The Initiation of Aset

Like men, women had their own sexual initiation with an experienced man, but not only. Since Aset had caught Geb’s attention in view of a possible match with his son, Us-Yri seemed the logical choice for the delicate task. By then, he had acquired knowledge with women, so he gladly accepted the challenge, especially since he would not be the only one involved. Customs dictated that the initiate be provided with an experienced guide to help the journey to true physical pleasure and the prince was never one to defy any accepted convention.

Nefaris was the chosen guide to help Aset find pleasure in what many women considered an ordeal. Knowing the hardships of the first time, Kemet had devised a ritual by which an experienced woman would teach the initiate how to take her pleasure from men, imparting a knowledge that would help the woman enjoy sex from the start. The guide became an integral part of the game, directing both partners. She ordered the man’s movements and actions in an erotic orchestration designed to drive the initiate crazy with desire. Thus Us-Yri waited Nefaris’s command.

Nefaris reached her and gently stroked her long reddish hair. “Don't be afraid, Aset,” she whispered in the young woman’s ear. “Tonight you’ll feel a new pleasure, the likes of which you’ve never known before in your life.” Her hand caressed Aset’s back. “I’ll teach you about men.” The hand curved on her ass. “How to give and receive pleasure.” She nodded in Us-Yri’s direction.

He reached the women. Standing behind Aset, his hands replaced Nefaris’s and continued the gentle stroking she had started. He felt her curves, pressing on each delicious slope, before untying every bit of clothing and letting it fall to her feet.

Naked, Aset had trembled even more, her flesh racing with heavy goose bumps that creased the delicate skin. Us-Yri increased the pressure, cupping the small breasts while his thumb and forefinger brushed the nipple, teasing until it hardened. She arched her back, throwing her head against his chest. Us-Yri pulled her closer, fitting her curves to his body, his already rigid cock pressing on her soft, rounded ass. When the pressure increased, Aset shifted uncomfortably, moving imperceptibly forward to detach their bodies.

Us-Yri now stood in front of the trembling girl.

“Look at him,” Nefaris ordered Aset.

The young woman raised her head.

Nefaris took her hands and put them on the prince’s bare chest. “Here, feel him.” She guided her hand across the broad chest, making her linger on the muscles rippling beneath the skin. Then she pulled them further down, edging dangerously on the erection, barely covered by a tight fitting cloth.

Nefaris’s hand traced his cock’s shape from the clothes, sometimes curling the fingers around the bulging head straining at the annoying barrier. The teasing only made him harder and having Aset’s gaze fixed on it, enflamed his raging desire. Wondering how long he could stand Nefaris’s torture, he moved against her hand, trying to brush the throbbing head, but she moved away.

“Take it out,” she finally instructed. “It’s time for our young lady to know what will give her pleasure.”

Glad to comply, Us-Yri quickly discarded the cloth, grinning satisfied at Aset’s wide-eyed look.

“Here,” Nefaris took her hands and placed them on the throbbing shaft demanding attention. With a slow movement, she showed Aset how to slide the silky flesh up and down, running from the base to the head, closing it in both palms before retracing the initial steps.

The inexperienced touch felt blissful, the tiny hands having trouble holding the large thickness. The cock throbbed harder as she circled it, drowning Us-Yri with intense waves. With an effort, he resisted the urge to plunge immediately into any available hole.

As if understanding his need, Nefaris immediately provided for a change.  “Now taste him,” she ordered Aset, pushing down on her shoulders.

Obedient, the young woman bent her knees until her nose rested on the tip of his erection.

“Use your tongue to feel his hardness,” Nefaris instructed.

As if hypnotized by the voice and the slow progression of events, Aset obeyed again, her tongue darting unsure on the long length.

“Lick him,” Nefaris urged, “as if you were cleaning him. You have to purify him for your body.”

Us-Yri had trouble holding his scorching desire in check as Aset’s tongue, grown more confident, slid form the top to the bottom, circling the thickness in order to wet him adequately. In a wide sweep, she covered every side or almost. Grabbing her head, he guided her tongue down to his balls, an area she still had not covered. When she did, he felt the urge to come right then in her sweet mouth as the tip of her tongue licked furiously one of his most sensitive spots. But he had to resist, so he pulled her away, leading her back to the bulging head throbbing for more particular attentions.

“Now open wide, dear,” Nefaris continued when she saw the direction of Aset’s mouth, “and swallow him.” She pushed her head down on it. “And pay attention that your teeth don’t hurt him.”

The sudden warmth made his cock become hard as stone.