, I’ll call your favorite servants to take care of you.” At his second clap, two young blondish men entered.

“You called, sir?” Bowing low, they stopped next to Ylianor.

“Not me, Theo did.” Since Craigan gestured at the couch, they fell on Theo’s cock and gulped it down. “Now I can have her.” That he could hardly wait was evident from the erection Chris had always admired, which became stuck in Ylianor’s mouth.

Poor sleeping beauty did not have a chance with it. The man’s cock was simply too thick. Nothing besides the bulging head fitted. And not even all of it, in spite of Brady shoving her head repeatedly. Ylianor gagged and coughed, jumping back every time the huge piece went a tad deeper. On top of it, Brady, the bastard, had also begun spanking her. A hard blow when she drew away, a softer one if she allowed Craigan’s equipment to choke her. Not a very nice game, it bugged the fuck out of Chris. Craigan, instead, loved it, judging from the doubling of his already enormous shaft.

“Gotta hand it to you, Chris.” Helping Brady hold her head still, he smiled maliciously. “She’s not half bad for being a woman.” He glanced at her butt swaying to avoid another hit, without any success. “And her ass looks even better.” Yes, Craigan had a predilection for snug places that Chris knew well. “And it won’t have any trouble sucking me all in.” Pushing her head away, he rose to his feet and went to the free couch, signaling Brady to bring him Ylianor. “At least I hope so.”

“Don’t worry, sir.” Complying with his master’s command, Brady picked up sleeping beauty and spread her legs over Craigan’s rigid rod. “We’ll make it.”

“Let me check it first.” Sticking a couple of thick fingers inside the narrow hole, Craigan shoved as far as the hilt.

This was the most delicate moment. Reluctantly removing his cock from one of the mouths swallowing it, Chris neared the couch just as Brady plunged and enlarged her tiny opening all at once, the force of the impact echoing in Chris, as though it were his butt burning in the pain of the sudden intake. Quick to act, his healing balm flooded sleeping beauty to soothe the ache he knew was scorching her behind.

“See, Chris?” Craigan did not make it any easier. “This is how to treat a woman’s ass.” Taking hold of her legs and advantaged by her small frame, he slammed her up and down, to the point the whole of his giant thing disappeared inside the cramped space. No, the man had no pity, giving her no respite, much like he did with any rear that happened to come under his demanding equipment. “And she didn’t even make a sound.” Reclining on his seat, he cared for nothing except his dastardly self. Complacent enough, he continued to drill her hole to a pulp and allowed Brady to keep slapping her senseless.

Which made Chris’s blood boil in fury.

“Hey, Craigan,” he raised his voice. “Why don’t we double up?”

“I thought you wanted nothing of her.”

“Oh, I won’t touch her.” He gripped Brady’s shoulder forcefully. “I want him.”

“Him?” Hesitant for the first time, Craigan slowed his pumping. “He’s my trainer. I never use him for the actual play.”

“Don’t you think it’s about time you did?” And give him a taste of his own medicine?

“Well…” Uncertain, Craigan nearly stopped.

“Hey, who is the master here?” Challenging, Chris held the man’s gaze. “You or him?”

A scowl crossed Craigan’s face. “Take him.” His brusque tone left no doubts at his annoyance.

Without waiting for a change of heart, Chris pushed the man to his knees and stuffed his cock down his wet cavity, wishing he could choke him at the first try. No, he really did not like the man. He did not like his manners. He particularly did not like his spanking sleeping beauty. Now all he wanted was to make him pay for it as he shoved harder. Too bad Brady was really experienced in blowjobs. His tongue hit the right spots, enflaming Chris’s desire to a spasm, despite the anger brewing just below the surface. In any case, he had no intention of giving the man the satisfaction of his come. “Why don’t we switch positions?” He stared at Craigan, splitting Ylianor’s ass apart.

“What do you have in mind?”

“If you lay her down, Brady can use her mouth.” Sorry, sleeping beauty, it’s the only way to humiliate this bastard into coming.

“What a splendid idea.” Throwing her down none too gently, Craigan got up. Then stretched her out so Chris could have easy access to her mouth.

On the opposite side, the two blondish men were still at Theo’s service, while the three who had been pampering Chris hovered around to stick their cocks in his wide-open cavity. But Chris’s attention focused on Ylianor alone.

Spreading her legs in the air, Craigan banged her not-so-narrow hole. With one slide, he was to her guts. The balls slamming against her buttocks despite the shoves that tried to get them through anyway.

Chris, instead, bent Brady’s back on her until his cock drowned in her mouth. Make it really good, sleeping beauty. She could not read his mind, of course. Still, he had the sensation she did, judging from the extra effort she put into it and the loud sucks that aroused his need to hurt the man.

It was the perfect time to do it, his ass sticking out and at Chris’s complete disposal. Taking no care of Brady’s needs, he rammed through the restricted entrance with all the force he could muster, penetrating with one thrust to his hilt. If the man was in pain, he made no show of it, in fact, urged him to continue by flinging back his buttocks. So Chris did, relentless in his pounding and in his occupying the whole of the crammed space squeezing his cock.

In front of him, Craigan held Ylianor’s legs wide apart to display how large her ass had become with the overwhelming piece going in and out of it. Really a show worth the sight, it would have made Chris come, had his need to teach Brady a lesson not prevented it. And the man wanting to defy him on purpose only added to his drive.

As Ylianor swallowed his cock repeatedly, Brady’s sole concern was to pinch her nipples so hard she jumped. But when his hand moved to her cunt, probably to apply the same measure to her clit, Chris grabbed it and twisted it behind his back. “Don’t you dare,” he hissed softly in the man’s ear, shoving the arm to make his point clearer.

It was then that Craigan climaxed. Pulling out his cock, he sprayed the ropes and parts of her flesh. The sight itself exciting, Brady could not hold it back either. Or maybe he just loved pain, which explained why he was an expert in giving it. Either way, a groan was the end of the line for him as his jets mixed with Craigan’s, the ones that did not hit her face or mouth.

“Now clean me off.” More brutal than before, Chris hurled Brady to the ground again, pretending a thorough cleaning of his shaft, which the man had no qualms in doing, licking off the traces of his ass from the stone-like erection.

“You didn’t come, Chris.” Craigan approached. “And I think I know why.” Lowering his gaze to Brady, he gestured at Ylianor, still lying on the couch. “Take her downstairs and feed her to our new arrivals.” He leveled his gaze to Chris again. “They’ll find her ass and mouth most instructive.”

In a way, Chris wanted her gone, her presence distracting to the point he did not give a damn about anything else, including the tight virgin butts swaying seductively over Theo’s head. So he nodded, and Brady tugged the cord at her neck and dragged her away. “Wait!” With two strides, he reached Brady before he went out the door. “Don’t you dare hurt her again.” He snarled threateningly. “Or I’ll have Craigan kick you out of here faster than you can say, I didn’t touch her.”

“The trainees simply need a hole to practice their thrusts, sir. That’s all she’s good for anyway, so that’s all I’m going to use her for.” Before Chris had time to reply, Brady left.

“Don’t worry about her.” Clutching his shoulders, Craigan threw him to the floor. “Whatever they do to her isn’t going to be any worse than what I planned for you.” Nudging the cock at his mouth, Chris had no choice except swallow it. “‘Cause it’s no use training her as a slut.” Sticking it to the throat, Craigan pushed forcefully. “She can never beat you.”

Ylianor’s intoxicating taste went to his head, and Chris lost it in the shaft’s choking lurches, which he tried to control with tight tongue curls. Or maybe the unexpected stone-like piece penetrating his rear and hammering his guts helped take his mind off her.

Lifting his ass-breaking cock from his hungry mouth, Craigan replaced the erection in his butt, slamming with his usual delicacy to enlarge it more than the other already had. It was a matter of size, after all, and Craigan’s required extra adjustments. His head clamped over another big piece trying to meet with Craigan’s from above did not help, either. Not since Chris had to fight for air, attacked as he was by three or perhaps four huge monsters. At this point, he could not be sure of anything anymore.

More men had entered the room and now surrounded him. Besides Craigan ramming his behind and those filling his mouth, someone was giving him a blowjob, the wetness enfolding his rigid stem driving him crazy, much like the tongue traveling its length, from the balls up to the tip of the erection.

It was simply too much.

At a new front and back shove, Chris burst.

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