Your bliss and your torture

“Hem…” Nervously, Didri glanced around. “What’s this?”
This will be your bliss.” After picking up a rope, he tied her wrists together. “And your torture,” he breathed in her ear.

Icy fear gripped Didri’s stomach making her tremble uncontrollably.

“Cold?” He sneered, pulling her by the rope until she stood beneath the hook. “Or terrified?” Producing a pair of gleaming cuffs from nowhere it seemed, he secured her wrists even tighter together.

“I don’t think I like this…game.” She protested weakly, while he raised her arms and jammed the hook between her handcuffed wrists, trapping her for good. “Please, let me go.”

“Remember what I said before?” His steel-gray eyes flashed. “If I behaved like a gentleman—which I’m not, by the way—you’d end up hating me because that’s the last thing you want.” Taking a step back, he removed his shirt with an elegant gesture, tossing it aside. “I’ll let you try sensations you’ve only dreamt about.” He moved closer again.

Despite the harsh treatment, she felt the heat from his body connecting them at a level where there was no hiding her reactions, or the erotic pull that made her rub against him, all too predictable exactly as he had anticipated.
Barely suppressing a satisfied smirk, Tylean reŽmoved her clothes, her tight fitting sleeveless suit soon crumpling to the floor, tangled around her ankles. His aim her breasts, she hoped he would like the tiny mounds with large dark nipples occupying most of the space that were too small for other men’s tastes.

And perhaps he did, for his thumb and forefinger pinched the tight bud, squeezing it first gently, then increasŽing the pressure, until his warm mouth replaced the scorchŽing touch, making Didri almost scream in pleasure. The throbbing between her legs unbearable as lust burned away the last of her resistance, she arched her back to press nearer. And when his hands curved around her hips, grabbed her ass to crush it against his crotch, Didri raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist using the hook for support and leaning on his frame to slide her wet slit rhythmically on what grew harder at every movement.

Evidently unsettled by the new tease, Tylean untanŽgled from her embrace and stepped back in spite of Didri’s frantic squirming and tugging the rope. He made sure to keep away, circling instead around the room before stopping behind her back, probably to stare at her ass, or maybe not. The moment she swung around to look at him, a harsh piercing sensation fired up her leg. “Ouch!” Yet it was not until another slash—more searing pain this time on her back—that she realized he was carving her with a knife. “What are you doing?” Cold fear suddenly took her hostage as one more incision caused blood to trickle down her leg. Angry, scared, confused, Didri thrashed to unhook her arms, sadly without success.

“You can’t escape, sweetie.” A chilling gleam crossed his eyes, turning them iron gray. “I made sure of it.”

Strangely, hearing his voice calmed her, so she stopped squirming—another mistake for a fresh slash spread a thin, red line on her arm. “Please stop,” she begged on the verge of tears. “You’re hurting me.”

“Am I?” Circling around, he came up to her face, his eyes sparkling with barely concealed excitement, tense musŽcles looking bigger somehow, thick shaft straining against the soft cloth.

What a ridiculous question! “Yes.” Using both her arms, she tugged the rope fiercely.

“That’s too bad.” He came closer, the knife now in full view—a thin, elegant weapon with a stone handle and a shiny, extremely sharp edge. “You remember what I told you?” With an agonizingly slow gesture, he deliberately raised the blade to her throat, running its razor-like point lightly on the skin.

Frozen in fear, heart wildly pounding in her ears, Didri remained perfectly still, afraid the slightest movement would seriously damage her.

“About our perfect, technologically advanced sociŽety?” Then again, he was not looking for answers, at least judging from the knowing grin altering his face as he continŽued to slide the flat end of the cold steel around her neck. “That satisfies all our needs, but at what price?”

Panicked, she tried to keep still in spite of the furious bumps creasing the delicate skin as her mind went blank.

“Don’t have an answer?” Deepening his mocking snarl, he ducked the blade and grazed the soft flesh. “Let me enlighten you, then.” The knife trailing down her back broke her skin again. “Perfect lives require rigid standards that force us to distort our nature and give up passion, strong feelings, excitement, anything and everyŽthing that proves we’re human.” He paused briefly to admire his work before continuing. “But I refuse to play by their rules.” Going further down, Tylean slashed slow, deliberate cuts on his way, making Didri wince at every wound. Still it did not prevent him from biting the flesh over and over or smudging the immaculate skin, the bloody smears running down her side, sometimes mixing with more drops. “What they offer is death, not life, and they even have the nerve of selling it as if it were the greatest achievement of our race.” Fascinated, Tylean watched the red stream before resuming his carving. “So I get back to my primitive roots by using life’s most sacred element.” This time the pointy tip plunged angrily until a gusty spill gashed out. “Blood.” Bending, he sucked the sticky liquid, drinking avidly.
Impossible to believe, yet Didri did not feel disgusted, quite the contrary. A vague sort of understanding brought her closer to his point of view, the philosophical side of it anyway, however debatable the way he used to express it. No question about it, he hurt her, each rip stinging and burning like it were a fire, yet she was finally feeling someŽthing. Not the bland sensations she had grown accustomed to, rather the tingling awakening of a flesh long dead aroused her beyond any feasible limit, the idea of being helpless as he inflicted pain—

 Come on, Didri! Rationality struck back. You can’t seriously like what this savage beast is doing to you, cutting you to bits, probably leaving you to bleed to death if he doesn’t kill you first. For god’s sake, stop ranting about how much you like it and stand up for—

 “No, don’t fight it,” he ordered, as if reading her mind. “I knew you could see it my way. That’s why I chose you. This blood…” Pressing the knife to her flat belly, Tylean soaked its tip with minuscule droplets that almost made Didri cry out. “Your blood can make us feel alive again.” Now using his fingers, he traced the many red trails descending from her neck to her belly, changing her skin color in the process.

“But it hurts.” Annoyed with her whimpering tone, if not more with her physical reactions, Didri twisted her arms in a new effort to get free.

“Are you sure?” Anxious fingertips hovered above the dip between her legs, spinning her desire out of bounds before taking the plunge, and Didri wanted to die the second they drowned in the sticky wetness drenching her cunt ever since his first inciŽsion. And the bastard expected it from the start, she read it in the triumphant grin curving his lips as his fingers surfed the sensitive flesh, then doubled back to stroke the throbbing swell forcefully before gliding down to the dripping slit wanting to suck him whole. “Sorry, sweetie, it seems your body doesn’t quite agree with your assessment.” And to mark his point, he stuck the fingers in her mouth, practically down her throat, so she had no choice but taste her own defeat.

No, she could no longer lie to herself, and every resistance faded into acceptance of his power over her, complete surrender of mind and body the only sensible course of action once she understood he had beaten her. So the tide swept her away until nothing made sense except the need to have him, begging him to possess her by pushing her hips forward.

As if obeying her wish, he stuck two fingers in her trap and one in her ass. “This is pleasure.” Taking charge, he shoved both openings hard. “And this is pain.” Cold steel slashed her stomach. “Yet the two aren’t far apart. Only a thin borderline separates them.” The hand holding the knife wrapped around her waist, crushing her against him, while the other increased speed and pressure.

Without even realizing it, Didri thrashed frenetically, rubbing at the heart of the throbbing, sliding up and down until she could stand it no more and a scream escaped her lips as wave after explosive wave uncoiled in violent swells, a pleasure so intense she thought it would rip her apart.

Spreading her legs, Tylean wrapped them around his waist, then shoved his long thick erection into Didri’s silky wet pussy and set a frenzied tempo, holdŽing her ass while playing with the knife behind her back, though now she hardly felt it when it did not heighten her rush to climax. She was too distracted anyway since he started sucking blood from the wounds, which made her come again, then again. Flesh tightening around his cock, each consecutive burst constricted and released her muscles in the same spasm that cramped the already confined space and squeezed the shaft ramming it, until Tylean could restrain it no longer. One last powerful thrust and he spilled his essence into Didri, then went limp.