Hail to the hero!

“Hail to the hero.” He pronounced the word with an ill-disguised pride that caught me completely off guard.

Letting my heart leap out of my chest, I couldn’t tear my gaze off his green eyes, lost in their indefinable expression, a cross between concern, interest and…some strange feeling I couldn’t quite decipher. “I wouldn’t go so far,” I scoffed, holding his arm tightly before we both let go.

“You defended Padrayeck’s life against the death beast,” Rory retorted, sitting back down. “I’d say that deserves praise.”

I shrugged. “Nothing anyone else wouldn’t have done in my position and given the right training.”

“Hadai couldn’t stop glorifying your skills, Druid, for saving his father’s life.” He took a cup and filled it from a nearby flask. “Here.” He handed it to me. “Cider to celebrate your victory.”

I gulped down the amber liquid thirstily.

“I passed by your cabin just the other day,” Rory continued, “but you were sleeping so hard, I didn’t want to disturb you.”

I shrugged. “Needed to recover my energy.”

“I know.” The redhead nodded gravely. “You become like a hunter in the face of illness, your predator so to speak and you can’t rest until it’s defeated, even if it sucks so much of your strength you have to sleep off its negative influences for days if necessary.”

Impressed by the comparison, but mostly by the knowledge of what Korax considered the very essence of life, I nodded slowly. “It’s all part of my training,” I agreed, switching my gaze to the young man sitting between us, “just like I’m sure it’s a part of yours.”

Newlyn hadn’t said a word, staring intently into the fire, apparently unaware of the conversation. But he didn’t fool me one bit. Upon coming to the scene, I had immediately perceived his body tensing from the strain to feel the hunter’s intimate touch, the same way I recognized his annoyance now at my presence, which obviously upset his plans.

Rory grinned, his eyes sparkling mischievously. “Too bad our young friend isn’t as receptive.”

“Come on, Red, it can’t be all that bad,” I teased, my gaze catching the hunter’s and holding it steady. “There must be something he’s good at.”

The green eyes flashed. “Well, maybe there is, but despite numerous…break-throughs, it’s still far from perfect,” Red added, his tone suddenly growing huskier. At his innuendo, everything faded in the background, the forest, the fire, even Newlyn, leaving Rory and I alone to play the seductive game of hunter and prey, where the latter was as yet unaware of its destiny. “In fact,” he continued, licking his lips, “I could use an extra hand to explain my technique in greater detail.”

 Feeling the excitement mount, my body having gone hungry for far too long, I stared even harder at Rory’s handsome face. “I thought hunting was a solitary game,” I provoked.

Rory reached out to tousle Newlyn’s hair. “Wrong, Druid. The more to play the game, the better it is as you must have learned from all your solitary observations in the forest.”

Very hot in the face, I understood he had known about my spying all along, not only liking it, but turning it into a game between us. “Some animals prefer not to be disturbed during their…playtime,” I argued reasonably.

Rory shook his head, his hairy red mass flying all around. “On the contrary, Druid, there are some that appreciate more players and not just silent watchers.”

“Tastes differ…” I started slowly.

“Nonsense! A game is a game,” the hunter scoffed, grabbing Newlyn and pulling him close. “Right, puppy?”

Taken aback, the young man fell on Rory’s crotch. “I guess so, Master,” he mumbled confused.

“And the game requires an active participation from all its players. Wouldn’t you agree, puppy?”

Probably getting the first inkling of Rory’s drift, I saw the young man’s body tense. “I’m not sure I do, Master.”

“Of course, you do, puppy.” Grabbing his hair, Rory pulled Newlyn’s head up. “Cedric, here, is a dear friend and he’s as much interested in your training as I am. Don’t you think it’s time to show him just how much you’ve learned?”

“The buck’s probably scared,” I challenged.

“I’m not!” Newlyn spat, sounding offended.

“Then he’s simply inexperienced,” I concluded.

The hunter fixed his gaze on Newlyn. “Are you going to let him believe such lies?”

The young man shook his head.

“Then prove him wrong.” Rory threw him to me and Newlyn was quick to grab the opportunity. His warm mouth found my throbbing cock just as I freed it from its confinement, pushing it deep inside the open cavity. He sucked avidly, a bit impatient to swallow it completely and I obliged by pushing his head down on it. His tongue wrapped around my bulging head, I groaned with pleasure at his forceful laps running down the thick stem. I loved the warmth enveloping the throbbing erection, which twitched with every wet lick that made my skin only more slippery and eager to find a tight hideaway.

“You’ve trained him well,” I grinned at Rory as he undressed the young man, “even if the road’s still long.”

“Just a smart ass puppy,” the hunter confirmed, slapping the round buns.

At the sight of the pale tempting mounds, my shaft jerked, turning into stone. Rory had moved closer to us, now taking Newlyn’s head and placing it over his erect cock. For a while, the young man’s head bobbed between our two demanding equipments, his lips sliding down to the balls, then a hard suck before moving to the other one. I glanced at Rory and caught a challenging look I had no trouble understanding at all. Even if no words passed between us, I knew exactly what he wanted me to do so I had no choice but to leave the exquisite confines in order to change position and settle behind Newlyn where I could admire the firm buttocks.

The hunter beamed his approval the moment I bent my head to prepare the narrow hole and, relishing the idea I was getting it ready to receive Red’s huge shaft, I doubled my efforts to drown it in saliva. The mere thought made my cock harder than ever, the scene already playing in my mind even before they had actually started. Long slow laps rimmed the edges carefully, my tongue wet the borders accurately, its slow circles round and round probably driving Newlyn crazy with desire also by screwing its tip through the entrance, feeling the pliant flesh first yield, then wrap tightly around it, welcoming the presence. I shoved further, drenching the rim copiously as I started a movement of my own, getting in and out of the narrow flesh until I burned with desire to feel it myself. But that was only one aspect of the game for resistance, however strenuous, was a prize in itself, enflaming my entire being with incandescent darts as I complied with the master’s unspoken orders, pulling away only when Rory reached me.

“You wet it through and through,” he approved, his fingers sliding inside effortlessly.

I bent down to place a quick kiss of my own on his hard length, my tongue enveloping it with one single stroke. I had missed his cock, I realized, relishing its texture, inhaling its piercing scent, admiring its proud shape, thrilled to notice it had felt my absence, too, which I clearly perceived from his shaft’s tightening at my mere lip brush. But our moment didn’t last long.

“Give me the puppy,” he ordered, lying down on his back, an amused twinkle lighting his eyes.

Without wasting more time, I grabbed Newlyn’s small frame and brought it down over the tip of Rory’s erection. I wanted to make things slower, but excitement got the better of me, images of the hard cock slamming into the willing ass too arousing to resist. The second the fat head nudged the cleft between the buttocks, I pulled down and the hard tip broke through the flesh. With a satisfied growl, Rory pushed deeper, disappearing into its depths almost immediately. “But you shouldn’t get cold,” the hunter teased, his hand sliding on my throbbing piece of meat.

I grinned. “You’re right,” I agreed, “especially when there’s a wonderfully warm place just waiting for me.” Getting on my feet, my shaft was at the right height to fill Newlyn’s idle mouth so I made him swallow it, following the rhythm of Rory’s erotic dance.

The warmth enveloped me, even if not in a continuous way as the redhead’s forceful shoves jostled Newlyn around frantically. In an attempt to steady him, I grabbed his hands and wrapped them around my cock, offering a secure hold that allowed me to move as well without falling out of his mouth. We continued to pump the young man, the hunter from beneath, me from above, until even the game rules could not stop me from acting out my wishes.

Without saying anything, I pulled Newlyn off Rory and adjusted him in front of me, his wide-open ass tempting my hungry shaft. Just one nudge and I slid inside completely, my long length covered by his warm flesh, culling snugly around me. In blissful ecstasy, I pushed in and out of the hot hole while at the same time, Rory provided to fill my mouth since his cock had been left out in the cold. Gladly, I licked away all traces of Newlyn, tasting the hunter’s unique flavor as I tried to swallow it whole, keeping a steady rhythm between my head and hips, thrusting forward and moving back at the same tempo, my cock and Rory’s disappearing inside the warm cavities only to reappear seconds later.

“But you know what I really want, Druid,” the hunter reminded softly, pulling out one last time from my greedy mouth. The second he moved behind me, I almost couldn’t contain my feverish anticipation. To have my shaft fill a hot butt in the sweep my hunter stuck his prized possession in mine seemed a pleasure too great to stand. With an effort, I had to restrain the burning sensation from exploding too soon and ruin everyone’s fun. Shivering and shaking, I focused my gaze on Rory coming behind me, feeling with a feverish clarity his hard equipment nudge my buns. I leaned on Newlyn’s ass to make it easier for him to penetrate and with one hard shove, he was fully inside. I groaned loudly, pleasure hitting me so hard I didn’t think I could stand it one second longer.

“Don’t you dare come, Druid,” the hunter warned threatening, breathing hotly in my ear. “I want to enjoy your ass since you stole the other one from me.”

Of course, I couldn’t argue with his logic so, pushing the dangerous tide back once again, I kept moving in the young man’s tight hole while Rory pumped my behind with forceful shoves. The sensations were unique at best. Never in my life had I embedded my cock so cozily at the same time that my ass had to enlarge to fit the hardest rock I’d ever felt. And in spite of the redhead’s command, I really didn’t know how long I could last…so I didn’t, the spill starting almost without warning to stop only after Rory’s frantic shaking had rammed me nice and hard.