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If Being a Published Author Could Really Suck, the Virtus Saga with its BDSM Excerpts Makes It All Up for Me

LallaGatta Erotic Romance with an Edge by Author Laura Tolomei
I love being an author, I truly do. but there are also things about being a published author that truly suck. And no, the Virtus Saga isn't one of them, nor are its sizzling hot excerpts!

The list below contains my top five. What are yours?

1. You’re only as good as your last book in your reader’s eyes. So, if your last book wasn’t well received or didn’t sell as much, or got less than stellar reviews, you’ve got an uphill battle when it comes to selling your next one.

2. There are people out there who will plagiarize your work if you and your readers aren’t paying attention.

3. Many readers don’t care where a book comes from. If they can get it for free, they will gladly download it from a pirate site rather than pay the $2.99 for your new release.

4. Self-publishing has inundated the reading world, and now there are a lot of really bad books out there that are competing with your reader’s dollars.

5. The Kindle Direct Publishing program on Amazon has made available so many books for free that many readers choose to download from the 100+ available on Amazon rather than buy your or any other author’s book.

But there is one definite advantage to being a published author: it has given me the chance to explore my characters at length and in-depth. I’m talking about series and sagas, which can thrive only thanks to a publisher’s endorsement. And I’ve been so lucky and privileged to have eXtasy Books on my side to sponsor my Virtus Saga, to the point that Prince Duncan Caldwell, Lord Christopher Templeton and Lady Ylianor Meyer would’ve never seen the light without eXtasy’s support. And they are such amazing characters I’m so glad they’re out there, available to any reader wanting to enjoy them. And to have them burn you alive with their scorching sex scenes LOL

If you let this fellow go, who’ll look after Lady Templeton’s fat horse?
MMF BDSM Erotic Excerpt from The Princess, Book 7 Virtus Saga
Finally, they were all ready.

Prince Caldwell could not believe they were really crossing the main hallway, luckily deserted. However late he had made it out to be, it was too early for the Hall’s standards, everyone playing until late night to be up and about at such ungodly hour. Servants included.

I wouldn’t be too sure, lover.


Fuck! “Yes, Liabeth?” Where did she come from?

To think he had been about to step out into the yard—into freedom—had she not appeared out of nowhere, blocking his way.

From the left side, my love.

“David left yesterday afternoon, so I took the liberty of fixing breakfast and lunch for you and your co-leaders.” Her gaze widened to include Chris and Ylianor. “Knowing you’d be on the road all day long.” Staring solely at him, she handed packages to all of them.

“Thanks, Liabeth.” Taking his, he placed it in his backpack. “It was very thoughtful of you.”

“I…” Faltering, a deep hue spread on her cheeks.

Love you, Leader. The angel’s mocking imitation of her voice filled her embarrassed silence.

And would like one more taste of your big wonderful cock. The princess added her own sarcastic fuel to the mix.

Mmm, Chris snickered. Sounds too tempting to refuse—

Will you two cut it out? Amused anyway, Duncan took a step forward. “Yes, Liabeth, is there something else?”

“No, just…” One last longing look, then she started to back away. “Have a safe journey.”

And don’t fuck too much. On watching her leave, Chris winked at Ylianor.

“Thanks.” Leave the poor girl alone. Free at last, he stepped out of the Hall, greeted by the warmth of Stella’s rays.

Why, lover? Following him, Chris headed for the stables. She was asking for it.

We simply gave voice to her secret desires. Ylianor giggled.

Sure you did. Wanting to reinforce his ironic reply, he turned to the princess and—

Boy! Was she tense all of a sudden. The green of her eyes had widened and fixed something in front of her intently.

Swinging back his head, he noticed Thierry. Not just one of her paramours. The only one Chris did not know about. And the young man was coming out of the stable with their three horses trailing behind him—Fuzeon, Black and a-little-heavy-on-the-belly Starlet.

The angel’s attention perked up the second he caught sight of the young, slim, dark-haired man—Chris’s exact type—heading their way.

As Prince Caldwell returned his gaze on Ylianor, he intercepted the silent plea blazing in her green eyes. Please, don’t say anything.

Or perhaps it was more like—Don’t you dare say anything.

Either way, he could not wait to see how their game of stealing lovers would turn out this time.

“Leader.” Bowing low, almost to his knees, Thierry held out his horse’s bridles.

“Thanks.” Taking charge of Fuzeon, Prince Caldwell mounted.

Then Thierry went to Ylianor. “Milady…” Undoubtedly, the tone was more confidential, the bow less formal and his hand lingered a few seconds more than necessary on delivering the reins.

All details the angel picked up for sure, considering the absorption with which he followed every gesture, every look and every word.


No, her detached tone did not fool the angel one bit.

“Lord Templeton.” Another deep bow and the young man raised Black’s bridles.

Chris took immediate advantage of the outstretched hand. Gripping it tight, he prevented Thierry from leaving. “What’s your name?” Husky and seductive, the angel stared at the liquid brown eyes unable to tear away from the blue-gray ones.

Why do you bother asking, Demon? She made a good show of sounding as though she could care less about Thierry. You know you’re not going to remember it for more than a second.

Afraid I’ll uncover too many of your dirty little secrets? The irony dripped heavily.

“It’s…Thierry, sir.” Fascinated yet scared, the young man kept his gaze locked on Chris.

Which reminded Duncan of a snake’s prey he had once observed. So intrigued by the predator, it had literally frozen on the spot, despite the danger to its own life.

“You work only in the stables?”

“Yes, sir.” Similarly, Thierry could not seem to tear his gaze away from the blond beauty holding him captive, despite the visible tremble of fear creasing his skin.


“Demon, are you planning on questioning him for much longer?” Exasperated, though she pretended to be only annoyed, the princess mounted on Starlet. “In case you’ve forgotten, they’re waiting for us.” Please, my love, get Fuzeon to move.

Since the green eyes begged him openly, Duncan complied. “Yes, Angel, we gotta go.” Nudging Fuzeon, he rode off slowly, unwilling to miss Chris’s closing arguments.

“Well, Thierry, it seems I’ll have to postpone your acquaintance at my return.” Letting go of the young man’s hand, Chris climbed on Black’s back. “And I can’t wait for it to happen.” Then he kicked the horse’s flanks to race after Duncan. Ylianor right behind him.

“So that’s the sweet morsel you’ve kept hidden!”

Barely away from the stables, Prince Caldwell had no doubts Chris was already plotting how to steal him from Ylianor.

“But you did him no favor.” A smug expression crossed his handsome face. “When we get back, I’ll cut him up in so many pieces I’m not going to be able to put him back together.”

“It’s not going to happen, Lord Templeton.” More contemptuous than the blond angel, if at all possible, she glared at him with fiery green eyes. “In a week’s time, Thierry will be working for Lady Swift’s estate. She’s in dire need of a good stable hand, so I arranged for his transfer.”

“What?” Tangibly irritated by the setback, Chris stared at him. “Doesn’t the leader have the final say on the staff?”

“Not when I’m the stable master.” Without giving him the chance to intervene, the princess maneuvered Starlet forward, so all Chris could see was her. “And I have final say on the stable staff.”

“I’m afraid she’s right, Angel.”

There existed no words, at least none that came to his mind, to describe how thoroughly enjoyable their going at each other’s throat in mocking seriousness was.

“Unless you want to place a formal complaint with the leader, about the way she treats her staff—”

“I most certainly do and will.” Taking advantage of the opportunity Duncan offered, the angel skillfully sidelined him again. “Leader, if this…guy…stable hand…”

Leave it to his angel to have already forgotten the man’s name.

“Thierry,” he supplied, trying to maintain a straight face.

“Whatever.” Absolutely unruffled, Chris focused on him. “If you let this fellow go, who’ll look after Lady Templeton’s fat horse?” Raising a supercilious eyebrow, the angel provoked openly.

“She’s not fat.” Something his princess could not resist. “She’s—”

“Four months pregnant. No kidding!” Of course, a healer would know the difference. “And who’s the lucky father?”

“Either Black or Fuzeon.” The scene of the three horses prey to their own special brand of heat played in Duncan’s head.

“Really?” This got Chris’s attention. “I had no doubts Black and Fuzeon would do a great job of it—”

“Better than either of their masters for sure.” However deliberate, Ylianor’s tone was biting and quite frankly excessively ironic.

“That’s it!” Which was all the angel needed to lose his temper. “I say she deserves a rich punishment, don’t you, lover?” Catching Starlet’s bridles, he pulled her toward Black.

“She does seem in dire need of one.” Given the enormity of her dare, he could not help but agree with his angel’s assessment.

“From now on, you ride with me.” Jumping off Black, he dragged Ylianor down her horse. “And keep your mouth shut.”

“The truth makes you nervous, Lord Templeton?”

Whatever her situation, she made a mouthwatering picture, held as she was in Chris’s arms and flailing her legs, often rewarding Duncan with the view of her bare cunt.

“No, just makes me vicious!” Visibly repressing his rage, he carried her to his horse. “And guess who’s going to pay for it?” Careless, he threw her, belly down, on Black’s back then quickly mounted.

“So you’re planning on torturing her while riding?” Amused, Prince Caldwell picked up Starlet’s reins and tied them to his saddle.

“Absolutely.” Flipping her around, the angel pushed up her skirt, uncovering her legs, up to her pussy. “Only it’s not what she expects.”

Or I, for that matter. On seeing what Chris had in mind, his cock became as rigid as marble. It seemed impossible they could go no more than ten minutes without sex, all his senses screaming for release once more. Now he understood why Chris had insisted on the skirt. The sneaky angel had the whole of her at his fingertips. Her most intimate parts his for the taking. To enflame her very spirit with a mere touch while leaving her burning in her own craving.

It was a game of arousal through denial, something Chris was a master at. A fiery game his princess did not hesitate to share with Duncan. As if his hunger was not devouring his shaft already.

Using just the right pressure, Chris brushed the tender folds, moving for a fleeting stroke to the clit, before dipping down to fondle the ass.

A steady rimming that was scorching Duncan’s butt, too.

Dripping and glistening Ylianor’s thighs, the extreme moistness helped Chris glide faster. Or slower if he had to reach the throbbing knot. All of which started a furious pounding.

Ylianor widened her legs further, trying to rock on her own and catch Chris’s flimsy brushes. But he held her down, preventing her every move. For the princess, it was sheer torture. Her wriggling frantic and desperate by now.

“Getting too hot for your own skin, sleeping beauty?” Chris taunted.

“You can go fuck yourself.” Knowing she would get no mercy, she refused to give in. “And I’m sure the prince will be more than happy to help you.” Her gaze fixed on Duncan’s visibly engrossed crotch.

“Don’t worry about us.” A smug snarl curved the thin lips. “As soon as we find a shelter, we’ll get all the satisfaction we need while you…” His eyes locked on hers. “You’ll only get to watch.”

“There’s one up the road.” Pointing ahead, the leader steered Fuzeon in the new direction.

Reaching it was a matter of moments. Less than it took the angel to haul the princess off Black and carry her inside, leaving Duncan to settle the horses.

He did, biding his time to cool down his excitement, unwilling to let it take control of him like it already had with Chris and Ylianor. He preferred to savor the moment.

On entering the shelter, his gaze ran to the bedroom where Chris was still tying up Ylianor to the bedposts. Completely naked. Face to the bed. Ass to the door. Legs stretched wide and fastened at the ankles. Hands knotted behind her back. She was too tempting for words.

“Glad you approve, lover.” Conceited snarl on his beautiful face, Chris approached, spinning his head to admire the effect from where Duncan was standing.

“I’d say I’m not the only one.” Glancing at the stiffness swelling the angel’s crotch, the prince closed the front door.

“I did it for you—”

“Save it, Angel.” Since the temperature was rising fast, he grabbed Chris by the shoulders and dragged him to the bed, on the side opposite the princess. “And get naked.”

In a fraction of a second, Chris’s clothes flew to the ground, revealing his stunning body with the huge beast proudly standing on its own, which Duncan did his best to ignore as he circled the lean frame. Admiring its sensual lines and the incredible pull it exercised on him, despite all the years and all the sex he had already dedicated to it. However much of both, Duncan always wanted more and more, for there seemed to be no end to his passionate response to Chris’s feline allure. And this blatant appreciation was arousing the dastardly creature even further, judging from the uncontrollable twitches of his erection. Then again, there was nothing his vain slut lover adored more than people’s undisguised coveting of his splendid body.

Which was one of his better traits when in bed.

“Lie down,” Prince Caldwell finally ordered. “With your legs to the slave.”

Guessing his intentions, Chris lay across on the mattress. His crotch practically under Ylianor’s nose. Legs thrown apart. Rigid shaft stuck up in the air, as though it wanted to reach the princess’s mouth on its own.

Then, and only then, did Duncan raise his gaze to lock it on the green eyes staring at him insolently.

By the gods, I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.

It was simply too much to handle, with Ylianor’s heart stopping beauty made more arousing by the constricted and helpless position over Chris’s spectacular nakedness sprawled under her. Both just waiting for his command to lose control. And once he gave it, there would be no turning back.

“Lover…” Not surprising his impatient angel would be the first to crack under pressure. “Please, do something, or I will just spill it like a phase first-timer.”

It was a lie. Chris had never really lost it, not even on their first night together at Belleview, way back at the beginning of their phase. Still, it was cock wrenching to hear it.

“You have the slave right in front of you, Angel.” Slowly, Duncan started taking his clothes off. “I’ll let you use her mouth, but only to lick your balls.”

It was all Chris needed to grab Ylianor’s neck and pull her head down to him, holding it below his piece.

She had no choice except comply.

As Duncan tossed his pants aside, her tongue darted on the balls, lapping them lavishly. At times, her mouth took over to swallow them. If the effect on his equipment was indescribable, it was nothing compared to the angel’s and to his gasps, heightening each shaft throb that would inevitably bring him to an explosion. Sooner rather than later.

“Now open wide, Angel.” Leaning over Chris’s face, the prince stuck his equipment inside his wet cavity, immediately plunging to his throat. The scalding embrace was almost enough to make him lose it.


Somehow, he held it together.

Lover, I don’t think I can.

“All right, you can stick your cock in the slave’s mouth.”

Before Chris could steer Ylianor’s head over his shaft, Duncan lurched forward and swallowed it. Finding no obstacles, the beefy rod glided down his wet cavity. But what really set everything off was Ylianor’s mouth pressing on his and pretending her share, stealing the stone-like monster from under his nose and turning it into a heated battle of tongues and lips where his angel and princess’s tastes blended in a scorching mix that emptied his mind of any thoughts.

Had Chris’s capable mouth not imprisoned his shaft with such expert pampering, the leader might have resisted one moment longer. As it was, feeling the angel about to burst, he let it all go down Chris’s throat in a frenzied rush. Same way Chris was doing to him and Ylianor on both their faces.

“Lover, you’re going to kill me one day.” Jerking his cock, Chris grinned.

“I don’t see you dying from sex,” Duncan joked. Gripping the hand Chris had fastened on Ylianor’s neck, he added his own pressure to the new blowjob she had just begun.

“Not the sex.” Chris licked his lips, as he pushed up his hips. “The craving of it.”

“The only one who could possibly die now is the slave.” Prince Caldwell had no doubts about it.

She was simply too hungry. Her intakes too vicious. Her attempts at moving too desperate.

“That’s what she deserves.” A stronger shove on her neck and Ylianor jumped back coughing. “And what she’ll get for now.”

Too gracious, Lord Templeton, she taunted ferociously.

“Maybe not enough, after all.” Chuckling, Duncan went round the side of the bed, ignoring her totally, careful to steer away lest he brushed her by mistake.

For she was dying for a touch. Literally.

And knowing his angel, this was just the beginning.

“Oh, I’ve got the exact thing she needs.” Chris went about getting up.

“Later.” But Duncan pushed him flat on the bed. “Just as soon as I’m done with your ass.”

It was the prince’s easiest take. Chris’s legs already fully spread, Duncan had only to target the butt ring and thrust hard, deep and all together, a forward slam that flung his shaft to the edge of Chris’s throat. All together.

The narrow hole flew open, surrendering all its space, though not enough for his cock demanded more. And got it, too, by screwing the hilt that enlarged everything to Duncan’s satisfaction.

To Chris’s, too. He was already on the verge of a new orgasm, anyway. The way he bounced her head over the tip of his erection was all the indication the leader needed.

He was also about to come. Like Chris had rightly said, craving would kill them all in the end, in case it was not already. The more he banged the tight walls squeezing him on every side, the more room he required. The more of his blond, intoxicating angel in particular.

Clamping Ylianor’s neck, Duncan curled his hand over Chris’s. Together, they forced her head down. Way down. To swallow the angel’s shaft whole. No mercy. No pity. No amount of coughs or gurgles convinced either of them to let go. They just held her down until Chris burst.

Quick to raise her head, Duncan watched the first jets hit her face. It was all he could handle. With one last blow, he unloaded everything in his lover’s capacious behind.

“Now for the real punishment.”

Hardly surprising Chris would recover his energy in a flash. As Prince Caldwell fell on the bed, the blond beauty was hunting for his pants on the floor. And when he found them, Duncan saw the glint of the metallic blade.

“Not fair!” Like an animal that knows something bad is going to happen to it, Ylianor struggled to get free. “You’ve had all the fun while I—”

“You are an insignificant slave.” A vicious cut made her wince. “Who talks way too much for her masters’ tastes.”

“That’s easily fixed, Angel.” By his erection stuffing her mouth full. “There.” And attacking her throat. “Now she won’t bother us anymore.” It was just a provocation, naturally, to see how far his princess would take it.

She made an even more exciting picture this way, bound and gagged, helpless and defenseless.

Yes, Duncan was getting to understand every day more why his angel loved to play with her like this.

If you think I’ll shut up just ‘cause my mouth is full. From her bent position, she tried catching his gaze. You better think again, Leader.

“Watch it, slave.” Chris’s reaction was swift and very painful, for her back and for the red lines crossing it almost to her buns. “You can’t address our leader like that.”

Fine example of a leader he is, she spat.

By the gods, was she convincing. So convincing, Duncan would have sworn she was getting angry at him for real.

“Who dares question the leader?” He made it sound as though it were a capital offense.

“Nobody, Leader, I assure you.” Chris’s knife bit Ylianor’s skin deeper. “A nobody who’d do well to shut that trap of hers if she intends to get out of here alive.”

If you think your threats will keep me quiet, you’re both out of your minds.

No doubt about it, her defiance was turning him on more than the blowjob. Which was probably the reason she continued it, in spite of his now huge beast demanding all her attention.

I’ll go and—

“Get fucked!” After slashing her back one more time, the angel slammed into her ass fierce and brutal, as a way of inflicting pain.

One so searing, it blew away her breath, not to mention her voice.

Duncan’s would have failed, too, had his back been so bloody red there was no trace of flesh, his ass and mouth so stuffed there was no inch of free space. “How about a double deal?” It was the only thing he could think of to give his princess some respite.

So all right, he would never reach Chris’s heights. His princess’s sufferings affected him too deeply to act as indifferent as his angel seemed to be.

“With this worthless piece of ass?”

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