As his dick crunched in Lilly’s cramped behind, a third of the people in the room shifted. Werewolves, feline and bear shifters—all turned to their human companions and ripped them apart.

Another third grew impressive fangs that slit the throats of the humans closest to them.

Still more switched into the demon counterparts taking over their bodies this one time out of the year. The most vicious of them all.
Looking at a corner, Terry saw four of them stripping Ellie. Literally. Two were pulling at her legs on opposite sides of each other. So fiercely, soon they’d unscrew from her hips. One was fucking her ass with a massive prick that would eventually split Ellie in two. For real. The fourth was feeding her a gigantic cock while wrapping one of the chains he had torn down from the walls around her neck.

In the end, Terry wasn’t sure what killed her. If the strangling chain, the frayed legs or the cracked ass.