Why did you wait so long?

For the first minute, Mitra kept his mind rigidly focused on what Vayu was saying. However, he soon lost any rationality and he began to travel a sensual path that had nothing to do with politics. Heart firmly lodged in his throat, Mitra tried hard to regain his concentration, but his body was too distracted. He also tried—just as unsuccessfully—to ignore the throbbing on his cock at the thought of having Vayu back and even more of working with him. Like a dream come true, he mused ironically, abandoning any pretence.

His mind finally at liberty to fantasize on the wildest schemes, he gazed intently at the handsome man next to him. Upright composure, straight shoulders, face lit by the fire, he seemed more beautiful than Mitra recalled. By the gods, how much I missed him. Even after all this time, Vayu’s mere physical presence caused an undeniable physical reaction, which Mitra took pains to conceal. After all the training I’ve been through, he rationalized, my mind should be much stronger than my body. Theoretically, it could have worked, if Vayu had not shone like a brilliant flame in a room full of darkness. Pictures flashed in Mitra’s eyes of the Aryan, his gleaming skin reflecting light from the golden bedspread or—

“Why don’t you just do it?” warm breath tickled his ear and his earrings swayed lightly.

Without noticing it, Vayu had left his chair to grab him from behind, his mouth next to the prince’s ear.

“Do what?” Mitra protested, feigning ignorance.

Vayu’s hands traveled down Mitra’s body, soon closing around the obvious arousal. “Take me,” he breathed huskily, his fingers wrapped tightly around the soft cloth concealing the bulge, sliding it up and down.

Mitra wanted to protest, to stop him, take his hands off…do anything except sit there and feel pleasure washing over him in consecutive waves. “We shouldn’t,” he managed to say weakly at last. “There are other people involved—”

“Insignificant details, at present,” Vayu assured. With his free hand, he turned the prince’s head around and his mouth attacked Mitra’s lips .

The prince did not breathe. He seldom kissed his lovers, not really fond of their reactions. Most men had no taste for kissing anyway, so he had learned to do without the wet preliminary. Passion seldom arose from a kiss. But this time, it was completely different.

Vayu’s tongue opened his mouth and ravaged the tender inside, bruising Mitra’s soft lips as he pressed harder against him. At first, the prince did not respond, letting the Aryan take advantage of the situation. As pressure on his cock increased, Mitra fought back, his tongue clashing against Vayu’s, fighting the enemy to hold its ground. Their fiery muscles wrapped around one another as if trying to become one, scraping soft cheeks and hard teeth. Mitra opened wider, wanting to swallow Vayu whole, but the Aryan preceded him.

Like a stealthy cat, he came around the chair, kneeling in front of the prince, his hand working fast to free the next object of his attentions. When the bulging head emerged, Vayu did not give it time to feel the coldness, swallowing it whole.

With a groan of pleasure, Mitra’s head flew back while his hand pushed Vayu’s head down. The Aryan complied, swallowing more, the thick head lodging closer to his throat than before. His apt tongue worked skillfully on the long stem, traveling from base to top, engulfing the soft skin in a fiery vortex.

Mitra lost all sense of reality as the world slipped away, replaced by his wild fantasies finally coming true. Despite time, training and teachings, his body had never forgotten Vayu, even though he had convinced his mind otherwise. Every wild fantasy he had imagined more than a year before came rushing back, sweeter and more desirable than ever. He recalled how he had wanted to drown in the soft fair skin, imagining his dark cock slamming against the pink ass. All the controls he had achieved so far, melted away like snow under the hottest sun.

“I want you,” he mumbled, pushing deeper into Vayu’s mouth as he sucked him down. “Now.”

“Thought you’d never ask,” the Aryan mocked.

With an elegant move, he took off his clothes, remaining naked and beautiful in front of the fire. Now it was Mitra’s turn to kneel in front of him and taste the marble cock rising proudly in front of him. Admiring its unlikely color, the prince closed his fingers around it, the soft skin moving easily within his expert grasp. But he wanted to taste it, have it filling his mouth and pushing to get deeper inside.

Vayu did not say a word as Mitra’s tongue first wrapped around the bulging head, then pulled it inside his mouth, but his cock twitched in satisfaction. If at all possible, it became even harder, piercing his cheek as if trying to find an escape route. But they both knew which way it really wanted to go.

Mitra dropped to the carpet as Vayu settled behind him. Licking his fingers, he wetted the tight opening, pushing inside. Mitra moaned as his ass opened wide to allow something bigger to penetrate. Vayu did not waste further time. Holding his buttocks apart, he shoved through, sliding to fill the entire space. He did not stop to feel the flesh closing on him, but kept moving until he was completely inside. Then he pulled back only to thrust forward again, his rhythm already followed by Mitra’s swaying body. The further inside Vayu slammed, the harder Mitra responded. Their sliding skins burned as heated waves traveled up their spines until, unable to resist any longer, they both exploded violently in a final rush.

Yet, true satisfaction was a long way ahead for someone who had waited as long as Mitra to have his dream become real. Luckily, he had no time to dwell on the reality issue, lost in rapture during one of his longest nights. After the initial frenzy, they continued to savor each other, slipping inside and out pliant flesh, drowning their cocks in the most exquisite sensations, but taking the easy way out when tension became irresistible. With ardent vigor, they worked through every applicable position found in the Kamasuthra, even the most improbable ones. Sweaty, feverish, tense, they wasted no time for words. Their bodies did all the talking in a seemingly endless conversation that lasted until both collapsed without an ounce of strength or semen left in their bodies.

* * * *

“Why did you wait so long?”