Not their style to enjoy a slave without any proper bondage

It was their habit after all. Not their style to enjoy a slave without any proper bondage.

Grabbing the nearest ropes, André brought them to Terry. Together, they tied her wrists, then secured them to the hook above the sofa. All while Julien had stepped up his tempo in her behind. So hard, Lilly rocked all through the fastening.

Finally, she was ready. Arms stretched above her head. Ass firmly impaled by Julien. Pussy widespread for anyone’s taking. Mouth at anyone’s disposal. She made a darn hot picture. One neither Terry nor André could resist for long.

Terry chose her cunt. He wanted the closest contact possible. He wanted to drown into her silky flesh. He didn’t want to miss a single second of her warmth pressing against his gland. Against every side of it.

All of it was his when his cock penetrated to the hilt. With a few shoves, he went to the roots of her slit. Drenched, dripping flesh wrapped around his rigidity and squeezed tight. Which made him wish he’d never have to leave such deliciously scorching hole. Also narrow, for the way her derriere was engorged by Julien, her front was as crammed as her back was. Which maximized Terry’s pleasure ten folds.

André was also keeping her mouth busy on his own meaty piece. Terry heard her intakes, her gulps, the gargles, coughs and sputters that made the whole thing more cock tightening than he could’ve ever foreseen.

Then he was carried into a new kiss with Julien, and it was simply magic. His lover knew exactly how to draw the most from just a kiss. Like when he drew Terry’s blood, Julien had a way of sucking his tongue that had almost the same effect.

It was partly the reason Terry had fallen in love hard and deep with him and André. So many years back, his memory was somewhat fuzzy about the exact date.

But not that Julien and André had been the most exciting sight Terry had ever seen in his life. The most beautiful, too, the amber-skin beauty that was part of Terry’s fascination for Creoles, along with the exquisitely shaped liquid eyes. Something he still relished today, particularly when catching the envious glances of people around him at the sight of the two magnificent specimens.

Deep in Julien’s mouth and in Lilly’s moist cunt, pressure was getting to Terry. Not just from Julien’s passionate exchange. From Lilly and her amazing body, too. Lilly and her incredible reactions at their kissing.

‘Cause the damn creature was coming again, a shattering tide that was carrying him, Julien and André along in a powerful spill.

Hardly sated, the three men shifted around her. Now André had a firm hold of her ass. His giant erection drilling her to the core, he brushed her clit with a sensual stroke that would’ve made Terry himself cum.

Not that he had the chance to enjoy the show. Julien’s forceful taking of her cunt put an end to it.

Terry, instead, had claimed her warm cavity and how good that felt.

Ever since the first night he had ordered her to clean his dick, he hadn’t been able to get over the sensation of her tongue licking him. Now he had the full deal of it—soft lips to bruise, wide-open cavity to sweep, warm cheeks to pressure him on every side, deep throat to suck him down.

And it was blowing his mind away at the excruciating pleasure she could bring him. His cock practically pulsing from the need to release the load hardening his balls again.

No way could he hold it long. Not when André and Julien started kissing.

It was undeniable. Their kisses created waves. Incredible waves of energy that someone receptive could not fail to pick up. He felt them coursing his blood. He had no doubt Lilly was feeling them, too. As intensely as him, if not more.

It was evident by her heightened sucking. By the velvety sea of her saliva drowning him, when it didn’t drip on the couch. By her swallowing more of him despite her numerous gagging. By her moving her head forward every time he pulled slightly back, as though she didn’t want to let go. Ever.

But she was also attentive to her other masters’ needs.

Her body swayed at their rhythm. Bound as she was, she was still able to control enough of her movement to give Terry the impression she was responding to each of André and Julien’s slams. Back and front, she pushed her ass down and threw her cunt forward at the precise tempo they slid further into her.

Not a coincidence.

Terry was certain of it. And the sheer thought she’d be capable of fulfilling their requests in every way possible filled him with pride, joy and the need to cum.

Of course, she beat him to it.

She always did.