Just friends from now on—fucking-friends

“Just your bad luck this Christmas no one brought anybody along except for me.”

“I doubt the result would’ve changed. They were all hooked on your soul-mate thing…” Which I still find hard to fathom, much less digest.

“All right.” Evidently reading his perplexities, Martin raised his shoulders. “Listen—”

“No, you listen to me.” Unable to avoid the cold tone, Drake toppled the devil, crushing him to the mattress. “This is all happening too fast for me. One moment I’m driving to my parents’ house for a boring, Thanksgiving celebration. The next, a gorgeous blond tells me I’m his missing half, and that my life’s supposed to change because of it. Christ!” He pressed his weight more, the long hair falling to cover the lighter ones. “I never imagined I had a special destiny or any of that crap. In fact, I never went beyond thinking I’d find someone I liked and settle down someday. But whatever the scenario, it never included a man in the picture. Damn!” The pressure increased. “Before I met you, I never even fucked with a man, much less thought of one as a possible…mate.” Pulling back slightly, he eased the compression. “Which doesn’t mean I won’t consider it.” Gazing at the brilliant green eyes, he could not help the twist of his heart. “And I’d be lying if I said I felt nothing when we first met. There was an undeniable…” Blow to the stomach! “Spark, a bell or…something unexplainable that probably qualifies as the moment of recognition, as you call it. But for me, it’s not enough, not yet.” Too fucking near for his anger to simmer, the compelling attraction for Martin, as incomprehensible as the soul-mate warning, took control, forcing him to trace the thin lips with his tongue tip, resisting the urge to plunge inside. “All I’m asking is more time to get my prospective back and reason things out without all…” The pirate’s hand slid down to Martin’s crotch. No doubt, the extreme closeness was dangerous, judging from the hard dick slipping into his palm. “This great sex getting in the way.”

“I get it.” And he did. Drake saw it from the flash of understanding lighting the intelligent green eyes. “I won’t bring it up ever again, this soul-mate thing. In fact, when we return to the States, I won’t phone or look for you in any way. If and when you’re ready, you’ll call me.” Inching his hips forward, he intensified Drake’s hand job. “Just know I’ll always be ready for you.”

“And you’re willing to take the risk I might never call you again?” The pirate chuckled wanting to provoke him. “You might lose me forever—”

“The way things look now, I’m already losing you.” Martin shrugged. “And insisting on something you can’t grasp is only going to make it easier for you to run away. So what would be the point?” His cock, now huge, stiffened to command more attention. “I’d rather we stayed…friends…”

“With or without the sex?” Obediently, Drake tightened the hold to jerk the stem more forcefully.

“It’s not required, but it’s certainly preferred.” Martin’s dick twitched in agreement.

“Mmm…so just friends from now on, no, make that—fucking-friends.”

“More or less.” The devil grinned, pushing the pirate’s head on the tip of the erection.

“Then, my fucking-friend, you’ve got yourself a deal.”

There was no point in more talk. Drake’s mouth closed on the bulging head in an effort to swallow it whole. Not his department, of course. Banging a man was a novelty he still had to master. Fantasizing about it in the past had been rare and always associated with a woman, never picturing himself going all the way with a man alone. Yet Martin made it easy, at least as far as sex went, to plunge into a vortex of new sensations as exciting as being with a woman. Maybe it was a matter of surrender, not a given between two men, which turned it into a passionate game for domination where the play became an end in itself. And drawing the rigid piece to his throat, or at least trying, was certainly part of it.

The dick had a mind of its own anyway, shoving to choke him while attempting to dig deeper. So if his tongue and cheeks failed to thwart him, it would get its wish, already forcing Drake to pull back a couple of times for a coughing spell. Still he did not mind it, too taken by the challenge to satisfy the demanding piece. Not that he was sure to succeed. Martin was a pro in both the giving and the taking, probably used to better pampering than his own.

Drake, however, had the advantage of having guessed his lover’s need to be seduced into his climax, much like the pirate himself. A straight pumping would never do the trick with Martin. He had to drown in the velvety pleasure of a wet cavity, licked on every side, a hand forcing the sperm upward with a steady motion from the balls to the top where the mouth was ready to engulf it all. And so the pirate proceeded, tightening his hold and sucking deeper before accelerating to the inescapable come.

The dense cream filling his mouth, then dripping down his throat was the white flag the pirate sought. The cock shuddered frantically, hitting his palate several times before the tide eased. After licking every last drop, it was Drake’s turn, and he wasted no time in getting what he wanted. Raising the devil’s legs, with a single thrust he cramped the constricted backspace, not so tight considering his repeated use. The butt welcomed him immediately, wrapping seductively around the pirate’s thick shaft shoving its way to the guts. Too bad the balls could not follow or Drake would have made it all the way up. To stick his tongue in Martin’s mouth was another arousing extra, to share the taste that soon became one as their tongues twisted in a fierce knot.

Like Drake was learning, with Martin it was no effort to get trapped in his alluring magic that shut out any uncertainty, focusing only on the motion of melting in his essence. The ass squeeze increased as he rammed the narrow walls senseless. Seeking more space, he increased the beat, getting more snug and hot with every heated rub of their flesh. And if Martin’s ass seemingly expanded, it never lessened the iron clutch on both sides of the pirate’s long cock until it crunched to pieces, literally.

With a muffled groan, Drake lost it, his soul mostly, inside Martin’s derriere, stuck to the many winding twists of the tapered passageway. He just hoped that one day soon, he would be able to retrieve it.