Remember me, now, sweetie?

The rest of the drive expelled the last of whatever toxin had gotten into his system until he was finally where he had wanted to be since first seeing Leon, at close quarters. During the lift ride, he was unable to keep his hands off the tense muscles rippling beneath the elegant suit and pressing his palm on the bulge that was awakening under his seduc¬tive massage coaxing it into a healthy erection.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.” Leon’s lips curved in an ironic snarl. “But shouldn’t we wait until we’re out of here?” His eyes flashed mischievously.

“Oh, I’d have blown you long before this, in your office or the pub, so might as well take any advantage I get.” He fingered the taut piece from the clothes looking at the lift’s display. “I’m still too late ‘cause we’re at my floor.”

Getting out, they stumbled in his apartment, Leon pushing against him as if wanting to gain the upper hand in the first stage of the game, which worked fine for Sean since they were fooling around, at least until he was shoved against a wall and held in place while a metallic point, appearing out of nowhere, glinted in the semi-darkness. Immediately after, long hair tickled his neck before sharp teeth sank into the soft flesh drawing the first blood. And if his gut reaction was to fend off the unwarranted attack, the pain made it all come back, the same broken images, which moments ago had looked like deranged and senseless visions, re-sequenced into an intelligible tale that froze him on the spot. However incredible it sounded, he and Leon had a history together that went back to times and spaces Sean had not even known existed. And though the people he saw in them seemed complete strangers, they were in fact earlier versions of himself, brought to life by the knife pressing at his ribs. No, there was no mistaking their many reincarnations. He and Leon burned lives like yards of a football match, changing form, shape, and now also gender, in order to satisfy their insatiable bloodlust and repeat the same game until its tragic epilogue made it necessary to start everything over again.

So switching back to the present, it was only natural to see the green eyes taunting him. “Remember me now, sweetie?”

How could I have ever forgotten? That was the real question. Mostly, what he recalled was the sweet, agonizing love, like a mark engraved with a scalding poker directly on his heart. Animal or human never made a difference. He could never be free of it despite the innumerable tragedies or lifecycles it had cost him already. Each time the craving drove him back for more, and this life seemed no exception for it would take no effort, none at all, to fall in love with Leon, had already started in fact from the moment he laid eyes on him. And how ironic, how fitting in the cruel balance of things, to find again the man who alone could give him what he had sought all his life, everything but the one truly important thing. “Hell, yes, I fucking remember.”

Leon licked his lips. “This is even better than I dared hope.” And the cold sharp edge trailed back to Sean’s throat, forcing his face to tilt up.

“Oh, I wouldn’t bet on it, lover!” Because for once, Sean was Leon’s equal, no gender disparity to tip the scale in the hunter’s favor as it had in the past, and he would use whatever advantage to avoid the heavy tolls he paid in every previous lifetime. “Luckily, things change.” Shoving hard against the broad chest, he pushed Leon down on the blue carpet and fell on top of him. The struggle turned violent. Leon toppled him, then fought to hold him down in spite of Sean’s wild thrashing, aimed at overthrowing his opponent, until the hunter managed to flatten his prey to the floor, his knee pressed on the back crushing his face to the carpet.

“It’s no use, sweetie, not even now that you’re a man.” He chuckled. “Whatever form you take, you’ll always end up losing.”

Now angry, Sean jerked frantically to break the iron hold, but Leon’s superior strength kept him down. “I said you fucking lose!” With a single sweep, Leon’s knife ripped apart Sean’s elegant suit. “And I’m really sorry about your Dolce & Gabbana ensemble.” Having done with the cloth, the cold blade reached the warm flesh. “It really looked good on you.” Unhampered, the razor sharp edge scratched Sean’s bare back, dipping to rupture the delicate skin, the incisions growing rapidly as the hunter became more aroused. “Although I prefer you naked.”

Caught between pain and pleasure, Sean wondered how he had managed to live his thirty-five years without the burning feeling that went far deeper than mere skin level, each sting so sublime his cock was about to burst from sheer excitement alone. And as he hovered on the threshold be¬tween the two opposite sensations, to cross the thin line an exquisite bliss in itself, he surrendered to the rhythmical carving—for such was the nature of what had been missing in his life all along.

“Fuck! I almost forgot how good it feels.” Long hair brushing Sean, Leon’s tongue traveled on his back, stopping to suck the blood pooled around each incision, while his fingers played with it, methodically smearing the white skin.

Completely lost in the ritual, Sean arched to allow a closer contact, offering more flesh to slice, raising his head at times to gasp, lest the tension blew him to pieces. Then Leon caught him on the rebound and stuck his tongue down Sean’s throat. Filling his mouth with bitter sweetness, it twisted and rubbed against his cheeks and palate, teasing and challenging at the same time. And the heat became unbearable, particularly since Sean continued to brush his starving ass against Leon’s crotch, loving the feel of the hardness still concealed by the trousers, a steady taunt he was sure the hunter could not ignore for much longer.

And he did not. After a momentary pause, Sean heard the zipper opening and the tip of the erection nudging the enflamed hole, which did not hesitate to open wide and let what felt like a huge dick—the exact measurements he had craved for a lifetime, hard, thick and long—slam into him and fill every inch of available space. And even more sur¬prising, Leon also knew his way inside an ass, an art not for all as Sean had learned early on thanks to past incompetents. The hunter, instead, slipped through firmly but without caus¬ing pain, adapting to the hole’s dilation time until it accom¬modated the whole of him. Every shove penetrating deeper, almost to the throat it seemed, Sean accelerated the pressure and pumping in keeping up with the fast pace. So their dance became frantic. The faster the friction the tighter the ass squeeze and the higher the heat burning the tip of Sean’s erection, already throbbing from the need to come, to the point nothing made sense except Leon’s jerk of pleasure and his own shooting the semen all over his hand and carpet.

“Bloody hell, it was the best damn fuck of my…” But the words died in Sean’s throat, killed by a sudden realiza¬tion. “Damn!” Shoving Leon aside, he flipped around to confront him. “You didn’t even use a fucking rubber!”

“After all the blood I drank, what would’ve been the use?” And the green eyes flashed amused.

“I could be HIV positive or have hepatitis or—”

“A dozen other sexually transmissible diseases, I know.” Leon shrugged, then rolled on an elbow. “The point is that our connection is too strong to let viruses get in the way.”

“Then it’s all true…the lives, the people…the game…” The love?