Set did not allow anyone to distract him. He wanted to keep looking at his lover’s sensual moves, using Aset's body to fulfill his own burning desire, so he dismissed more than one attempt, sending away women pulling at his robe. I certainly don’t need them, he thought, feeling hard just watching Aset swallow Us-Yri's black marble cock. His hand slipped down to trace the noticeable erection beneath his own garments.

No one else watched the ruler now, all too busy with having sex on their own. Even ascetic Heru-Ur had given in to the physical call as if acknowledging his duty to fertility, lost in his personal seductive dance. Only Set followed Us-Yri and Aset's erotic dance, mesmerized by the dark body moving in front of him. Us-Yri had a sensuality of his own that had fascinated Set from the start. It had nothing to do with appearance, rather with Eros. He gives off an intense sensual wave that requires a physical response, he reflected, recalling people's reactions. Us-Yri commanded attention easily, a combination of knowledge, but mostly of direct body language. As a result, people sought physical closeness even while holding a philosophical discussion. Maybe, he mused, that's the reason I wanted to conquer him, beating him at his own game.

Set, on the other hand, mostly commanded fear. He knew that people were afraid of him, his subtle beauty too disturbing. Attracted but also repelled, people admired him at a distance, scared of getting too close. Only Us-Yri has dared go beyond mere appearances, Set thought, touching his already hard cock while spying the ruler as he pushed Aset down, his desire all too obvious.

Set glanced at the magnificent black cock ready to conquer its territory. He saw it slip in and out of Aset's wet slit, its seductive dance enflaming Set's senses to paroxysm. He wished he could feel it, too, in his ass, his mouth or his hands, rather than just watch from a distance the forceful pumping dedicated to the gods. At least, the young man hoped they were looking, since no one else seemed to follow the sacred ritual, everyone either too drunk or too fucked up to care.

Knowing Us-Yri's reactions to perfection, Set saw clearly the moment the ruler performed his intended duty. Soon after, he collapsed on Aset's sprawled body. Feeling confident he would not disturb them, the redhead got up and reached the couple, holding a full cup of wine.

“Care for some wine, Ausir?” he asked, dropping to his knees.

Us-Yri did not answer, but raised his hand to take the cup.

“Your performance was quite...extraordinary,” Set continued, “but I think there's room for improvement.”

Us-Yri grinned. “There's always room for improvement, devil,” he  remarked. “What did you have in mind?”

Set glanced at Aset, still sprawled on the floor, appraising her slim body. “Maybe, you could increase the number of performers,” he suggested at last.