Pauvre fous!

“Fuck!” A man sitting at a table next to theirs raised his voice after glancing Laurent’s way. “There’s nothing like our Mardi Gras anywhere else in the world.”

“They tell me Rio’s Carnival isn’t bad either,” his friend, another man, objected.

“Yeah, perhaps.” It was a reluctant admission the first man had to concede since Laurent, too, knew few things on Earth beat it. Still the man was determined to prove his point. After draining his glass, he retorted. “But it’s ten times better than that insipid Halloween stuff Americans love so much.”

“Ha! That’s for sure.” This time the second man agreed readily. “Nowadays it’s only a commercial excuse to sell more useless stuff.”

The two men chuckled, both shifting positions evidently to take a better look at Laurent’s continuing cunt torture. Needless to say, he relished the attention and treated them to an exaggerated finger ramming into yielding flesh.

“Pauvre fous! Ils ne savent pas ce qu’ils disent.”

“What do you mean they don’t know what they’re talking about?” Laurent looked at her surprised. Usually, she refrained from speaking French, but obviously the need to communicate had made her switch language. And consequently, he lowered his voice while bending over her, so close he smelled her excitement.

“Parce que je connais le secret de Halloween comme écrit professeur Poitiers dans son livre.”

“Who’s Professor Poitiers? Very curious, Laurent raised his gaze to get more out of her. “And what’s this thing about a Halloween secret?”

“It’s a book he wrote a few years ago.” Pressuring his hand, the one distracted by the turn in the conversation to the point of ignoring her hunger, she urged him to resume the erotic seduction. “And it says that Halloween is the only time a human can summon the demon world in his dimension.”

“What do you mean?” He didn’t know much about spirits or demons, for that matter. Still something told him he better insist and listen carefully to Mélissane. She was an expert after all, wasn’t she?

“That we live side-by-side with demons and spirits, both good and evil, only we can’t see them for three-hundred-sixty-four days of the year ’cause they disguise as human to pass unnoticed.” Sliding forward on her seat, she deepened his touch by pressing her hand over his and rubbing the skin harder, uncaring of the greedy eyes eating her up from the table next to theirs. “Halloween is the only time they can cross over from their dimension to ours without disguises, which is why people see them at that time. Humans, however, are locked in their material boundaries. With few exceptions, they have neither the skill nor the power to raise the demon’s parallel world or go into it at any time. The few who can accomplish it, can only do it at Halloween, not one day before, not one day after.”

“What’s so special about Halloween?” Skeptically, Laurent eyed her while his fingers hit her clit.

“You don’t know?” Spreading her legs wider, Mélissane rotated her hips to drill both their fingertips on the sensitive spot. “Halloween is not a commercial escamotage, quite the contrary. It’s a magical time when the two dimensions meet—the demon and the human, so anything’s possible.”

“And the book? The one Professor Poitiers wrote? What does it say?”

“Oh, it gives step-by-step instructions on how a human can summon the demon world on Halloween night.”

“A whole world?” More skeptical than ever, Laurent snickered, and a snarl curved his lips. “Wouldn’t it be simpler to call just on one demon? Why the entire world?”

« Pas de tout. » She grinned. “Professor Poitiers says that to raise one demon you must first sell your soul to it, while unveiling their dimension during Halloween requires only a few simple steps.” Sliding her fingers all the way down, she dipped into her ass hole, and Laurent thought he might just take her right there and then, instead of keeping up the conversation. “Et il a trouvé les mots enchantés aussi.”

“He found the magic words, you say?” All right, maybe he’d wait a few more minutes despite his fingers drowning in the silky wetness of her pussy. “And what do you do with a demon world? I mean what’s the advantage of having it in the human’s same dimension?”

“Because you can have your heart’s wish fulfilled, just one, of course, but you can ask whatever you want.”

“Anything at all?” The two pair of eyes from the nearby table burned with envy when he bent over and his tongue hit her clit on its first lick. Reclining back her head, Mélissane held his head in place to make him lap her deeper. He had no objections. Another vigorous tongue brush, this time to the slit, then he returned to the swollen knot, the real seat of her pleasure. Her bittersweet taste filling his mouth, he breathed deeply of her heavy scent, spiced with odors he recognized from the Créole cuisine. And while she thrust a few fingers inside the trap, the other one still digging her butt, he continued the merciless tease on what swelled to a point Laurent thought it would burst. And eventually it did in a spasm of convulsive waves. “Do you happen to have this book?”
“Hem…we couldn’t help noticing…” The two men were now standing in front of them. “And wondering if we can join in.” Cocks hanging out of their flies, they both looked more than ready to jump into action.