Full Chapter 1

Fucking soul mates

 Sitting on the toilet, Drake stared at the unfamiliar bathroom. He was still groggy from a deep sleep, which could account for his forgetting where he was or how he had gotten there. The peeing was not helping either, since it kept him focused on his aching bladder, so full it actually hurt, and the terrific erection doing its best to empty it. Maybe the two contributed to clog his senses at the moment…who could tell?

Safe to say, the bathroom was nothing like his own, the piping too old and in some places too rusted to be his. The sink was also old fashioned and with two faucets, rather than the solitary modern one he had at home. Turning his head, he would have examined the bathtub, too, if the pee had not stopped its furious rush, so after a vigorous shake at what remained as rigid as marble, Drake got up and stumbled back to bed.

He did not have far to go. The bathroom adjoined the bedroom and everything he saw on his way confirmed he was not home. From the iron-wrought bed, the massive chestnut closet to one side, to the quaint wooden window shades, filtering pale, trembling light, nothing was a standard fixture of his house in Atlanta, Georgia, or in many other American homes for that matter.

But it was no use to keep wondering when light was scarce and his eyes needed to adjust to it. Instead, he crawled back to bed, curling on his favorite side. The only thing he knew was that he had just woken up from a deep sleep with the swollen bladder and the impressive hard-on he now grasped firmly, sliding the soft skin up and down the tight stem. He did not indulge, though, just a couple of strokes before returning to the problem at hand. Where was he?

Someone stirred behind him. And with whom? Drake did not turn immediately, waiting for whoever was there to settle in a new position. Then carefully, he rolled on the opposite side, shifting the thick cock until it pressed on the other person’s naked back. It was a man, no doubt, light-skinned and a lithe build smaller than his for sure. But if Drake dominated him with his more muscular frame, what attracted his attention was the sexy ass rubbing against his rigid dick. At first, Drake thought he was imagining it. Maybe he was confusing his own slide on the tempting cleft as that of the other man. Stopping for a second, though, he realized the butt was stroking the shaft of its own will, independently of Drake. Fucking arousing, no doubt, made the erection swell to a gigantic dimension, still did not give the man away. What did the trick was the flash of blond hair, short and thick like the devil’s, so unlike his long black strands, which could only mean—

“Good morning, Pirate.” The heavily Irish-accented voice caught him off guard. “How was your first night in Cork City?”

Ireland! That’s where I am! “Not as great as my first fuck on Irish soil.” He grinned, increasing the slide between Martin’s buttocks.

“That was just the appetizer.” Rolling to face him, Martin had the same broad smile, lighting his handsome features and the startlingly green eyes. So Drake’s heart stopped.

It had all happened so fast, he had not gotten used to Martin’s beauty or to the fact they were actually together. Not that it had been easy for the good-looking devil to seduce the pirate. No, not at all, despite the short time that had passed from their first meeting, since Thanksgiving to be precise.

“Now you’ll be treated to vigorous sessions of Christmas fucking, which is the reason I brought you all the way over here.” Stretching closer, Martin gripped the hard cock. “And since today’s Christmas Eve, I might as well get started…” Cocking his head in understanding, he threw open the sheets. “Right after I’ve seen to some pressing matters.” Then he got out of bed and moved to the bathroom.

Yes, just one short month convinced him to have sex with a man for the very first time in his life. Sure, Martin and his technique, a slow circular maneuver that replaced his initial blowjob slip, had left Drake no choice except capitulation a few days before they left for Ireland. So good was the blond devil, he had crumbled the pirate’s resistance, not to mention his many objections, to the novelty of having sex with a man. Impressive, to say the least.

From the room next door, Drake heard the bladder being drained like a waterfall tumbling down a mountain. To be honest, if Drake had never considered it an option, it was not out of any prejudice, simply did not think it was something a pirate would do. Why a pirate? Because it was his alter ego, the way he saw himself since he was a little boy and growing up had only reinforced the role model to the point of creating doubts where none should have existed. Luckily, his friend Peter and the Greek philosopher Plato straightened him out on that count. “Would this qualify as my Christmas present?”

“Not entirely.” Back, Martin slipped between the sheets, pressing to him again. “What you got last night was only a…first installment.” His warm palms cuddling his twitching piece had a long experience. Never one to choose between genders, the Irishman had done his time with both, enjoying them for their differences as much as their similarities. And he was not just an expert on cocks. He loved them in whatever shape or form they came, knowing their most intimate desires and providing the comfort they needed. Like now, for instance, slipping below the covers to close his hungry mouth around the bulging head, then sliding his lips to the balls and sucking it practically to the throat. The swallowing effect drove Drake crazy, which had also been his undoing in his parents’ house on Lake Lanier.

Unusual, completely unexpected and unprecedented to come so quickly and without any restraint in a stranger’s mouth, for such had been Martin at the time. Women rarely, if ever, had the privilege to drink his sperm. They never seemed to hit the right spot on his sophisticated dick that did not surrender easily to a vigorous lapping, however practiced the tongue. But Martin had set a different standard from the start, bypassing all Drake’s mechanisms and sucked him dry the first time around. Now it seemed no different.

Swinging his hips forward, he made Martin take more, past the tongue’s blocking to reach the plunge, if a tight curl had not stopped him. Just a temporary setback, though, to allow for a gulp of air before the cheeks pressed again on all sides, while the hands took firmer control of the situation. God, he had a wonderful touch. Strong, forceful yet not hurried, it adapted to the pirate’s rhythm until it was too late to contain the tide. Holding the blond head to screw it deeper, Drake shoved one last time and everything spilled out, soul included, in the warm cavity opening wider to receive it all.

Evidently unsatisfied, Martin did not let go of his prize, which explained why it did not go limp, remaining stiff and ready for more action. Despite their limited sexual activity, the pirate already knew how insatiable the devil was and how irresistible his urgings were. And it could definitely become a problem. Already Drake could not get enough of him, whether down his throat or up his ass, Martin’s mastery over his dick was something unique and seldom experienced before, like coming with a blowjob. To Martin, cocks had no secrets, none he had not discovered and put to good use, with the pirate in particular, judging from the healthy erection rising so fast after an explosive climax.

“Just love them when they’re hard.” Coming out from underneath the covers, the devil kept jerking him.

“So they can stick better in your ass.” Chuckling, Drake toppled him, pressing his stomach down on the mattress.

“Can’t wait to get it as a matter of fact.” Raising his behind, the blond Irishman captured the tip of the erection in his cleft.

“Just open wide,” Drake teased, poking the tight entrance. Knowing Martin, he would not need too much of a preparation, his ass always ready to receive thick pieces. The bulging head was drenched enough anyway, to have no problems breaking through and sliding up the cramped passageway Mother Nature provided.

Hell! Simply fucking delicious. The back end was Drake’s favorite also with women, so at least that had not required too many adjustments. Maybe what he still had to figure out was how to handle life with a man, a prospect he really did not feel ready to face. Martin did not seem to have much experience in that department either, considering he was coming from a failed marriage.

“Fuck! You sure know how to screw an ass.” Moving seductively beneath him, Martin raised his hips to get more inside, something Drake had no trouble delivering. “And to think I had to wait an entire month to get it.”

“Not many resist you, eh, Devil?” It was not a question, merely a statement. Martin’s allure was undeniable. Drake, too, had been fascinated upon first seeing him, but it could have ended there had that disturbing feeling not kicked in to change everything forever.

“No, Pirate, practically no one resisted in my entire life.” Swinging faster, he accelerated the tempo. “Particularly not after one of my great blowjobs ever.”

“So I’m a little slow.” Long hair brushing Martin’s shoulders, Drake went along, stepping up the shoves to ram the narrow hole to a pulp.

There was a moment’s silence on Martin’s part that Drake used to penetrate to his balls and pump with greater force. Then the blond Irishman moved in such a way the pirate had to pull back and allow him more leeway. When it became clear the man wanted to change position, Drake reluctantly left the snug confinement for the time it took Martin to lie on his back. After the change, it was only a matter of seconds to slam back in his ass, legs cradled to Drake’s chest.

“No, Pirate, you’re anything but slow.” Now the devil caught his face between his palms. “Your only problem is that you’re scared shitless.”

And he was right, too. “Oh, come off it!” Shoving harder on purpose, Drake tried not to think of it. “No way am I going to be scared of a great ass like yours.” Maybe humor worked better. And fucking was having its results, too. The deeper he sank, the more pressing his need to come again and forget about everything.

“You know what I mean.” Arching his back, Martin brought the dick all the way inside with a suddenness that cut off Drake’s breath…or rather the little still left after the devil pulled him down for an avid kiss, which blew the pirate’s mind to outer space.

Martin’s tongue pushed down his throat, wrapping around his when it did not have to battle it for supremacy. An exciting addition for sure and had Drake’s shaft not been stuck in Martin’s butt, it might not have had any consequences. Instead, the two effects combined the second the ass squeeze became irresistible, the fleshy walls cramming it on every side. On top of it, his pounding was jerking off Martin’s dick, caught between their bellies, until everything spiraled to the point he felt the wetness on his stomach before he realized the devil was coming. So he let it go, plunging with a muffled groan into Martin and bursting.

“You’ll see how much better it can get once you accept it, too.” Martin’s voice breathed in his ear as he cuddled his head to his chest.

Right! He had almost forgotten the goddamn catch.

“Our connection, I mean.”

He was his fucking soul-mate, for Christ’s sake, and there seemed no way around it either.