EROTIC BDSM M/M/F EXCERPT(click HERE for full screen)

Less than Zero

"What?” Misty’s eyes flew wide open. “I don’t understand.”

Or maybe she did, only was having trouble digesting the news.

“You heard right.” Index under her chin, Dax raised her head. “Agree to become our slave from now until the end of summer and we’ll take care of all your financial needs. We won’t just extinguish all your loans and debts. We’ll settle any medical bill you might need to pay in the future. And we’ll also set up a trust fund in your name worth about two thousand dollars each month from now until the end of your life.”

If her jaw didn’t drop to the floor, it was because her mind ringed like a cash register stashed to the rim. So much money, she had trouble adding it all the zeros making up that final figure.

“Cat got your tongue?” Gabriel’s smile was something indefinable, a cross between satisfied and contemptuous.

“Let her be, Gab,” Dax intervened. “It’s plain to see she’s counting the money we’re offering.”

“No, I…I wasn’t.” But her becoming purple probably gave her away. “Well, maybe just a little.” So she had to set the record straight.

“That’s understandable.” Dax squeezed her hand as though he wanted to express his support. “A deal like ours is hard to come by.”

Yeah, right. Whomever would offer slavery to a half-blind without any sort of experience? And for a limited time no less!

But did she have what it took to handle it?

“For a summer, eh?” Considering how complicated the issue was, she decided to concentrate on one aspect at a time. “This means that by the end of September—”

“You’ll be free,” Gabriel snapped with her. “Any more idiotic questions?”

“Yes.” If he wanted idiotic questions, she had plenty. “What should I expect if I agree to become your slave?”

“The worst,” Dax was happy to provide. “‘Cause we’ll strip you of everything you value, and we won’t stop until you’ve become zero.”

“Less than zero actually,” Gabriel corrected. “We’ll start from depriving you of a name.” Straightening, his lips brushed her ear. “No more Misty Summer, everyone will call you slut, bitch or whore, depending on how you make them feel.” His hot breath tickled her. “Then we’ll deprive you of speech, so no talking ever.” He seemed to derive great pleasure in this provision alone.

“Then it’ll be your freedom.” To mark his words, Dax clamped both her wrists with his bigger hand. “We’ll keep you chained and tied the whole time, with handcuffs and ropes.”

“And gagged, too,” Gabriel smirked cruelly.

“This is where we’ll strip off your dignity, forbidding you from walking and forcing you to crawl on your hand and knees.” Dax’s eyes clouded as though the prospect was making him hard.

“But that’s just the beginning.” Gabriel snapped her head to his side. “‘Cause we’ll dispossess you of your body, which will become ours alone.” Clutching her nipple, he tweaked it brutally.

And damn him!

It hurt like hell.

Only she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing it.

“You won’t have any say in what we do to it.” Evidently peaked by her loss of reaction, he targeted her other nipple. “Pain and pleasure.” This time the squeeze was unbearable.

So much that she tried scuttling away.

Something his iron hold didn’t give her any leeway to do.

“We’ll punish you for anything we deem worth punishable.” As though he had a point to make, his hand slipped between her legs and pushed inside her extremely wet pussy. “Or for no reason at all, just because it gives us pleasure.” Smiling in triumph, he shoved more fingers in her wide-open slit.

Which made her dizzy and diverted all her attention to the dull throbbing of her clit and ass.

Yeah, ‘cause that damn plug she had somehow forgotten in the heat of the discussion became very much alive and kicking.

“And we’ll invite anyone we feel like to take advantage of this slutty body of ours.” His thumb circling her clit made concentration an impossible task. “They’ll have permission to do whatever they want, from torture to fucking.” It seemed so extreme that her stomach caved in from anxiety. “‘Cause we really don’t care what happens to you.”

Spoken without any emphasis, it was kind of clear that Gabriel wasn’t kidding.

Not at all.

And that he’d skin her alive, if such would be his pleasure.

Which ought to have made her reflect, instead of spreading her legs and offering more flesh to his sensual tease.

“Whatever we choose, you’ll have to submit and take it like the good slut you are.” Removing his fingers from her cunt, he forced them inside her mouth. “Now suck me clean, bitch,” he hissed while shoving all the way to the back of her throat.

Hurrying to comply, she wrapped her tongue around each finger and licked off her taste.

“So let me get this straight.” For the sake of everyone’s clarity, mostly her own, she felt the need to recap the terms of this outrageous deal. “If I want all that money, I’ll have to forget I’m a person—”

“You’ll have to forget you exist. Period.” Dax’s tone left no margins for uncertainty. “Like I said, you’ll become zero like that worthless plug stuck up your ass.” Taking advantage of her splayed legs, he pushed up the plug. “A doll we’ll use and abuse as we see fit, alone or in the company of more people. And we’ll expect you to fulfill everyone’s wishes and fantasies, however extreme they might turn out to be.”

“Which means that I’ll see the money only if I’m still alive by the end of September,” she concluded wryly.

“Keeping you alive isn’t our priority,” Gabriel confirmed all her fears. “But we’re honest business. So if we make a deal, we intend to keep it.”

“And as a show of good faith, we’ve got something for you right now.” Getting to his feet, Dax moved off in the direction of what looked like a desk.

After rummaging for a minute, he returned. “Here.” He handed her what seemed like a property deed. “This is yours, regardless of whether you decide to accept our offer.”

She stared at the paper blindly. That there was writing on it, she could see it from the dark lines crossing the white paper. That she could not decipher them was the real frustration. ‘Cause she’d need her special reading glasses, the same she had left home thinking they’d have no use aboard The Schilling.

“Do you want me to read it for you?” Evidently understanding her predicament, Dax took the piece of paper from her grasp.

“Hem…” Oh, God!

If she didn’t stop the trembling of her voice this moment, she would burst out crying from her own weakness.

And that was the last thing she needed!

“You don’t need to.” Biting the inside of her mouth, she caused herself enough pain to forget her sorry condition for the time being. “Just tell me what it is.”

“It’s the deed to your home in San Diego.” Dax briefly scanned the document. “The Stone Industries bought it last April and set it up in your name.” He rolled the paper up like a scroll and handed it back to her. “So you’re the proud owner of the house you had to sell about a year ago to pay for parts of your debts.” Since she didn’t rush to take it, he wrapped her palm around it. “And this is our way of thanking you for the lovely afternoon and great sex.”

“You mean it’s mine even if I don’t agree to your other deal?” Squeezing the scroll, she couldn’t believe she was actually holding a piece of her past.

“Exactly.” Dax beamed at her.

“But just so we’re clear, this changes nothing in our arrangement or in our perception of you.” On the aggressive, Gabriel hastened to straighten matters for her. “If you agree to become our slave, we’ll show no pity, no mercy. We have no feelings for you now, and we certainly don’t intend to have them whenever this will be over.” He grasped the roll. “So don’t go all silly and mistake this like a sign you mean more to us, ‘cause you don’t.” Disgust distorting his features, he pushed away the paper. “And don’t you dare fall in love, either, ‘cause then we’d really make you pay for it.”

“As if anybody could ever fall in love with the likes of you, Monsieur d’Anton.” If he wanted to play rough, she was more than ready for him. Then turning her face to Dax, she pretended to ignore him. “There’s just one last thing I don’t understand.” She took a deep breath of air ‘cause she needed to look braver than she felt. “Why me?”