Are you sure you can take me, Devil?

 Grabbing his hand, Martin dragged him to the bed, impatiently stripping him naked. “Will you let me have you, Pirate?” After the seductive whisper, he pulled back to take in his beautiful body, partly covered by the long hair, an irresistible temptation of itself. The long, muscular legs and narrow waist leading up to a broad chest, sustained round, firm buttocks Martin longed to possess.

“Are you sure you can take me?” The black eyes twinkled mischievously as the pirate reached for him. Returning the favor, he stripped Martin naked before clutching with warm palms what was unbearably stone-like. “Or do I need to make sure you’re up to it?”

“I’d say you better check.” Pushing on his shoulders, Martin made him fall on his knees. His cock twitching impatiently, he could not avoid the groan at the wet cavity’s intake. “Take it all, Pirate, and make it fast, ‘cause I can’t wait to stick it in your ass.” Pressing his hands in the sensual hair, Martin made sure Drake did what he was ordered, pushing his hips at the same time to reach complete depth in one stride.

Not that the pirate could hold the position for long. Letting go seemed a better alternative than suffocating him, which would have been deplorable on his ass-fuck plans. But the cough did not move him to either pity or mercy. Once it subsided, Martin grabbed Drake’s head to force his thick equipment down his throat again. “Have I told you that you’re getting better at this?”

A gagging gurgle, then a gasp followed by another bout of coughing. “I suppose that’s why you’re trying to choke me.”

“Makes for a better learning experience.”

“I thought you had one planned for my ass.”

“All in due time.” Chuckling softly, he pushed Drake back to his oral duties, holding his head and shoving through, fucking his mouth like he would an ass or a cunt. “Don’t be so impatient.” But his cock had tightened so painfully at the reminder he could not postpone it.

“Damn!” Stopping his rhythmical pumping, Martin pulled away. “You’re getting too good at this. Not fair the student should eclipse his teacher.”

“I guess I know what the punishment will be.”

“And you sorely deserve one.” Extremely turned on, he was about to push Drake belly down on the bed when the pirate stopped him.

“No, take me up front. I want to see your face when you sink into me.”

“Up front?” The mere prospect almost made him come there and then. “Pirate, I’m not sure it’s the right position for you. I mean it’s not like you’ve been doing it long.” God knew, his first and so far only time had been the most arousing experience in Martin’s life, but they had not pursued it.

“I’ll bear with it.” Inexorable, Drake lay down on his back.

“Have it your way.” I just hope I make it inside your ass before I lose it all.

First, though, his soul-mate needed to be wet, very wet. “Get me the lube.” Martin gestured at the flagon on the floor, next to the right nightstand.

“Is this how you’re going to make it hurt less?” Teasingly, Drake reached over to grab it, then handed it to Martin.

“Just wait and enjoy.” After squirting a large dose of the transparent gel on one palm, he returned the flask to Drake. While rubbing his hands to drench them, he remembered he had learned of this trick, the wet hand-job, during one of his trips to Asia, to Bangkok if he recalled correctly, still reeling from it as immediately after the trained prostitute had finished with him. Impossible for a man, any man, to resist. Even for the most endurable of them, the slow slide he began on the pirate’s stem with a touch as light as a feather and as moist as a waterfall. The two effects combined worked like a charm on a man’s dick, making it stand stiffer than a marble cave in Carrara. It was the wanting more that drove him rabid with the frenzy to have more while getting less, only the merest brush, which turned it into the most exciting game Martin knew. So despite the pirate’s obvious efforts for a firmer jerking, Martin kept it light on purpose, wanting Drake to die from sheer longing.

Well, he nearly got his wish. Frantic, Drake pushed up and down, thrashing under every breeze caressing his cock, until Martin almost felt sorry for him. “Poor Pirate, getting frustrated?”

“Stop torturing me and do something.” Drake growled. “Anything.” Now it was more of a plea. “Please.” Yes, definitely groveling this time.

“Oh, I will. Don’t worry.” Hands circling the balls, his fingers slipped down to the narrow entrance. “I’ll have your ass, remember?”

“Then take it now!”

“Impatient pirate.” Chuckling softly, Martin teased the tiny hole opening up to his fingers’ probing. “I’m the master now, so I’ll do it on my own time.” Bending over, Martin licked his lube-flavored cock, a cruel and unnecessary addition before reaching between the legs for the narrow hole he, more than Drake, was dying to enlarge. Spreading his legs, the pirate allowed him more space for the rimming, which drenched the tight entrance inside and out. Testing it with his fingers, Martin noticed that, unlike the previous time, Drake gave in immediately to his pressure. “Didn’t know you wanted it so bad.”

“Just stick it in.”